How to put a baby to sleep 2 years

How to put a child to sleep in 2 years? This question is asked by many parents. The fact is that children are not always happy to observe the daily routine. Some kids are capricious and make their mothers real tantrums. Young parents know how difficult it is to put the baby in the crib. There is not always enough time and patience to discipline your crumbs.

Children tend not to obey. Some, hardly having learned to speak, categorically refuse the necessary regime moments. Inexperienced moms and dads give up after several unsuccessful attempts to wake off a child who is crying and doesn’t want to calm down. How to calmly put the child to sleep at 2 years? The question is really very difficult. Let’s try to figure it out, give useful tips and advice.

Compliance with the regime

This is an extremely important point, without which all efforts can go down the drain. It is necessary from the very young age to teach your child to the regime. He has to get used to the fact that everyday life goes according to a specific schedule. Then the appetite will be better, and sleep – stronger. There is absolutely no doubt about that. It is best to crumble in bed at the same time. Then very soon he will fall asleep himself, as soon as you put him in the crib. Often these children are calmer, more balanced and disciplined. On the contrary, if there is no regime, then the child is forced to constantly change his behavior.

He can indulge, throwing toys all over the apartment until he finally gets tired. This is very undesirable for a child. As a result, he grows moody, nervous and anxious. How to put a child to sleep in 2 years? It is necessary to set a certain schedule of rest and wakefulness for the baby. So it will be easier and better for everyone: the crumbs, and parents.

How much should a child sleep in 2 years?

This question is not at all idle. After all, if the baby does not get enough sleep, he will become capricious, often crying. The main reason that a child refuses to sleep at 2 years old (or at 3, or at 4 – age is not so important) is precisely because parents did not teach the baby to go to bed at the same time. That is why he has no idea about the regime, about how to begin to distinguish between his states. A clear day regimen can solve this problem.

A child of two years old must sleep at least twelve hours a day. And the daytime sleep should have at least 2-3 hours. Otherwise, your child will constantly be capricious, crying and in every way possible to show discontent. It is advisable to withstand the hours set so that the child can fully relax every day.

Annoying factors

They should be excluded in order not to provoke the development of bad habits in the baby. Before bedding should not be overeating or nervous tension. Outdoor games must be eliminated no later than two hours before bedtime. Do not annoy the child, scold him immediately before bedtime. If there are guests in the house, then ask them not to make noise. All of the above negatively affects the psyche of the child. If you intentionally contribute to creating a calm atmosphere at home, the baby will grow in an atmosphere of harmony and love. It is important to eliminate all that is unpleasant that may affect your mood. But this does not mean that you should indulge all the whims of the baby.

How to put a baby to sleep 2 years

Lullaby songs

Thinking how to put a child to bed at 2 years old? Sing him a quiet song. Do not neglect this advice. Lullabies for children are incredible helpful. They promote entry into a relaxed state, set up a positive and healthy sleep. The fact is that the smooth and quiet sound of a native voice can not only help calm down, but also act as a stimulant. Usually in a few minutes the baby falls asleep safely. Lullabies for children have been used since antiquity. Women always rocked babies in their arms, and they sang soft, pleasant songs. In two years, you can not keep the child in her arms, but just stay next to the bed. The main thing that the child felt the presence of the mother. It was after hearing the voice of the closest person, the baby really calms down.


Many young mummies mistakenly feed the child when he asks for it. In this case, the baby is not always well saturated, often becomes restless and disturbing. In this case, any mode is lost. A crumb can begin to ask for food even at night, that is, at a completely inappropriate time. Sleep is interrupted, becomes inferior, the body does not rest properly. There are also opposite situations. Sometimes the baby goes to bed overfed and therefore can not immediately fall asleep. Of course, this approach will not help to accustom to order. If the diet is not built, then there may be some difficulties.

Faced with a problem, when a child at 2 years old cannot be put to bed, parents begin to clutch at the head. They do not know what to do, what to do in this case. It seems to them that this baby has become so unruly, restless, even aggressive. In fact, the main difficulty lies in the fact that from the very beginning they started the process of organizing sleep and wakefulness to chance.

Creating an environment

It is also an important factor, which in no case should not be ignored. In order for the child to fall asleep quickly and safely, it is necessary to create a cozy atmosphere in the room that will have to rest. It is recommended to close the curtains, turn off the lights, turn off the TV. The baby just can not sleep well if he constantly will interfere with something. The fact that an adult seems quite familiar and normal to the baby can be affected extremely negatively. Sometimes it is impossible to imagine how much distraction factors influence it. For example, it is not recommended to give toys before bedtime. The kid will surely get excited, he loses all desire to go to bed.

