How to reduce the breast without surgery

Not all men come to the delight of a large female breast. According to opinion polls by Australian sexologists, the large size of the female bust is important for young and infantile youths. Mature men tend to prefer medium-sized breasts. In addition, a magnificent bust delivers a lot of inconvenience to its owner. Big breasts are a strong load on the spine, which provokes the development of scoliosis, osteochondrosis, difficulty breathing, frequent pain in the neck, back and lower back. Moreover, the owners of a large bust often suffer from mastopathy and other diseases of the mammary glands, therefore make breasts small – means to reduce the risk of their development.

Under a large bust there is often prickly heat, for fitness you have to use dragging underwear, and to sleep – in an uncomfortable position. When wearing conventional underwear or swimsuit, it is difficult to maintain correct posture, there are traces of strapless on the skin, moreover, not every style fits the figure, and it is impossible to create an elegant look at all. Big breasts are more prone to sagging and loss of shape – this is a common consequence of the law of the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many women want to reduce their large breasts.

Breast surgery is an expensive and unsafe procedure. After her, the woman will no longer be able to breastfeed the baby, since part of the breast will be removed.

There are methods to reduce the breast without surgery, just have to work hard physically. First of all, we note that losing just 1 kg leads to a decrease in bust weight by about 20 grams, because its volume does not depend on the size of the mammary gland, but on the amount of fat surrounding the glandular tissue. Get rid of excess weight, if you have one, and your bust will be much smaller.

Exercise to reduce breast volume:

Aimed at burning excess fat and replacing muscle tissue in the pectoral muscles, to which the mammary glands are attached. Due to these processes it is possible to significantly reduce large breasts. It is important to exercise at a fast pace at least four times a week.

– You can start gymnastics with running (on the spot or a simulator), walking or using an exercise bike for 20-30 minutes, with a gradual acceleration. Next, we take small dumbbells (from 1 to 3 kg) and take a prone position, arms to the side. On the exhale, we raise the straight arms in front of us and bring them together, while returning to the starting position while inhaling. Perform four series of 20 times.

– To perform the following exercise, lie down across the bench so that only the shoulder girdle is on it. Stretch your arms with dumbbells over your chest; your hands are directed towards each other. While inhaling, lower your hands behind your head until you feel that the pectoral muscles have tightened. On the exhale, return your hands to the starting position using the same trajectory. Make three sets of 12 times.

How to reduce the breast without surgery

– Now we lie down on the floor or bench, hands – behind the head. We carry out the exercise “Vanka-vstanka” using 4 sets of 20 times. If you have access to sports equipment, you can perform a pull on the block with your straight arms down – back – up. To reduce the chest at home, this exercise is replaced, for example, by the following. Buy elastic rubber for training, transfer through any block (you can do it specifically on the door jamb). Next, stand up straight, hands up, take the ends of the rubber and move away for some distance so that the rubber stretches. On the exhale, take your hands back, pulling the rubber on the inhale – return up. Make 3 sets of 12 times.

– The last exercise is performed from a prone position. Tighten the legs bent at the knees to the chest and then lower down. Do it 20 times. At the end of the workout, do not forget to perform a hitch to remove the lactic acid formed in the muscles and restore the body. It can be stretching exercises, jogging or brisk walking with a gradual slowdown, the ideal option is swimming. Do not forget to combine exercise to reduce large breasts with a low-calorie diet.

How to reduce the breast without surgery

To prevent the bust from dropping as a result of drastic weight loss, it is recommended to make compresses from jojoba oil mixed in equal proportions with grape seed oil, and also to take a contrast shower twice a day and massage the breast in circular motions.

Traditional medicine recommends to reduce the volume of the breast with the help of daily compresses of decoction of green poppy heads. For its preparation, 50 medium heads are crushed, poured over them with two cups of cold water, brought to a boil, reduced the heat and boiled for 15 minutes. Then the broth is cooled to room temperature, filtered, moistened with a clean napkin and applied to the chest overnight.

How to reduce the breast without surgery

You can also make nutritional masks on the chest, such as cucumber or honey-yolk. Of course, they cannot make their breasts small, but they are quite capable of preventing their sagging while losing weight.

The process of reducing the size of the breast without surgery is designed for a sufficiently long period, depending on the effort. And before the results are achieved, you can at least visually reduce the breast. Buy for yourself bras, visually reducing the bust, they are called minimizers. Typically, these bras have wide straps, a T-shaped inflated seam, additional supporting and corrective inserts. Choose clothes of dark shades with a longitudinal pattern and a V-neck, try to focus on the waist.

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