How to take an 8 month old baby

A nine-month-old child does not take the word “no” seriously – for him the whole house is a great magic game. He wants to explore and touch everything, therefore, considering this, you need to check all the contents of the house for stability before the children’s invasion. Any room in which the child may be alone or with parents engaged in another business should be carefully “combed through”.

It is necessary to think not only about what the child can do now, but also about what he will learn to do in a month: what lockers and drawers he will try to open, what wires to pull, what knick-knacks he wants to explore and throw on the floor where they naturally break up.

By going around your house in search of dangerous places, at the same time think about what things can be useful for children’s games. Arrange in such a way that in each room where you and your child will spend time there will be a supply of toys or other items suitable for the game. Parents often lend their baby a low shelf in the kitchen, some drawer in their bedroom and a basket in the living room filled with things that may interest the child and which he cannot break.

If you have time to quietly sit and play with your child, be sure to give him the opportunity to start the game himself. If the kid finds out that there are a lot of new and interesting items in the available basket: keys, videotapes, dried fruits, hair curlers, etc., it may make him want to play – to give you something to get it right back.

Ring the bell

How to take an 8 month old baby

Give the child a bell and show how to call it.

Give your child a box with different pieces of fabric that he will be interested to touch. Be sure to put there shreds of coarse, hard matter and smooth, silky.

In a well-chosen set, you can include a small square of linoleum, a playing card, a large cork, a piece of velvet or satin and a sponge. Taking out the pieces of these items from the box and putting them back there, the child begins to distinguish the materials with respect.

Spread out the toys in front of the child, turning them upside down (for example, a teddy bear will be standing on his head, etc.). See if the baby corrects the “position” of his friends.

Glue a piece of adhesive tape to the back of a child’s palm. It will be interesting to child to tear off this tape.

Hat on the head of a child

When the baby is sitting in front of a mirror, put a hat on his head. He will like to watch his hat taking reflection.

Play with your child

Play a game with your child. Help him to clap his hands, and then hide the hundred pens under the covers. The kid will watch with interest as his hands disappear and reappear.

Roll the ball to the child and when the baby returns it to you, send the ball back to him. Invite other family members to join you. A soft ball is best for this purpose.

How to sit on the floor

If the child has learned to pull himself up and climb on his legs, holding on to something, but still does not know how to sit back, help your child stretch the end of a towel or some stick to him; this will make it easier for the child to return to a sitting position.

Give the child a “pyramid”

If the child at least once put the “ring” on the rod of the pyramid, he will do it again and again. You can make the game even more interesting if you swing the rod from side to side.

Toys in a transparent box

Put the toys in a transparent plastic box. Let the baby try to remove the cover. If he does not succeed in this, open the lid yourself and give the child the box again – let him continue his efforts.

Turn the saucepan upside down and give it to the baby. See if he knows how to turn it over. Your child already knows a lot about how items should be located.

Play “give me a toy”

Put three different toys in the box. Name one of the toys and ask the child to give it to you. If he does it right, make a noisy delight.

Take a few colored scarves and tie them together. Pass the scarves with one end into the cardboard tube, let the kid drag all the scarves through it. See if the child can shove the scarves back into the phone.

How to water a teddy bear

When you teach your baby to use a cup, sometimes let’s drink a teddy bear. The child also wants to give his friend something to drink, and he will try to repeat your movements. This “like” game for the very young precedes games with imaginary actions that older children like to play.

Food for development

The process of cooking is interesting for children of all ages, and even a very young child may be involved in it.

Give the kid a saucepan, a lid and a spoon, or some empty box or bag. Copying your actions, he will shake an empty rice bag over the saucepan, and then stir it up with a spoon and beat it over the saucepan with this spoon.

How to dress fidget

Changing diapers to a nine-month-old baby is no easy task. As a rule, it is easier for you to catch a crawling toddler than to keep him in place for dressing. This repetitive process can be slightly accelerated, distracting the child’s attention with a song “to the occasion”.

How to catch a child

You can organize this process differently, turning it into fun. When a child tries to crawl away from you,

grab him by the legs and drag him back: “I caught you!” Play like this a few times. For a baby, this will be a fun game, and, moreover, he will get tired, and you will have at your disposal some time sufficient to calmly change his clothes.

How to take an 8 month old baby

Powder powder coat

When dressing a baby, give him a clean puff or cotton ball and show him how to rub his tummy, pens, nose or cheeks. This activity will bring pleasure to the child, and he will behave more easily. In addition, you will have the occasion to talk with your baby about parts of the body (“where we have a nose”, “where we have eyes”, etc.).

The previous “related” feelings will acquire a new connotation, if, under some live melody, the “spider” will run along the child’s leg, and then according to the wedding. With the “spider” baby will burst into laughter, as during a fun game.

Let the baby “wash itself”

Give your baby a bathing cloth and a wipe towel. Show him how to wash and how to wipe with a towel. Of course, preparation for “self-washing” and “washing” itself will take more time.

Kids love to follow commands. Support your “bouncing” baby and command him “op-op!” When a child stops “jumping”, stop saying “op-op!” From this game you can make a whole funny series of stops and movements. The child is already beginning to enjoy words, and at the same time it is a useful exercise for him.

Watch a book with your child.

For a nine-month-old baby, it is very important that you take the time to look through a calm book with him. Try to read a little every day to the child. This creates a feeling of intimacy between you and the child.

Dance with your child to a quiet calm music before putting him to bed. During the day, the baby spends a lot of time on the floor, exploring himself and the world around him, and before going to sleep, he needs warm, tender embraces.

From all this we do NOT know how to put everything in boxes because the daughter simply breaks them, put rings on the pyramid, but we didn’t even want to remove and scatter the scarves with a pipe, I don’t even want to drink toys it will be wet, powder puff – aha schazzzz, and then pull the cotton from his mouth with his teeth. and so everything else we do.

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