How to make a birthday

To make a holiday beautiful and create a voluminous figure, you need to use napkins. Napkins will give the right amount and make the props more attractive and unusual. This figure will be a great decoration of the holiday. With it you can be photographed, both the baby and his parents. In order to understand how to make the number 2 for a birthday with your own hands from napkins, you must read this post.

It turns out that when creating a number with their own hands, not only napkins play a big role in quality, but also the material from which the figure is made. It should be light, while keeping fit. For the manufacture of numbers is best to use:

• cardboard; • used large cardboard boxes; • juice or baby food packaging; • Styrofoam; • high-quality glue; • scotch tape; • Double-sided tape; • scissors.

The material from which the handicraft will be produced must keep its shape well, not fall through, not be very heavy. Napkins are best used in plain colors, you can also combine several colors of napkins.

Creating number using flower buds from napkins

From boxes, cardboard or foam it is necessary to accurately form the number 2. In order for the figure to have an aesthetic appearance, it must be pasted over with paper, according to the papier-mâché principle. Now it is necessary to make blanks for making flower buds from napkins. Napkins need a few packs of 100 pieces. For work it is necessary to use: • paper handkerchiefs; • stapler; • scissors; • glue.

Technique manufacturing buds:

• paper napkins need to be folded in half, and then again in half; • the middle of the square is fixed by a stapler; • cut an arbitrary circle from the square; • each layer of napkin bend to the center, forming flower petals; • so form beautiful buds from all the prepared circles; • small beads can be stuck on the resulting buds; • blanks for pasting number 2 are ready.

Ready buds need to glue the whole figure. It is convenient to fix flowers on the layout using double-sided tape. To ease the work a little, you can cover the finished mock-up with a cloth to match the color of the napkins. This will allow you to visually fill in any gaps that may occur when pasting crafts.

How to make a birthday

Creating numbers using fringe

On the finished layout of the number must be applied in advance prepared fringe. The fringe is cut from corrugated paper. On sheets of corrugated paper it will be necessary to make small cuts imitating the fringe. The resulting fringe must be pasted on the figure with glue or double-sided tape. To make such a decoration look even more voluminous, you can take several shades of colors of corrugated paper and glue them, alternating between them.


The number 2 can also be made by clipping. The work is time consuming, but not difficult. Materials: • Corrugated paper or napkins; • simple pencil; • scissors; • glue.

Master Class: • paper is cut into squares or taken ready napkin; • a pencil is inserted in the middle of the square, and the paper is crimped along its contour; • the resulting blank is glued to the figure. So you need to create as many blanks so that you can glue the entire plane without gaps; • excess paper is trimmed with scissors.

If the blanks, made by means of facing, will be attached to the digit, made of foam plastic, then the glue will not be needed, since the pencil will pierce the foam plastic, and the blanks will be fixed inside.

How to make a birthday

Information on the number

The figure should be the size of the child or slightly higher. You can also make a flat figure and also glue it with the help of flower buds, fringe, or using trimming techniques.

Color numbers can be chosen at your discretion. If the figure for the boy can take blue, green. For girls fit pink, white, lilac paper. Edging crafts can be done in one color, and the middle to fill the other. Or you can make inserts from other shades of paper in one general tone. Buds can be decorated with various beads, bows or other decorative elements.

You can wear a crown or tie a beautiful bow on the figure. Everything will depend on desire and fantasy.

How to make a birthday

From the napkins you can cut roses with buds, asters, lilies. Flowers can be combined with each other.

Excellent looks randomly cut and crumpled paper, which is glued with glue or double-sided tape. This option also has the right to exist. The figure also turns out to be voluminous and quite original.

Imagine, try and make your holiday unforgettable.

Every birthday of the child can not do without a delicious cake.

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