How to take a picture of a child

For registration of the passport in the name of the child will have to take care of high-quality photos. There are certain criteria for pictures of young children, which have their own specifics.

How to take a picture of a child so that the employees of the Main Department of Internal Affairs paste the photo into the international passport? In this article we will consider the main issues and difficulties that arise for parents when preparing photos for a foreign document.

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Is it possible to do without them?

Without photos, you can’t issue a document for a child. Even if the parents (guardians) want to enter the child in their passport, they will still need a picture of the child for sticking. Therefore, in any case, you need to take a photo.

How to take a picture of a child

Number of shots

When submitting a personal application for a passport of an old sample, a minor will need 4 photos (how to make an application for an international passport of an old or new type for a child, it is said here). When personally contacting the GUVM Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is not necessary to submit a photograph for the issue of a foreign passport, since it is taken directly in the department by a trained specialist.

How to take a picture of a child

When electronic sending an application for any type of passport, you will need to upload 1 photo of the child in electronic format (or scanned paper photo).

Format, size

  • Photo width – 35 mm, height – 45 mm.
  • The head of the child should occupy from 29 mm to 34 mm in the picture.
  • The distance from the top edge to the head should be 3-5 mm. Trimming the top of the head is not allowed.
  • Oval feathering for a child’s photo is needed only if it is pasted into the parent’s passport. In the independent children’s foreign document it is absent.
  • When uploading a picture to the site, the following formats are allowed: JPEG; JPG; PNG; BMP.
  • Photo size should not exceed 5 MB, but not less than 10 Kb.
  • The resolution of the loaded image should not be less than 300 dpi (dots per inch).

General requirements

There are general rules for snapshot to follow:

  1. Choosing a child clothes in which he will be photographed, it is necessary to give preference to plain casual clothes in which the baby (teenager) will be comfortable.
  2. Since the background recommends using light shades (white, light gray, light blue), the clothes should not merge.
  3. There should not be anything outside the frame (neither the parents supporting the child, nor the toys).
  4. The child should look exactly at the camera lens.
  5. The head should be flat, not upturned, not tilted.
  6. The lips are closed and the eyes are open.
  7. Hair removed so as not to hide the features and oval of the face. Taking pictures with her hair is not prohibited if they meet the requirements above.
  8. Hats are removed. A photo in a headdress is allowed only for religious reasons, when a person’s faith does not allow to be without a covered head.
  9. If the child constantly wears glasses, then you can leave them when photographing. Then you need to make sure that the frame does not hide the outlines of the eyes, and the glass of the glasses does not give glare.
  10. Hair color, eyes and skin tone should match the real.

How to get good pictures of children?

For an overseas document of the old sample, it is enough to have a photo of the child in good quality, where he looks more or less directly into the camera. In the photo studio (or independently) the background will be replaced with white (gray).

Also, the parent can dress in white clothes and put the baby in his arms. And then carry out the same manipulation in the editor – replace the background.

For photographing on a passport of a new sample, the replacement of the background is not relevant, since the process takes place in real time. Therefore, if the child already knows how to sit on his own, then the parent can follow the photographer and attract the child’s attention with a rattle, then the shots are quite successful. The kid looks straight into the frame.

If the child still does not know how to sit (hold the head), then it is better for parents to go together to the GUVM department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: father or mother holds the baby in her arms (support) so that he himself cannot be seen in the frame, and the second parent blows on the baby or waving a rattle. The main thing is that the child looked at the frame and did not cry.

Sometimes a snapshot in a unit of the Main Department of Internal Affairs may fail. Then it is easier to make the child an international passport.

With children of preschool age, it is better to discuss the upcoming procedure in advance.. It is possible to play at home in the Photo Studio, it is possible to give a child a real camera and show by example how to behave, how to behave and how not and why.

It is much easier to come to an agreement with children of school and adolescence – as a rule, traveling abroad itself is an incentive for all manipulations.

You have already learned how to sfotkat child to passport. Next, look at the photo of the child for the passport:

Is there a shelf life?

As such There is no expiration date of the photo of the child in the passport. That is, it is not documented that after a certain period of time a photo must be replaced. Thus, theoretically, it is possible to use a foreign document for the whole period of its validity – 5 or 10 years.

The baby has grown (changed) – what to do?

Of course, during the validity of a passport (5-10 years old) a child may change beyond recognition. Therefore, the border guard can warn you about the replacement of the document. At the same time he makes a mark in the passport of the child.

For holders of old-style passports, you will also have to change a child’s document if his appearance is unrecognizable by border guards. This is stated in the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Summing up the article, we can conclude that make a photo of a child on a passport is possible in any form. The main thing is a positive attitude and patience.

What type of passport to issue a child, decide each parent individually. Although the old-style passport is simpler on a number of points, it is only 5 years old.

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