How to relieve sore throat baby

Small children often have a sore throat. It is good if the child already speaks and can complain to the parents about the pain, but the situation with the newborns is much more complicated. The main manifestations of diseases of the nasopharynx is hyperemia of the mucous membrane and soreness. You can detect mucosal redness yourself. But it is better if the specialist does it. After all, a child’s sore throat can occur for a variety of reasons. And only a pediatrician or a children’s otolaryngologist can identify the cause of the disease in order to determine how to treat a sore throat in a child.

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Causes of red throat in a child

  1. Inflamed throat in a child in 99% of cases observed in acute respiratory viral diseases.
  2. Sore throat (tonsillitis) – inflammation of the tonsils. In a chronic course, the throat can constantly hurt, the sore reddened, the gland flare can be white, gray or yellow-gray.
  3. Pharyngitis – inflammation of the posterior pharyngeal wall, laryngitis – inflammation of the larynx.
  4. Severely sore throat in children with diphtheria. During illness, the tonsils enlarge, there is so small a gap between them that the patient cannot breathe.
  5. False croup (stenosing laryngitis, stenosis of the larynx) is characterized by a sharp narrowing of the larynx and suffocation.
  6. Sore throat in a child with scarlet fever.
  7. A throat can become inflamed as a result of an injury, when a baby pulls toys into its mouth, it scratches delicate and sensitive mucous membranes. Blind pharynx may due to burns of the mucous.


A children’s otolaryngologist examines a patient with a frontal reflector (a special mirror) that illuminates the oropharynx, a medical spatula, and a nasal mirror. From the pharynx, a smear is taken for seeding, in which the type of pathogen is detected. All diagnostic procedures are absolutely painless and take a minimum of time. If necessary, the patient’s blood and urine, the chest organs are examined by X-ray.

Treatment with traditional methods

Effective treatment of the throat is to conduct complex activities.. First of all, it is necessary to ensure an optimal microclimate in the nursery for recovery. It is necessary to do wet cleaning and put containers with water to keep the air humidity not lower than 50% and the air temperature not more than 20 degrees to avoid drying out the nasopharyngeal mucosa. You can not wrap the patient too warm blankets, especially during the fever period, it is necessary that there is a normal heat transfer. 2-3 times a day to air the room, microbes die during the circulation of fresh air.

How to relieve sore throat baby

Relieve sore throat will help drink plenty of fluids. The main thing is to drink warm and pleasant. You can make teas with honey and lemon juice, juices, fruit drinks diluted with water, fruit juices, milk jelly, savory stewed fruit. The child should drink constantly throughout the day. Honey and citrus juices can be given if there is no allergy to these products.

It’s impossible to give children new products that they haven’t tried before – they can cause allergies.

How to relieve sore throat baby

Should follow a diet. Sour, salty, fatty, sweet foods, cold and hot dishes are excluded. Marinades irritate the oropharyngeal mucosa and provoke dry cough and tickling. For the same reason, citrus fruits should not be given to children, it is allowed to be given only in the form of diluted juices. Hot food increases hyperemia and can cause burns to the mucous membranes. Cold food contributes to hypothermia of the upper respiratory tract. These factors aggravate the course of the disease and postpone recovery.

Food should be warm, soft, easily digested, portions are small. Vegetables and fruits give without peel. It is best to whisk them in a blender and serve as mashed potatoes. Vitamins should be present in the diet of a small patient daily. Solid foods can not be eaten, so as not to injure the throat.

Cutlery, towels, toothbrush of the patient during the illness must be separated from the hygiene of the whole family.

In case of bacterial infection, children are prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics with a preliminary sensitivity test. Since the main causative agent of inflammations of the oropharynx is streptococcus, penicillin-type drugs (amoxicillin, amoxiclav) are prescribed. These drugs are available in suspension, because all mothers know how difficult it is to make a baby swallow a pill. When allergies are noted on drugs in this group, macrolides (erythromycin, sumamed, hemomycin) are used. Macrolides are less toxic and more easily tolerated by children.

In viral infections, the use of interferons at the onset of the disease gives high efficacy; under their influence, the disease may even recede. Throat treatment in children with acute respiratory viral infections does not require antibacterial therapy.

It is also important to know how to relieve pain. This is done through topical treatment. Children who already know how to spit should regularly gargle. For this purpose, apply warm 0.9% saline. A small child under one year can do irrigation. Take the baby in your arms, tilt your head slightly down and sideways, splash a solution of a small syringe into the throat. Lollipops with antiseptics under the tongue, which should be given half an hour after a meal, will help relieve a sore throat.

When the temperature returns to normal, we treat children with warming compresses and mustard plasters. Newborns have too sensitive skin, so they can put mustard plaster through fabric, or mustard plaster with cells put on the back side and reduce the time of the procedure to 5 minutes.

In acute and chronic tonsillitis, tonsils are oiled with oil solutions: lugol solution or chlorophyllipt. This unpleasant procedure can cause an emetic reflex, but it effectively eliminates inflammation.

It is not recommended to independently remove plaque in case of infections of the oropharynx – this can provoke bleeding from the tonsils

Treatment with unconventional methods

How to quickly cure the throat of the child with the help of folk remedies? Here are the most simple and effective methods.

  • make a vodka compress, vodka in half with camphor oil. Put a compress to children older than two years;
  • How to alleviate the pain in the oropharynx: rinse with a saline solution 2-3 grams of table or sea salt for 200 ml of warm water, 5 ml of lemon or beet juice for 200 ml of water;
  • Potato or essential inhalations will help to cure a child’s red throat. Sit with your baby over a pan of hot potatoes or with water, in which essential oils are added. Cover with a blanket with your head and sit for 7-10 minutes;
  • cure the patient can decoction of anti-inflammatory herbs;
  • for colds, rubbing honey, camphor oil, goat fat, butter will help. Procedure to do at night. The neck, the back, the rib cage, the sole should be smeared with a heated means, put on a natural fabric T-shirt and socks, cover the baby with a blanket. In the morning the child will feel much better. Such a procedure can be done only at a normal temperature in a patient;
  • temperature is well removed using wiping acetic solution: for 200 ml of water at room temperature, 20 ml of ordinary or apple vinegar. It is necessary to reduce the temperature above 38 degrees. Febrile temperature is especially dangerous for children from 0 to 4 years old due to unformed immunity. If there is intolerance to vinegar, then you can put a cloth dipped in cool water on your elbows and knees. Change it as it warms up.

With timely and correct therapy, relief comes for 3-5 days, and recovery – for 7 days.

If the disease is delayed for a week or two and the acute symptoms do not subside, there is a high probability of the accession of a secondary infection. In this case, you need to show the child to the specialist again. The attending physician will conduct a differential diagnosis and adjust the treatment.

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