How to take vitamin e when planning pregnancy

The birth of a child is better to plan. In order for this to happen as scheduled, and the period of gestation was not burdened by complications, during the preparation it is necessary to support the body by supplying it with useful substances. Women planning pregnancy are advised to take folic acid and vitamin E to conceive. How long before the planned date of occurrence of this event is it necessary to start taking these substances? What products do they contain? When are vitamin E and folic acid contraindicated?

Properties of vitamin E and its importance for conception

The effect of vitamin on conception is determined by the following properties:

  • has an antioxidant effect, thereby slowing aging;
  • stops inflammatory processes;
  • promotes the formation of the hormone progesterone, which prepares the woman’s body to conceive and carry the child and reduces the activity of the uterus, which promotes the implantation of the ovum and the production of breast milk;
  • positive effect on the functioning of the ovaries;
  • normalizes pressure;
  • stimulates the growth and development of the uterus;
  • increases sperm motility in men;
  • prepares female eggs for fertilization;
  • improves blood circulation in all internal organs, which is important for the development of the fetus in the womb;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • is responsible for the balance of hormones;
  • involved in the formation of the placenta;
  • increases the elasticity of the muscles of the uterus.

Indications for Vitamin E

When is it necessary to take this substance when planning a pregnancy? Before a woman becomes pregnant, tocopherol is recommended to drink in the following cases:

  • failure of the menstrual cycle and other problems of the hormonal system;
  • infertility (in both men and women);
  • spontaneous abortion in history;
  • immature uterus;
  • impaired reproductive function and reduced potency in men;
  • insufficient permeability of the seed canals and blood vessels;
  • the need to increase the number of viable sperm;
  • weak muscles of the uterus;
  • predisposition to miscarriages.

Preparations containing vitamin E for women and men

When planning pregnancy, taking vitamin E is recommended for both spouses. Before taking pharmaceutical preparations, which include tocopherol, you should consult with your doctor. Why do you need it? Determination of dosages and duration of use of the vitamin complex depends on the state of health and characteristics of the body. The right dose can only be calculated by a specialist.

Preparations containing this substance are available in capsules and in the form of oil. The table provides information on the most effective types of them:

Products with a high content of tocopherol

In addition to pharmacy vitamin preparations, you can get vitamin from certain products. You must first examine the dishes containing the greatest amount of tocopherol, and then adjust the diet. The table lists the products that need to be included in the daily menu at the stage of preparation for pregnancy.

Method of administration and dosage of vitamin E

The doctor calculates the dosage of the vitamin preparation based on the daily requirement of the substance. In men, the need for vitamin E is somewhat higher than in women. In any case, the definition of doses of drugs containing this component, and the duration of their use is strictly individual. The table contains information on how to properly use these vitamin complexes.

The role of folic acid in preparation for conception and pregnancy

The participation of vitamin B9 in pregnancy planning is due to the following properties:

  • facilitating the exchange and synthesis of amino acids and nucleic acids, which are responsible for the formation of an egg cell and viable spermatozoa;
  • increase fertility;
  • improving the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow, which helps to normalize the emotional background;
  • assistance in the assimilation of vitamins of group B;
  • promoting the formation of a healthy nervous system of the fetus;
  • participation in the development of organs and systems of the embryo;
  • reducing sperm count with low motility and poor performance;
  • increased mobility of the male germ cells, which strengthens the male reproductive system;
  • prevention of spontaneous abortion;
  • prevention of premature placental abruption;
  • prevention of fetal development disorders.

How to take vitamin e when planning pregnancy

How to combine folic acid with vitamin E?

These organic substances when planning conception is recommended to take together. Only in this case, the sperm will contain a sufficient amount of qualitative genetic material, and the female body will prepare for the birth of a healthy fetus and increased stress in the process of carrying a child. Vitamins B9 and E are recommended to start drinking at least 3 months before the expected date of pregnancy.

The average daily intake of folic acid is 0.4 mg. However, as in the case of tocopherol, its doses are prescribed individually. At the planning stage of conception, these substances are taken as follows:

  • vitamin B9 – 1–5 mg daily;
  • Vitamin E – 100 mg each, starting from the 14th day of the menstrual cycle;
  • after fertilization of the egg, the use of drugs continues until 12–14 weeks of gestation.

Contraindications to taking vitamins, the risk of overdose

These vitamins have contraindications for use. Ignoring the restrictions on their use can lead to serious consequences. In addition, when taking these substances it is necessary to ensure that there is no overdose. Their excess is no less dangerous for the body than the deficit. In which cases it is impossible to use these vitamins and what will happen in case of overdose is indicated in the table:

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