How to stimulate childbirth

Any future mother wants her baby to be born in a designated period, but this is not always the case. When the gestation period reaches 40 weeks, the expectant mother is usually offered hospitalization and stimulation of labor.

To know how to behave in such a situation, you need to familiarize yourself with the cases in which it is recommended to stimulate labor and what methods are used for this. The latter can be divided into two groups: those used in the maternity hospital and those that a woman can apply on her own. This process is also called labor induction or induction.

Indications and contraindications

Some women resort to invoking the generic activity by the so-called folk methods, but this can be done only if you know for sure that you are transferring the fruit.

There are a number of indications for stimulation:

  • Carrying a baby 40 weeks or more. After this period, the placenta is aging, so the child may receive less nutrition;
  • The term on which to stimulate childbirth in multiple pregnancies is 38 weeks or more, for fear of what the consequences of childbirth can be when replanting babies. The intrauterine development of children has already been completed, and their longer gestation can provoke complications when they are born;
  • Uterine scars are also indications for the artificial challenge of childbirth;
  • They are stimulated and in the event that a woman has a narrow pelvis;
  • High intraocular pressure.

How to stimulate childbirth

In addition, indications for the procedure are heart disease, rhesus conflict, diabetes. It is necessary to cause childbirth in the case when the amniotic fluid is leaking.

You can not stimulate them in such cases:

  • If the child is located incorrectly;
  • In the presence of hypertension in the expectant mother;
  • If the heart monitor showed that the child has health problems.

How do they do in the hospital?

As a rule, in the hospital stimulate childbirth, if the cervix is ​​ready for this process. It is considered mature, shortened, soft, and its disclosure should be about 2 cm.

If it is immature, induction techniques are used that promote cervical ripening.

To check the readiness of the female body for readiness for the birth of a baby, do special examinations and tests. In addition, in the hospital check the baby’s reaction to contractions caused by artificial means.

Pharmacological methods

Their essence lies in the use of medicines – mainly prostaglandins and oxytocins.

They are hormones that contribute to the change of the cervix, causing its maturation. In addition, they contribute to the relaxation of the lower part of the uterus and the production of oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates the contraction of the uterus.

Medicines containing these hormones are produced in various dosages and forms. The most commonly used gel is injected into the cervical canal or in the posterior vaginal fornix. This method is used if the fetal bladder is whole. If after a few hours there is no result from the medication, the birth has not come, you will need to re-enter the drug. The maximum number of injections of the drug – 3.

In some cases, oxytocin-containing drugs and prostaglandins are administered intravenously. This is a more effective method, because drugs act faster. However, when childbirth during surgery or other indications is stimulated in this way, there is a risk of such a problem as overstimulation. This is fraught with complications during childbirth, up to rupture of the uterus. In this regard, the drug should be used under the supervision of a physician. Sometimes vaginal and intravenous drugs are used at the same time, reducing their dosage by half.

As for oxytocin-containing drugs, their use is advisable only in the case when the fetal bladder is opened. In some cases, drugs that stimulate labor in the form of tablets are used. These medicines contain anti-progestogens that neutralize the action of the hormone progesterone. It is because of this that the uterus begins to contract. The most commonly used pills are mifepristone.

Non-pharmacological methods

These include:

  • Finger detachment. As a rule, it is used not as a separate method, but as a preparatory stage for drug induction methods;
  • Laminaria;
  • Opening of the fetal bladder. It is used when the cervix is ​​mature, sometimes along with it are used drugs that stimulate the reduction of the uterus;
  • Foley catheter. The cervix is ​​revealed by expanding the cervix with a can of water.

Folk methods

Women know many secrets that they share with their “colleagues.” Some of them, according to reviews giving birth, are really effective, and some can be classified as myths.

What will the experience of all times and peoples tell us about how we can independently stimulate childbirth? Below are the top most popular methods.

Nipple massage

Oxytocin is secreted in this procedure. Massage each breast alternately. Do this for 15 minutes, and there should be several sessions per day.

How to stimulate childbirth

Surveys have shown that about half of those who have tried it themselves can cause childbirth in this way.

Some women claim that eating this exotic fruit fresh and in large quantities can help a baby be born.

This is due to the effect of bromelain on the neck, but the method is little known, and therefore little studied.

Before applying it, make sure that you are not allergic.

Castor oil

This product has laxative properties. Due to these qualities, castor oil causes contractions. All those who have helped this method (and this is more than half of all women who used it), they say that it is enough to drink about 150 ml of the product.

In order to somehow disguise the unpleasant taste, it is diluted with fruit juices.

In spite of the fact that this method is effective, before its application it is worthwhile to once again consider its expediency.

Oil can cause intestinal upset, vomiting, which in the late term of pregnancy will not bring any benefit. In addition, all these manifestations can result in dehydration.

Raspberry leaves

They need to brew and drink infusion several times / day. It is necessary to start receiving tea in advance – from approximately 37 weeks (but not earlier than this period).

Reviews of women suggest that about 90% of them actually gave birth in time, taking tea from raspberry leaves. Nevertheless, it is difficult to judge in which case the drink really helped, and in which nature itself took care of the timely appearance of the baby, because it needs to be drunk well in advance. Therefore, the reliability of the method can also be argued.

When retouching women often use this method.

How to stimulate childbirth

If you decide to resort to it, consider two important points:

  • It can only be used if the water has not yet moved. Otherwise, the baby may be infected;
  • You should not use the method if you have diagnosed placenta previa;
  • Take intimacy not as a way to open the cervix. In other words, sex should be stormy, lead to orgasm of both partners. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect – uterine contraction and oxytocin release. Male semen contains prostaglandins that can soften the cervix.

It is difficult to say whether sex is able to stimulate childbirth, but it will not bring harm.

Physical exercise

It is not necessary to swing, press, run, jump, but you shouldn’t stay in one place either.

To start the fight faster, walks are recommended.

Many women are experimenting with other types of physical exertion, for example, descending and ascending stairs, and some expectant mothers claim that they started having contractions during floor washing.

What kind of load is needed, it is difficult to say – every woman is her own “coach.”

But walking and good physical activity will not hurt. Doctors say that with them the fetus takes the correct position.

In order to quickly cause contractions do not take their own drugs – their use should be prescribed and monitored by a doctor.

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