How to sleep pregnant

A full night’s sleep is very important, the more important it is for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the body is experiencing increased stress. It is no coincidence that almost from the first weeks a pregnant woman feels a sense of fatigue and an overwhelming desire to lie down and sleep. Good sleep is one of the reliable and effective ways for the body to restore its resources.

Unfortunately, it is during pregnancy, when good sleep is so important for a woman, it is rather difficult to sleep and sleep. One of the reasons for this is the difficulty in choosing a posture for sleep. Of course, every person has his favorite poses in which he likes to fall asleep. But many pregnant women will have to abandon for a while some of the sleeping positions, due to their insecurity for the health of the unborn baby or even the very future mother.

What poses can not sleep?

We hurry to please the future moms – for about weeks to 12 you can afford to sleep like you used to. But try to gradually break the habit of sleeping on your back or on your stomach – this will not be done soon.

How to sleep pregnant

With the beginning of the 2nd trimester, it is worth to stop sleeping on your stomach – this is becoming more and more dangerous for the child. After all, even though the baby is well protected in the mother’s tummy, there is a risk of injury. And the more the abdomen grows in size, the more problematic it is to sleep in this position. Already by the middle of the third trimester, it would rather resemble a swing, rather than a comfortable posture for sleeping.

Also with the beginning of the 2nd trimester, try to give up sleep on your back. By the beginning of the third trimester it is absolutely impossible to sleep in this position. A rather large child and uterus will press on the lower back, intestines and pinch a very important vein, the so-called vena cava, which is part of the blood supply system of the lower body. So to sleep on your back by the middle of the 2nd – the beginning of the third trimester will not work. You will immediately feel bad – dizziness may begin, the heartbeat will become more frequent, pressure will decrease, breathing problems will begin, you will feel numbness in the limbs, the blood supply to the kidneys and placenta will be disturbed. That is, the baby will experience a lack of oxygen, which he will immediately tell you, starting to push hard and kick.

If you feel discomfort in a dream, or the baby began to kick hard – change your position!

What is the safest pose?

Modern medicine is considered the safest pose for pregnant women to pose, lying on the left side. In this case, nothing prevents normal blood circulation, the fetus does not press on the liver, does not hurt the back.

With a cross previa, doctors advise you to sleep on the side where the head of the child is located.

During the night, doctors advise to change the position and roll about side to side about 3-4 times.

What can help sleep?

If you can not sleep, then help to take a comfortable posture and sleep can regular pillows. Always keep soft pillows of various sizes around you. One pad can be placed under the waist, the second under the tummy, another one – between the knees. At the same time, if you are lying on your left side, stretch your left leg and bend your right leg. If on the right side, then stretch the right leg, and bend the left.

If financial opportunities allow, you can buy a special pillow in the form of a horseshoe for pregnant women. By the way, she later will help with feeding the baby. This pillow can and sew themselves.

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