How to stop child diarrhea

Children often get sick, very subtly react to any pathogens, susceptible to allergic reactions. Often there are problems with the “chair”. When the stool becomes liquid, it is necessary to immediately pay special attention to the health of the child, examine it, determine if there are any other signs, and consult a doctor. It is important to stop the diarrhea in a child, but it does not harm the baby’s body.

How to stop child diarrhea

The liquid stool can be the main symptom of a set of diseases, both viral and exacerbated chronic ones. Sometimes diarrhea signals an allergic reaction, severe mechanical irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, overeating or malnutrition. Be sure to pay attention to the menu of the child, his behavior during the meal. Often, children are just in a hurry, badly chewing food. This also leads to a violation of metabolic, digestive processes. You need to find out how your baby feels, if he has any other dangerous symptoms. Consider the limitations of your ability: it is likely that you will have to call a doctor. Do not be afraid of this, postpone the call, because the delay can harm your child. In some cases, you need to conduct a full examination, do an x-ray, observe the patient in the hospital to accurately determine the cause of the appearance of loose stools, cure the disease. Many are concerned about the question: how to stop diarrhea in a child? It often begins suddenly, and action must be taken immediately. Remember a few recommendations, folk remedies, try to keep at home the most common, effective and versatile drugs.

Started diarrhea in the child. Inspection, identification of signsIf your child has diarrhea, you must first try to determine its causes, as well as identify all possible signs, symptoms of the disease. There are several common causes of liquid stool in children:

  • poor chewing of food;
  • mechanical irritation of the stomach walls, intestines when swallowing inedible objects (details of the mosaic, designers, fragments of toys);
  • malnutrition;
  • binge eating;
  • specific product poisoning (stale dishes, hot sauces, fat cold gravy);
  • allergic reaction;
  • cold;
  • exacerbation of colitis;
  • viral disease;
  • exacerbation of gastritis, cholecystitis.

Try to find out exactly what reasons could cause loose stools in your child. Focus on other symptoms, your own observations. Examine the baby, determine what he could eat recently.

  1. First of all, carefully inspect themselves fecal masses. Do not rush them to the toilet. The presence of blood impurities is a very bad sign. Please note that blood can be either red, in violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane at the exit of the intestine, and dark, almost black, when the upper sections of the intestine and stomach bleed. If blood traces are found, a doctor must be called. It is desirable to keep the stool samples for visual inspection and analysis.
  2. Pay special attention to the baby’s belly. Strongly press on the abdominal wall, to push the stomach during the inspection is impossible. Be extremely careful, do not make efforts. Lightly touch your belly with your fingers to find out how tight the abdominal walls are. When the stomach is hard, petrified, or excessively swollen, you should consult a doctor.
  3. Inspect the skin, mucous membranes of the child. It is possible that diarrhea is caused by an allergic reaction. If the eyes, nose are red, there is a rash on the skin, this is probably a sign of an allergy. It can appear on cow’s milk, eggs, seafood, any canned food, chicken, berries, and much more.
  4. Measure the child’s temperature. It is desirable to have a home and a device for measuring pressure, pulse. Rapid pulse, fever, low blood pressure often indicate poisoning. It is important to consult a specialist in time, to be examined.
  5. Find out what the kid ate, if he could swallow a foreign object. Determine whether he entirely ate his portions, whether he threw food away. Sometimes children overeat. Then you find the loss of products.

If you have to consult a doctor, it is very important to tell the specialist all the additional information that you have been able to collect. Then stopping diarrhea in a child will be noticeably easier.

Stopping diarrhea in a child independentlyYou can stop diarrhea in a child by yourself, alleviate his condition. Use various means, methods, remember useful recommendations.

  • First of all make a new menu for your baby. All products should be easily digested. Exclude any salty, spicy, fatty foods, as well as foods that may be allergic. Do not give the child a sweet tooth.
  • Power should be fractional. Divide the usual ration of one day into 5-6 parts, give the child food in approximately equal portions.
  • Prevent dehydration. Carefully ensure that the baby’s body does not begin to dehydrate. Give him more water. You can take special solutions, drugs, put the drip, after consulting with your doctor. Signs of dehydration are darkening of the skin or pallor, crying with difficulty in excreting tears, dark urine, a decrease in its quantity. If the child has become noticeably less likely to go to the toilet, the urine darkens, thickens, it is important to always consult a doctor. Dehydration is extremely dangerous.
  • Carefully watch the child chew well food, processed it with saliva. Try to explain to your child that eating quickly is very harmful, and it is important not only to grind any product with your teeth, but also moisten it well in your mouth with saliva. That is how he can learn.
  • Observe the regime. It is important to define a new regime for the child. It is necessary to eliminate physical exertion, to ensure peace for the patient. It is important to go to bed earlier, to devote more time to sleep and rest.

How to stop child diarrhea You will help and effective means. Use special preparations, pay attention to the popular recipes.

Effective means will help to stop the child’s diarrhea. Act comprehensively to cope with the problem. Stop diarrhea in the child will allow special drugs that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Some tools you can easily prepare yourself. rice to stop diarrhea

  • Rice decoction. A great effect gives rice water. It can be given to children calmly, while the broth does well with liquid stools, quickly and reliably fastens. Watch for the consistency of the decoction. It should not be too thick, stingy. A good solution is to give along with a decoction and a little soft rice porridge, without milk and sugar.
  • Medications. You can also use professional products that are available in pharmacies in a large assortment. The most commonly used is Bifidumbacterin, which restores the normal microflora of the intestines, as well as smect, activated carbon.
  • Herbal tea. Chamomile and mint tea works well. It can be given five times during the day. Please note that in chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, this tool should not be used. It is better to consult a doctor.
  • Pomegranate peels. An effective remedy is an infusion obtained by brewing pomegranate crusts. It does not need to add anything, the liquid should be taken 4-5 times a day, after eating, a few tablespoons will suffice. This tool is best suited for adolescents.
  • Hawthorn. The decoction of hawthorn fruit helps to stop diarrhea in children, relieves discomfort, removes toxic compounds from the body. Five grams of fruit is enough to get a glass of broth. He insists, and then give three times a day, enough teaspoon.

How to stop child diarrhea Be careful. Carefully inspect your child, follow the course of the disease. Take measures to stop diarrhea yourself, but do not forget about the specialists. You may need to call a doctor.

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