How to pump chest at home

Beautiful relief muscles of the shoulder girdle make the figure slim and athletic. Many girls aspire to this. What exercises are necessary to achieve the goal and how quickly can the result be expected?

In order to pump up the chest at home, you need to use, first of all, the power loads for girls and women.

To get the desired proportions, it is necessary to train regularly, while observing the necessary recommendations.

How to pump chest at home

Little breast anatomy

It is a combination of muscle and glandular tissue. Large and small pectoral, anterior gear, as well as subclavian muscles – this is the target group with which you will need to work. Large and small muscles are composed of muscle fibers located in different directions. Working through them, you can achieve the fact that the muscles will become prominent, and the mammary glands will rise and become more elastic. Read more about theoretical side breast lifts will learn here.

The anatomical structure is clearly visible on this atlas:

Complex of 8 exercises

To pump up the pectoral muscles, you can use the following system, which is easily performed at home and is suitable for girls. The training photos and videos demonstrate the correct technique for performing each of them. The first visible results will appear in a week.

Caution! We start by using the minimum weight. When you reach the average level of training, the following criteria can be used in choosing the weights, namely, use the weight with which you can be done from ten to fifteen repetitions. Adjust it downwards if it does not fit you.

1. Push ups

When performing the exercise, the following muscles work: the pectoral, the front serrated, the widest back, the oblique and the straight abdomen. The muscles of the shoulder are also being worked out. In varying degrees, almost all muscle groups of the body receive a load. Being so effective, the exercise is included in many complexes for an advanced level of training.

Pushups can be performed in several ways:

The classic version involves focusing on the palms of your hands or fists and toes. It takes place due to the extension of the arms in the elbow. The lightweight version assumes emphasis on the palm and knees.

We perform twelve repetitions in several approaches for the advanced level. For beginners, start with seven exercises. Do not forget about muscle relaxation between sets – up to one minute. Is it possible to build muscle with only its own weight? Definitely yes, unless you are able to perform 4 sets of 12 times with the perfect technique. In this case, weighting will be needed.

2. Press lying on a horizontal bench.

The dumbbell press manages to use a larger amount of muscles than the neck press, as you have to control the position of the arms relative to each other. This is one of the best exercises for the pectoral muscles with dumbbells of its kind. Horizontal gymnastic bench, which allows you to change the angle of inclination, helps to work out different parts of the pectoral muscles – upper, middle and lower. In the horizontal position, the middle part receives the greatest load.

  1. We settle down on a bench, we hold dumbbells in the chest.
  2. We squeeze the dumbbell or the bar of the barbell up, elbows do not need to be fully extended.
  3. Hands at the maximum point parallel to each other.

Perform twelve repetitions in several approaches.

3. Press at a positive angle

Excellent exercises for inflating and increasing the upper part of the pectoral muscles.

  1. We lie on the bench, dumbbells are in the chest.
  2. Legs are placed on the floor, as in the previous version. Weighing up
  3. Dumbbells at the maximum point are not brought together – there must be such a distance between them that the arms are parallel.

Perform the possible number of repetitions.

4. Press head down

Reverse inclined bench press, lowering the corner of the bench. We pump the lower part of the target muscles.

  1. We lay down on the bench, weights above the chest.
  2. Legs bent at the knee, steadily, the entire area of ​​the foot, put on the edge of the bench or on the stand.
  3. Squeeze the dumbbell or neck barbell up. We control the position of the hands: parallel to the floor.

We perform ten or twelve repetitions in several approaches.

5. The layout of the dumbbells lying on an inclined bench.

Experienced coaches advise to choose the angle of inclination individually for each – about thirty-five degrees. Spreading dumbbells lying downward helps to pump up different parts of the pectoral muscles. Changing the angle of inclination, you can work out the lower, middle and upper torso. Such a movement perfectly removes flabby armpits.

  1. Lying on a horizontal bench, we place the dumbbells in the middle part of the chest.
  2. Feet all over the area of ​​the foot rests on the floor.
  3. Raise the dumbbells up and spread our arms to the side. Slightly bent elbows should be pointing down. This is important for comfortable exercise.
  4. We fix attention on how the pectoral muscles stretch

We start by using the minimum weight. Remember that the weight can be adjusted not only upwards but also downwards. Muscle relaxation time between sets up to one minute. We add the number of approaches gradually, focusing on our state.

Caution! Overdoing, you can “rip” the shoulder. Add load gradually.

We pump over the pectoralis major, the front to the toothed muscles of the shoulder, the triceps.

Exercise is popular because with its help you can work out the target muscles.

