How to originally tell my husband that she is pregnant

I love my husband. I am now pregnant, but not from him. I “flew” from another man. I did not know that this could happen to me! It is useless to say that I am shocked by myself, since it does not justify me.

I can imagine what a squall of convictions will overwhelm me now! What to do? I can imagine what would have happened if I had told about everything really, but not here.

So, I got pregnant from another man

From personal life

We got married. For three years I asked him to have a baby. And for three years I heard only excuses. He said that he needed to defend himself (he studied in graduate school). He said that he needed to find a good job. In general, I waited patiently.

At work, I had to undergo a medical examination. And of course … not without a gynecologist. He told me that I urgently need to give birth, otherwise I may be childless. How it scared me! Busting like in a fever … from fright. I called Anton, told everything. He replied that I would talk when I arrived home.

She came home, but did not find her beloved. He went to the library. And I waited again. Formulated words that came to mind. Even on a piece of paper, torn from a notebook, wrote notes to say everything. Well, it’s clear that I would not have said everything. It is easier for me to throw out thoughts on paper! And then a certain relief comes to the soul.

I waited for him until midnight. He came. But to say softly, very drunk … He said that something was noted there and he forgot that I was waiting for him. He asked for forgiveness and went to bed. And I cried all night, meeting the dawn not with smiles, but tears! I decided to talk in the morning while he was drinking coffee. But he said that he was in a hurry, kissed me and said that we would talk in the evening.

I did not have to wait for the evening. I watched my favorite show, took a bath, went to the store. I decided to vacuum in the apartment. Just turned on the vacuum cleaner – I heard the “sound” SMS. Turned off and ran to read.

I read: “Sorry …. The child does not need us now. He will only disturb us. Implement plans – let’s talk. You must understand me! ”

How painful it was to read! I never experienced such a moral pain. I shared a terrible thing with him (that I can be fruitless at all), and he was so cold with it! So suddenly….

I fell on my favorite couch and roared non-stop. Twenty minutes later my classmate called. He has not called me for about four months. I said that I felt bad and he was in fifteen minutes with me. Cake, flowers, champagne, soft toy …. He wanted to cheer and please me. Happened! And somehow I did not think that my husband could return at any minute. I was fine. From champagne even better.

I felt some kind of detachment from my husband

You can guess how everything was then and what exactly it was. I do not regret. But a friend then said that we had sex with him out of pity, to calm me down. Not upset. For me, this sex also meant little, because I perceived it only as a super-friend. He left. Said he would call. I was lucky: my husband did not return. I assumed that he would return by midnight and did not lose.

Everything we have improved, because I did not say anything more about children. And then…. Then it turned out that I was pregnant. But not from her husband, of course. And what should I do? Is it worth telling him everything? Does it all make sense? What do you say?

The girls responded to the situation and sent their feedback.

Karina Pelenskaya (24 years old):

And what to say? The husband himself is to blame for what you did. I understand that this is not an excuse! But he did worse with you than you did. Here you can watch (tell or not tell). I do not know how I personally did. And speaking at random is nonsense.

Tatyana Preskuryakova (18 years old):

Tell the whole truth! Let the blame feel yours! I do not condemn your act. And he will understand. Only if he is smart and if he loves. Poorly react – go and do not regret!

Ekaterina Kuchinskaya (23 years old):

I would tell my father everything. By the way, do you admit that you would have succeeded with him? Do you admit the thought that he could become you a wonderful husband? I would tell everything to him. And with the “beloved” goodbye. He is not worth you! You can not see?

Victoria Zubrik (26 years old):

Admitted, in fact, it is worth. To avoid any trouble. But do what you want. Tips do not have to listen. Let the party pass, if they are “unprofitable” to you. Your life is your life.

Svetlana Rogovtseva (20 years old):

How to originally tell my husband that she is pregnant

Sure the child’s father is your classmate? If so, tell him everything. You can not be together, but he will not refuse you exactly the advice. And with such as your “m3”, I would completely stop talking! Prince damn! So humiliate … So selfish to be … Yes! There are such, I know. But you do not deserve this for sure!

Margarita Kamenyuk (28 years old):

Cool “flew.” Sadly everything turned out. But you saved yourself as a woman. You wanted to have time to feel motherhood. Therefore, I do not condemn the betrayal. On the contrary! Good girl. True, not one hundred percent, but we will not be on the percentage. You are good, soulful. I sympathize with the fact that you caught a man who does not look like you at all by your qualities. Well, daddy’s future needs to tell everything. What to do with my husband? Divorce! He will remain so. And you “forget it and forget it!”

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