How to remove sulfur from the ears of a child

According to statistics, every second inhabitant on the planet suffers from the appearance of a sulfuric plug in the ears. But the incident is different: most of these sufferers are in no hurry to get an appointment with an otolaryngologist, but they cope with an unpleasant illness at home. And, indeed, there are many ways to remove ear wax yourself. But before you start exploring the question of how to effectively clean your ears from excess sulfur, you need to make sure that the person actually has a cork made of sulfur.

In the human body, all organs, without exception, are interconnected, and each substance plays a role inherent in nature. Sulfur in the ears also performs its functions: it lubricates and protects the ear canals from pollution. Its absence can open the ear canal for the penetration of various infections, but when dry sulfur swells and thickens, it causes serious physical unpleasantness: shooting, pain and tinnitus; congestion, gradually turning into partial or complete hearing loss. If a person has such symptoms, it means that it is time for him to think about how to remove the accumulation of sulfur from the ear. In this case, the available ingredients will come to the rescue, for the acquisition of which you do not have to worry too much about the family budget.

Olive oil

Although the vegetable oil from the fruit of the olive tree is recognized by the Sanitary Inspectorate to be absolutely safe for human health, the high content of oleic acid in the oil can negatively affect the following diseases:

  • inflammation of the structure of the mastoid process behind the ear, in medicine referred to as mastoiditis;
  • perforation (violation of integrity) of the eardrum;
  • Frequent ear infections: ear mycosis, polyps, otitis externa, earache, middle ear inflammation.

If the listed diseases are absent, you can proceed to the home extraction of sulfuric plug. For removal will need: 3 tbsp. l olive oil and 5 drops of any essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus, garlic, marjoram or St. John’s wort).

Important! Before you remove excess sulfur oils, make sure there is no allergic reaction to different types of oils. To do this, in the evening drop a few drops on the inner side of the wrist. If in the morning there was no irritation, feel free to proceed with home surgery.

Step 1. Soften the sulfur plug.

  1. In a water bath, heat olive oil to 36.6 ° C (human body temperature).
  2. Now you need to add the selected essential oil and mix thoroughly with a sterile spoon.
  3. Fill a new pipette with the mixture.
  4. Put self-made drops in your ear (5-6 drops). In this case, you need to tilt your head so that the injured ear “looked” at the ceiling, and wait 15 minutes in this position. When upright, use a pre-cooked napkin to collect any leakage.
  5. It is impossible to clean and wash the ears for the next 3-4 hours, as the washing process is to follow.

How to remove sulfur from the ears of a child

Do not despair if the first procedure does not bring relief. First, you can repeat the cleansing up to 3 times a day for 5 days. Secondly, it is quite possible that relief will come if you rinse your ear after the oil has softened its sulfur content.

Step 2. Washing.

  1. Fill the rubber syringe with warm water (36.6 C).
  2. Bending your head above the pelvis (the sore ear “looks” down), grasp the upper region of the auricle with your fingers and pull it backward and upwards with one movement. This simple action will help straighten the ear canal.
  3. Without changing position, slowly pour water into the sore ear. The tip of the pear should not be inserted too deeply (enough 5-6 mm inwards) to avoid pressure on the eardrum. The pressure initially must be weak, with a subsequent increase in the water flow to be injected to an average pressure intensity.

Although earwax will already be softened with olive oil, it is not a fact that it comes out the first time. If time is missed, and the sulfur mass has become very dense, it may take several washes.

In the absence of a result, you should turn to another, more productive method: cleaning the ears using one of the representative of peroxides, which, surely, can be found in any home medicine chest.

Hydrogen peroxide

This medical tool has long been famous for its high antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Hydrogen peroxide is often used not only for the treatment of purulent wounds and cuts, but also for the treatment of diseases of the ears. Bacteria, getting together with dust and dirt in the ear, can easily enter the body, moving along the common channel that connects the ear to the nasopharynx. Therefore, it is important to promptly clean the ears of excess sulfur, absorbing microbes.

