How to increase the breast at home for a week

Greetings to you my dear friends. Winter is coming and the question of how to keep the body in good shape is very relevant. After all, as you know, in winter the body accumulates fat to survive the cold. Will help to lose weight and not get better during the winter simulators for weight loss of the abdomen and sides. Let’s talk about their effectiveness. And also what to choose for classes at home.

Elliptical trainer

This projectile allows muscles to pump up and the weight is good to lose. Classes are in imitation of running and walking. Since the simulator has handrails, it seems from the outside that you are skiing. This walking contributes to the weight loss of the legs and abdomen. Elliptical projectile gives a good cardiovagruzki, thereby strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

You can lose up to 350 calories in thirty minutes of training.

The undoubted advantage of this projectile is a small load on the joints. It can safely deal with people with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

The best shells of this type can be found in the gym. For home, this simulator will be too big. Yes, and the unit is not cheap. To really conduct a full-fledged workout, I advise buying a simulator from $ 500. If you are determined to study at home, I advise you to read the article ellipsoid for home.


This aerobic exercise machine is one of the most popular. A huge advantage of the track is the ability to adjust the intensity of the load. Everyone can adjust the speed and angle of inclination of the canvas. The load can be increased gradually, starting with everyday walking.

Actively losing weight lower body. Especially if during classes to wear breeches for weight loss, the process will go much faster.

Like an ellipsoid, the path strengthens the vessels and the heart. It allows you to practice for a long time at a moderate pace. And also conduct short high-intensity workouts.

For home use, you can buy compact folding models. See photos and prices on Yandex Market. You can put it in the hall, walk at an average pace and watch an interesting film. Imagine if you do this 3 times a week. Slender body you provided &# 128578;


Slimming on a stationary bike

Of course, cycling in the fresh air does not match the exercise bike. But it is not always possible to ride down the street. And the weather does not always have to this. And if you ride only once a week on weekends – there will be no weight loss. Therefore, regular classes on the exercise bike will be much more efficient.

There are two types of simulators – horizontal and vertical. The shell does not have wheels, but it has pedals. Vertical trainer allows you to lose weight and pump calf muscles. But for the waist it is better to choose a horizontal option. Additional information can be found in the article losing weight on a stationary bike.

Despite the fact that the load is mainly on the legs and hips. The exercise bike is a good prevention of osteochondrosis. Plus, it reduces the likelihood of developing neuralgia and sciatica.

Today, these simulators have many useful functions. They are equipped with displays that show how many kilometers you have driven and at what speed. They will show you how many calories you burned and what your heart rate is, and other parameters.

By the way, a very important parameter when choosing a projectile is the automatic adjustment of resistance. This simulator can be much smaller than an ellipsoid or treadmill.

Quality models that will allow you to effectively engage will cost about 1000

Hula-hoop removes belly and sides

Even our mothers and grandmothers knew that if you twist the hoop, the waist would be thinner. Such a simple and inexpensive tool allows you to make the shape more accurate. Today hoola hoops replaced simple hoops. They are designed in such a way that allows you to get rid of fat on the sides. In addition, hula-hoop stimulates the heart and blood vessels, produces a massage of internal organs and improves coordination.

Daily workouts of 30 minutes allow for a month to drop 1.5-3 kg. And also reduce the waist by a few cm

Purchase a hoop weighing from 1.5 kg to 2 kg. Start with a few minutes, gradually increasing the time of the lesson.

The best hoops – with massage elements around the perimeter. In addition to a thin waist, during the sessions, there will be a tissue massage. Catching up regularly you also improve the condition of the skin. Easier to turn the big hoop.

Therefore, in the future, in order to increase the load, you will have to buy a hoop of a smaller diameter. Read more about such weight loss in the article – how a hoop helps to remove the stomach and sides.

How to lose weight with an expander

For the abdomen and sides suitable expander. It works in tension and compression. The design is quite simple: tight rubber bands, interconnected. Today there are universal floor spacers on sale, which are equally suitable for men and women. The main plus is the size. Such a device fits easily into a bag.

For slimming the abdomen and sides, pay attention to the expander “Butterfly”. It also helps strengthen the hip muscles. A month of intensive training will help you make your waist a few centimeters thinner.

A skier expander is very popular among home trainers. This device allows you to load almost all muscle groups. Regular classes allow you to lose weight and tighten your chest. In addition, exercises improve posture and strengthen the back. With daily classes of 20 minutes per month, you can lose up to 5 kg.