  1. Performed lying with the location of the upper back across the bench. We put our feet on the floor, There should be a right angle in the knees.
  2. We hold the neck of the dumbbell in the lower chest with both hands.
  3. We lower our hands with a dumbbell behind the head and slowly raise it.

For beginners, start with seven repetitions.

7. “Dog face down”

Static exercise from eastern practice. Excellent stretch muscles, and develops joints.

  1. We become a “bridge”, leaning on the palm of your foot.
  2. Fully extend the knees, feet pressed to the floor the whole area: on socks can not be.
  3. We stretch the coccyx up, and palms – forward. Formed triangle hold for one minute.

Repeat three times.

8. “Dog face up”

We stretch muscles, develop joints, train spinal flexibility.

  1. We lie on the stomach, arms bent at the elbows, palms rest on the floor.
  2. Reducing the shoulder blades, gradually straightening the shoulders, straightening the arms, gently bend in the back.

Repeat too three times.

Recommendations for the implementation of training

Performing strength exercises, you need to remember the following recommendations:

  • The importance of warming up. You need to start strength training with a high-quality warm-up to warm up the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Starting to use the scales without warming up is fraught with serious injuries.
  • How to warm up. Some trainers recommend training with minimal weights as a warm-up. It is possible to use push-ups while performing it – the main thing is not only to warm up the muscles, but also to save forces on the main loads.
  • Relaxation between sets. Between approaches, you need to give the muscles time to relax for about one minute. At this time, you can change the position of the body or walk.
  • Effort (press, push-ups, wiring) is always done while exhaling, and relaxation while inhaling. The first time on this constantly need to focus attention, and at subsequent stages – do automatically.
  • You can perform the whole complex, as well as choose from it the most suitable exercises for you. If necessary, alternate and change the load. The main thing is to work out the target muscles.
  • Time training mode. In order to give the opportunity to increase the muscles in volume and recover, they need to give rest. Therefore, the optimal training regime is considered to be a mode every other day.
  • The importance of proper nutrition. For training you need a lot of energy and strength. To replenish them, do not forget about proper and complete nutrition. The menu should be balanced by the intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Important! Drink plenty of water. The body should not be thirsty. A bottle of water should always be at your fingertips.

11 more methods for décolleté

Only a systematic approach will give a steady result in the form of a beautiful bust. Check out the following proven ways to combat sagging breasts:

How to pump chest at home

  1. Breast diet and 7 useful products. Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health and beauty of the skin. Reckless use of various diets can worsen the appearance and condition of the skin. Flabbiness, age spots, dryness, redness can be a sign that we do not get the necessary nutrients from food.
  2. Supportive bra. Maintains the bust in the correct position, does not allow it to sag, and the skin – to stretch. Properly chosen bra forms a beautiful, slim and attractive female silhouette.
  3. Tightening creams and bust gels. Saturate the skin with beneficial substances. Cream, which includes various natural ingredients, will help moisturize the skin, increase its elasticity, cope with sagging and uneven pigmentation. It is better to apply various pharmaceutical means, and also the means prepared in house conditions by courses, and then to take a break.
  4. Masks for the neckline. The basis of the masks can serve a variety of substances that tighten the skin, struggling with its sagging, tone up and moisturize. For their components use dairy products, fruit and berry puree, vegetable oils. Course use of masks is much more useful than constant
  5. Bust wraps. The bust skin is delicate and needs constant care. For wrappings using different compositions, exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Due to the thermal effect, their action increases. They are taught by courses, on average, in ten procedures.
  6. Special gymnastics. Minimum gymnastic exercises are recommended to perform constantly. This will help keep the muscular corset in good shape, form an ideal posture and self-confidence. Gymnastics can also be used as a method of preventing bust sagging.
  7. Cold and hot shower. The procedure is simple to perform and pleasant, rejuvenates, tightening the skin, removes flabbiness. Perform douches, alternating hot and cold water. You need to get used to the procedure gradually, starting with a small temperature difference. It is advisable to first apply just cool water to the chest area, alternating it with warm. After several days of such procedures, cool water can be gradually replaced by colder one. Exposure to cold should last two times less than exposure to heat. Finishing contrasting douche must be cold.
  8. Procedures in the pool. Swimming, cascade douche, aqua aerobics are excellent procedures for affecting the pectoral muscles. Strengthen and tighten the bust, help maintain a stable weight, grace and slimness.
  9. Bust lift with threads and mesons.
  10. Visual shaping with silicone stickers and special adhesive tape.
  11. Folk remedies, including rubbing of essential oils.

With the help of strength training, you can perfectly pump up the pectoral muscles, to form a beautiful embossed silhouette. After a certain time, you will see results that will delight you. The only thing you need to achieve the goal – patience and desire!

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