For a little man, an emotional state plays a big role. If a child in 2 years does not want to sleep, then it is necessary to understand the reason and try to eliminate it. Even if up to a certain point no special situation was created, it is never too late to work on it. You will see how your child changes. Rested child and behaves completely differently. He does not seek to demolish everything in his path, he plays about less and is capricious.

In your crib or with your parents?

This is a very important issue, which should attend to in advance. Where should a child sleep in 2 years? It is best if he has his own bed. So the kid learns from childhood that he has a personal space. As a result, a healthy sleep is formed. However, circumstances in life can be different. If a child sleeps with his parents, then difficulties may arise both in the baby, and in the mother and father themselves. Adults are usually afraid to inadvertently pin down the crumb in a dream, which is why they do not have the opportunity to rest properly. The kid may experience some lack of space. There is still such a problem as addictive. If the child falls asleep for a long time next to the mother, then it will be much more difficult for him to reconstruct. And this is not surprising. Habit shapes character, additional fears and doubts.

Physical activity

How to put a child to sleep in 2 years? This problem will no longer have a place if the baby is active during wakefulness. A child is not useful for a long time to be in the crib. He must always strive to explore the world around us. It is necessary to play with him, walk, surprise with something unusual. Having run well on the street, the baby gets tired and will sleep soundly. As a rule, young children do not need to specifically persuade a little frolic. Motor activity is that which is inherent in nature itself, and it is manifested to the maximum in a child.

As for daytime sleep, it is necessary. So the crumb will recuperate, so necessary for daily research. Many young mothers think about how to teach a child to sleep during the day. They do not even know how easy it is to do. It is necessary to teach to observe the daily regimen. This should be done gradually, every day. If the baby gets used to that daytime sleep begins at about noon and lasts up to three hours, then there will be no problems with falling asleep in the future. He will simply know that the time has come for the necessary rest, and will cease to protest.

Developmental activities

They are essential for the full development of your little son or daughter. The first classes must begin in the parental home. No need to wait for the child to go to kindergarten. There, of course, he will be taught all that is necessary, but first impressions will be missed. Daily intellectual and emotional loads are urgently needed so that the baby then calmly sleep in the evening in his crib. The more the baby gets tired, the stronger the sleep will be. It really is.

Every parent who has taken place knows that a small child always wakes up at six or seven in the morning. That is why adults have to get up before dawn to feed, wash and clothe their children. During that time, while the baby is safely snuffling nose, parents themselves can have a little rest from household chores. During the daytime sleep, the mother also has the opportunity to relax a little.

Mandatory airing

This moment should never be overlooked. Some young parents due to their own inexperience make a very common mistake. They do not freshen the air in the room before putting the baby to sleep. It is likely that the dream will be disturbing and intermittent. Do not forget about such an important detail. Do not be afraid to catch a cold your child. Much worse, if he will be in the heat for a long time. In a ventilated room and sleep better. This is because the child will not be disturbed by the lack of oxygen. Fresh air contributes to a strong, healthy sleep, good rest and recuperation.

Two years old baby enough that you will bathe him every day. Additionally, it is not necessary to wash the baby only if it gets dirty. Bathing promotes relaxation, psychologically prepares for sleep. After bathing, the baby is usually made more relaxed, located to rest. It often happens that already in the process of washing my son or daughter, his eyes begin to close, he is yawning. It is best to put the baby in the crib immediately after the bath.

Soft bed

The process of sleep must be made most comfortable and enjoyable. This is the task of parents, which they must pay attention to. Bed linen should be changed as often as possible. In this case, cleanliness will help maintain health.

Pleasant rituals

When the baby refuses to go to bed, you do not need to force him. Categorically you can not shout and promise to punish if he does not obey. Here you need to act differently – softer and thinner. How can you do? You can make a habit of reading before bedtime books that are age appropriate. Stories about “Kolobka”, “Ryaba Chicken”, “Teremok” and other fairy tales before bedtime are quite suitable. For children 2 years old, it is extremely important to learn to think positively. Nothing contributes to this as quickly as reading children’s books.

Some mothers teach babies to first put their favorite toy to sleep, and then go to bed on their own. This is also a wonderful device that sets up a strong and prolonged sleep. It is possible to use it. Waking up in the morning, the child can “wake up” the teddy bear first and then get out of the crib himself. Just do not teach him to watch cartoons before bed or listen to loud music. These activities contribute to the excitation of the nervous system. Keep away the computer, it is better to carry it to another room, if possible. TV, tablet is also not a place in the nursery.

Instead of conclusion

Having thought about how to make your baby’s sleep more healthy and correct, you should take into account all of the above tips, trying not to neglect anything. Sometimes it is enough just to create a calm atmosphere in the house so that the problem is solved.

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