Attention! It is excluded to carry out the procedure described below for children up to 3 years. There is a high risk of damage and deformation of the eardrums of not yet fully formed children’s ears.

Sulfur ear removal from hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Many injure their ears by using a pure peroxide product. This is absolutely impossible to do. To remove sulfur, it is necessary to dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with warm boiled water (1×1).
  2. Using a pipette, drip the cleaning solution into the damaged ear (5-10 drops) and, holding it in the “horizontal up” position, wait exactly 5 minutes. During this time, the peroxide will come into contact with the sulfuric substance and cause the plug to soften. At the same time, cracking and hissing will be felt in the ear, and visually the auricle will be filled with foamy bubbles.
  3. After 5 minutes, tilt your head down with a sore ear so that a sulfur ball goes out with hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Then rinse the ear canal as described above in step 2.

To restore the hearing completely and to remove the ear canal from the sulfur masses, this procedure can be repeated 2 times a day for one week.

But if you experience negative feelings home procedure with hydrogen peroxide should be immediately stopped. If you wish, you can try a very ancient, but effective method, with the help of which our great-great-grandmothers got rid of sulfuric plug and deafness.

White candle

The high performance of this old-fashioned way has been tested and proven over thousands of years. But such sulfur removal requires extreme caution. It is desirable that when carrying out the procedure next to the patient was attended by someone from the household. To “exile” the sulfuric substance from the ear, you will need a regular white candle, cotton cloth, ordinary pencils and matches.

Removal of excess sulfur wax:

  1. Cut small strips from the fabric (2×25 cm).
  2. Using a knife, crush the candle and melt it in a water bath in a liquid wax.
  3. Dip the prepared fabric strips in a container with wax, leave them for 2-3 minutes to soak.
  4. Next you need to pull out the strips in turn and, without letting it cool down, immediately wind them on pencils.
  5. After the ringed pencils have cooled down a little, you should carefully remove the tissue tubes from the pencil and put them on a clean cloth until they are completely cool.
  6. Sit comfortably on the bed with a sore ear up, cover your face and hair with a protective cloth so that drops of wax do not fall on the open area of ​​the body. Insert one of the wax tubes into your ear and set it on fire. As soon as the fire begins to approach the auricle, you should pull out the tube and place it in the prepared water.

Do not panic when a crackle starts to be heard in your ear. This sulfuric mass rises, due to the burden that is created during combustion. Waxing out wax is a physically unpleasant process, but not fatal. Subsequently, after the procedure, you can expand the tube to see the amount of elongated sulfur.

Pharmaceutical drugs for the “expulsion” of cork

Of course, there are people who doubt the safety of household methods and continue to look for ways to remove sulfur from the ears. Those who prefer to use medicines can be purchased. cerumenolytic drops: “Remo-Vaks” and “A – Cerumen.” It’s not for nothing that these drops are very popular in the pharmaceutical market, as they are able to quickly dissolve even an old, very hard cork made of sulfur in a short time.

Pharmaceutical phytocandles from beeswax, which not only eliminate excess sulfur, but also reduce inflammation, preventing re-emergence of the congestion, will also help to clear the ears.

What to do when cleaning the ears

For any cleansing of the ear canal, it is necessary to observe safety precautions Sulfur cap is located too close to the eardrum, therefore it is strictly forbidden:

  • remove the cork with matches, pins and other sharp objects;
  • fanatically addicted to cleaning the ear with cotton buds, as there is a risk of even greater condensation of sulfur deposits.

If the above methods have proved to be ineffective, you should not lose precious time – you need to immediately consult a doctor. The medicine is still equipped with special tools with which the otolaryngologist will be able to clean the ears, leaving no trace of the sulfur plug. And in order to avoid a relapse, you can use homemade drops for the ears of hydrogen peroxide 2 times a month as a prophylactic agent, and also constantly monitor the hygiene of the auricle.

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