How to quickly put a baby to sleep

The happiness of motherhood is indisputable for almost every woman, despite the fact that the new role causes a lot of problems, troubles and worries. But sometimes, having given birth to a child, we are in complete despair looking for answers to seemingly completely trivial questions about his diet or regime.

Sleep, my joy, sleep …!

Nothing can disturb a young mommy so much as the crying and cry of her baby, who actually “refuses” to sleep during the day or at night. Of course, the first thing you should do is turn to a pediatrician, because the whims of a child can be the result of certain diseases and other problems with children’s health.

But if the doctor made a verdict that everything is normal, and the crumb is naughty because of banal external factors, such as a change of weather or overwork during a visit of relatives who want to give him maximum attention, we will tell you how to quickly and safely put to sleep the child.

The easiest way to put a baby to sleep is to sway. Our mothers and grandmothers will be happy to tell you about this. But we live in the age of information, and now there are more and more arguments against this method. Ardent opponents of his claim that “shaking” adversely affects the health and functioning of the internal organs of the baby.

Nevertheless, conservative pediatricians are convinced of the opposite: this method is truly physiological and natural, because in your stomach the baby felt the very “shaking” all the time because you were moving.

It is best to rock the baby on your hands, but this can also be done with the help of other devices – special cradles, rocking chairs, swings, deck chairs or strollers. If for some reason you join the ranks of the opponents of motion sickness, familiarize yourself with other methods of calming the crumbs that we have collected especially for you.

Healthy sleep baby – in my mother’s hands!

How to put a baby to sleep without motion sickness? To do this, there are lots of tricks and tricks. The main thing is that the chosen method does not harm your baby. If you want to ensure a healthy sleep for your child, we will give you a lot of safe and interesting methods of “lulling” the infant baby, so that you can adopt them and practice in “stressful” situations.

How to quickly put a baby to sleep

A newborn baby sleeps almost constantly, and wakes up only if he feels hungry. Sleep duration can vary from a few minutes to 6 hours, especially if the baby is breastfed.

You, as a newly-minted mummy, should not be intimidated by any means. The “artificiality” day regimen faster. The same children who eat mother’s milk, require not only food, but also unity with the closest and closest person – from this they calm down by themselves.

Methods to help you quickly “put” the child to sleep:

  • Lullaby. If you yourself do not have a pleasant voice and “tolerable” hearing, or just feel free to sing for the baby, you will come to the aid of “ready” sleeping music, which can be easily found on the Internet. Variants of sleeping music for children are diverse: they can be good old lullabies from our childhood, and compositions written in a new way, and even classical overtures. For “advanced” parents, even cover songs of titans of rock music, like Queen, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, exist. Of course, there are no sounds of electronic guitars and drums in them – only the melody played on the piano, and sometimes children’s voices playing a couplet or chorus;
  • Noise flow. This method is especially relevant for practice before bedtime, because it helps the child not only to fall asleep, but also to calm down after a day filled with new impressions. In your womb, the baby constantly heard the noise – the heartbeat, the flow of blood, the sounds of the environment. Therefore, the low noise for him will be as physiological “soothing” as the motion sickness. For these purposes, the sound is working washing machine, vacuum cleaner or dryer. Some mommies believe that it is most acceptable to use the sound of circulating water for this purpose;
  • “Progressive motion sickness”. Sometimes children need to move with their mother. Therefore, you can take your child in your arms and quickly move on foot through the apartment. Soon the child will get tired and fall asleep. Sometimes young women claim that this is the method that answers the question “how to put a small child to sleep in a minute”;
  • Tight swaddling. It is not known exactly how this method affects the sleep of your baby, but those parents who practiced or practice it, say that it really helps the child to sleep longer at night. That, of course, can not but rejoice;
  • Mobil How to quickly put to sleep the infant? Mobile can help you! As a new parent, you probably know what kind of device. However, if this is not the case, we will tell you about its essence. The mobile is something like a “rattle”, on which the small rotating toys arranged in a circle, suspended on a frame, are placed above the infant’s crib. Often the whole process of movement is accompanied by lulling musical sounds. It should be emphasized that this method is not suitable for everyone. Some children, seeing bright moving toys above themselves, do not calm down at all, but on the contrary, become agitated. Therefore, practicing the method with a mobile is not relevant in “emergency” and “trial” situations, but only if you know exactly how it affects the emotional background of your crumbs;
  • Nipple. If your baby is used to the nipple, it will be the best way to calm him down before bed. However, her alone is unlikely to be enough. This method is suitable only in combination with tight swaddling, lullaby, or “classic” motion sickness;
  • Joint dream If you are not afraid of sleeping in the same bed with a child, you can try this method. However, it is also not suitable for everyone. Rather, it is important for those who practice sleeping together almost from the very birth of a baby. Otherwise, it may further excite your child and make him worry;
  • Walk in the fresh air. Walking in the park, even an adult may want to sleep. And this phenomenon is fully justified, because it is no secret to anyone how miraculously oxygen affects our health and well-being. Try walking with your child in an ecologically clean area! Of course, this method can not be attributed to the “fast”, but it works, and moreover, has something of a cumulative effect: if you begin to do it daily, your child will no longer be nervous and capricious, and will also sleep more peacefully at night;
  • Chest. If your baby is used to his chest, it will be the best method to put him to sleep in just a minute. However, do not overdo it and abuse it so that the child can fall asleep. Yet you can not be there every second, and constantly be in “alert”. And you get used to the good, as everyone knows. Therefore, you should not constantly reassure children exclusively with their breasts – try and look for new ways to solve your problem.

Every mother on an intuitive level feels which means are most suitable for lulling her baby. Look for your options, and you will definitely come to the “ideal”!

An interesting method of naping lulling

This method was first invented by … a young father! Driven almost to despair, unable to swaddle tightly and not possessing poured breasts, he tried to lull the child with an ordinary napkin.

“How can I put a child to sleep with a napkin? “- surely you ask. Just take a white paper napkin and touch it to the face of the baby several times (in opened form). How and why does it work? Sequential repetition of movements, which occurs when the subject approaches and moves away from the face, has a calming effect on the child. In addition, focusing the view on the napkin almost instantly tires the crumb and forces him to go into the arms of Morpheus.

Looking for their methods of calming a baby, each mommy, sooner or later, invents her own version of lulling, which works flawlessly and in any situation. Do not be afraid to experiment, because all the above means are absolutely safe, and sometimes useful for your children.

How to quickly put a baby to sleep

And may your child be the happiest!

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