How to measure the basal temperature to determine pregnancy

This is the easiest way to diagnose changes in the female body on a hormonal background. Measuring basal temperature to determine pregnancy is a long-term practice of identifying a favorable period when planning for conception.

The principle of the method consists in the analysis of rectal indices of BT in different periods of the menstrual cycle (MC). According to the schedule of basal temperature, you can accurately determine the day of ovulation, determine the degree of fertility and the state of the reproductive system of women.

The menstrual cycle is divided into two periods.

  1. Follicular phase – characterized by increased production of progesterone. It begins after the release of the egg, lasts until the onset of menstruation.
  2. Luteal phase – counted from the last day of the month before the arrival of ovulation.

It is important to do this procedure.

Elevated levels of progesterone are accompanied by an increase in temperature. Rectal (or vaginal) indicators rise on average to 37.3–37.7 °.

A brief decrease in BT is noted on the eve of menstruation. During menstruation, there is a persistence of moderately elevated temperatures.

What is the essence of the BT measurement method for determining successful conception?

The first weeks of pregnancy are characterized by a steady increase in rectal temperature. The condition is caused by enhanced production of progesterone by the corpus luteum, formed at the time of conception in the ovary.

Excretion of large amounts of the hormone is necessary to maintain the viability of the embryo. A characteristic feature of progesterone is the stimulation of metabolic processes with a simultaneous increase in basal temperature.

Increased blood flow to the genitals and the activation of nutritional functions create favorable “warm” conditions for the normal development of the embryo.

How to measure the basal temperature to determine pregnancy

Increasing the appearance of progesterone has a double effect. In parallel, the hormone affects the uterus, preventing the rejection of the endometrium (inner layer) and relaxing the muscles of the body.

Due to this effect, there are major changes in the form of the absence of menstruation. It helps the normal bearing of the fetus.

How to measure the basal temperature to determine pregnancy

Looking for indicators obtained rectally, that is, through the rectum. Due to individual nuances it is allowed to measure BT by vaginal method or in the mouth.

Rules for determining the basal temperature.

  1. In the evening, put a thermometer on the bedside table next to the bed, since all actions are performed without getting out of bed. Violation of the recommendation will lead to data corruption.
  2. Night sleep should last at least 6 hours.
  3. Each temperature measurement is carried out in the morning, it is advisable to set the alarm in a daily mode of operation so that the alarm sounds at a specific hour.
  4. The thermometer is inserted 2-3 cm inside the anus, held for 5 minutes. The action is made in a state of complete rest.
  5. After waking up, no movement is allowed (getting up, spinning, turning), even the thermometer needs to be shaken in advance.
  6. Temperature measurement is carried out at 5-7 o’clock in the morning, regardless of the further length of rest. This is due to the production of adrenal hormones and hypothalamus, the daily biorhythms of which correspond to a given period of time.
  7. Actions performed later or during the day are not counted in the analysis.
  8. To correctly measure the basal temperature, prepare in advance a digital or mercury thermometer. During the entire schedule, the thermometer cannot be changed.
  9. Similarly, choose a measurement method – rectal, vaginal or oral. Preferred first option.
  10. Temperature readings are immediately marked in the graph. Each menstrual cycle is made on a separate card.
  11. To compile a basal temperature calendar when planning a pregnancy, it will take at least 3-4 months.
  12. Each measurement must be accompanied by comments. This is the profusion of bleeding during menstruation, pain in the chest or abdomen, overwork, physical overload, stress, poor sleep, the common cold, drank alcohol the day before, etc.

Do not miss a single day

As a visual aid, it is recommended to use photo and video materials.

How to determine pregnancy by basal temperature

What is the BT schedule? These are the lowest rectal values ​​recorded at home while ensuring maximum rest of the body.

Only with the observance of all the measurement rules can we talk about the reliable determination of pregnancy using the temperature graph.

How is the map of BT.

  1. On a notebook sheet, each cell of which will be taken as 0.1 ° C, draw two axes.
  2. X – horizontal lines to indicate the day of the cycle and the date of the month.
  3. Y is the vertical axis on which you will set the marks from 36 to 38 ° C.
  4. The intersection of X and Y is your basal temperature.
  5. At the bottom of the sheet, leave space to indicate the profusion of bleeding during menstruation and additional comments.

Phases of basal temperature graph

The first sign of natural conception – rectal temperature indicators are kept above 37.3 °, not falling before menstruation.

The most reliable conclusions can be considered if you had sexual intercourse 1–2 days before or on the day of ovulation. Suspicions are recommended to confirm pregnancy test or blood test for hCG.

This is an auxiliary diagnosis.

After the IVF procedure, it is a common occurrence when embryo transfer is accompanied by an increase in basal and total body temperature in the subsequent phase of the cycle.

After replanting a viable egg, a woman is prescribed hormonal medications for enhanced progesterone release. For example, capsules “Utrozhestana” or “Duphaston.”

The increase in temperature during IVF is mostly a confirmation of the correct therapy during the luteal phase. The accuracy of the findings is not considered sufficient when compared with the natural conception.

However, the temperature graph is an important tool for auxiliary diagnostics, even with artificial insemination. With the help of it, it is possible to reveal both the successful conception and the manifestation of pathology.

Measurement of basal temperature to determine missed abortion

Anembrionia (fetal death) returns rectal parameters to the level of the first phase, that is, for the period before conception, accompanied by a decrease in temperature.

How to measure the basal temperature to determine pregnancy

Sometimes with fetal death, BT can increase, which is usually caused by inflammation of the endometrium on the basis of the decomposition of the embryo. Any change in basal temperature in early pregnancy can be assessed as pathology.

Perhaps there are problems here.

The data obtained are often erroneous. The reason for this is non-observance of temperature measurement rules, an outbreak of a chronic disease, severe stress, overload, sex, which is not recommended during the experiment.

In addition to fluctuations in rectal temperature, there are other signs that clearly indicate a halt in fetal development.

  1. All manifestations of toxicosis, if they were, disappear sharply.
  2. The chest is soft, tension and high sensitivity disappears inside.
  3. There is a change in dark pigmentation of the nipples to normal color.
  4. Observed pulling pain in the abdomen, resembling contractions.
  5. Sometimes there are bloody or brown discharge, accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

Pregnancy pregnancy is a very dangerous phenomenon for a woman’s life and health. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm any suspicions by timely referral to a doctor who will prescribe a diagnostic examination.

Maintaining a temperature schedule requires a responsible approach to the experiment and strict adherence to measurement rules. It is helped by the opinion of gynecologists and women who share their experiences. Olga Polyakova:

Could not get pregnant for 8 years. The doctor advised to keep the BT calendar in order to correctly calculate the day of ovulation. Now I have a third pregnancy. I believe that temperature charts help you to plan conception.

Doctor Elmira Nikolaev:

Despite the fact that fixing the basal temperature is referred to as routine diagnostic methods, for any gynecologist, such a schedule is an important help. It determines the state of the patient’s reproductive system. I recommend not to abandon this method during planned conception and measure the temperature.

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