Rowing machine

This device is perfect for home use. Modern rowing machine for the home can be quite compact. A variety of models allows you to choose a device for their finances.

True, the shell is not very popular. Rowing exercises are quite complex, and in order to have a result, they need to be performed correctly. Trainers do not recommend beginners to begin their classes with this simulator. If the experience of physical activity is – you can safely try.

A rowing machine is one of the best for burning excess fat. Catching on it, you can use almost all muscle groups.

With properly aligned exercises for an hour on the simulator, you can easily burn up to 600 kcal

Load should be increased gradually. Usually start with 10-15 minutes of training. After a few weeks of intense training, you will get rid of a few centimeters at the waist. This device is safe. Since all exercises are performed while sitting, it is almost impossible to get injured. The device is not suitable for people with more weight. Catching up on rowing, they often complain of back pain. In this case, you should choose a stepper or an ellipsoid.

If you decide to choose this particular simulator, watch a small video first. The final result will depend on the correctness of the exercises.

This device is a large ball. Initially, it was used solely to correct back problems. He helped recover from injuries, strengthen the back muscles, improve posture. Today fitball games are very popular. As it turned out, they allow you to lose weight, improve your figure and still have a lot of advantages. The undoubted advantages of the fitball include:

  • increase endurance and muscle strength
  • vestibular training and better coordination
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles
  • warm up joints, stretching muscles, increasing flexibility
  • spinal cord unloading
  • metabolic improvement
  • improved blood supply to all parts of the body and internal organs
  • improvement of the nervous system

The ball does not take much space. You can do it at home. It is not expensive compared to other simulators. Easy to move from place to place. In general, some advantages. An hour of exercise on fitball allows you to burn 300 calories. How to practice it on it, read the article exercises on the ball.

We are engaged on the stepper

In English, the step is a step. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the device imitates walking. But not just steps, but walking upstairs.

This device allows you to strengthen the heart and improve lung function. Also on the stepper you can do aerobic exercises.

A huge plus of sports equipment – it allows you to use almost all the muscles

How to increase the breast at home for a week

Such walking perfectly strengthens the muscles of the legs, and also contributes to weight loss. The simulator takes up very little space, so is ideal for the home. There are, of course, complex bulky models with handles. But the easiest one is two pedals.

There are models in which you can adjust the resistance of the pedals. The more complex the stepper, the more expensive and larger it is. The most popular for home classes was a mini-stepper. Such a device can even take on the road. But it does not allow to regulate the load.

Ideal stepper for those who want to tighten the figure. If you do not need to throw a lot of kilograms. For more intense weight loss is to choose a treadmill or ellipsoid. In 60 minutes on a stepper, you can burn up to 350 calories. Read more about the device read in the article stepper for weight loss.

Manual trainer – jump rope

Occupations on manual exercise machines are suitable for aerobic loadings. The simplest manual exercise machine is a jump rope. Easy to use, does not take up much space, has an affordable price.

What I like jump rope, it tightens the whole silhouette.

Classes on this apparatus can strengthen your back, improve your posture, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. During the exercises you will use all the muscles on your legs. After a few days you will see the first results.

If properly and actively engaged, you can burn up to 700 calories per hour

That is why among home exercise equipment jump rope is considered the most effective. But you need to study it correctly, it is better to watch the training video. If you do the exercises the wrong effect may not occur.

On the rope you can perform more than 30 different exercises. For classes you need a free room. Read more in the article jump rope for weight loss.

Weight training with dumbbells

These devices primarily pump up muscles. Therefore, if you want to make the body relief – this option is for you. For therapeutic purposes, dumbbells help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments, as well as joints. Perfect for home use, especially for losing weight.

You shouldn’t be afraid that you are pumping up your muscles. Of course, if you do not deal with a weight of more than 5 kg. Start with 1.5-2 kg and gradually increase the load to 5 kg.

Today there are fixed and dumbbells for sale. It is better to buy composing dumbbells. You can change the load. Simple squats with dumbbells and lunges can lose weight and tighten the hips. And still such exercises help to get rid of cellulite and keep the result better than lipolytic injections.

Intense squats with dumbbells can burn up to 300 calories in 15 minutes. Numerous reviews on the Internet indicate the high efficiency of such exercises.

To increase the effectiveness of training on any simulator, you can use the menu without a carbohydrate diet. A balanced diet while losing weight is 70% success. Also locally lose weight will help special breeches.

Some shells can not be placed at home, so it makes sense to go to the gym. Since their simplified counterparts for the home may not give the desired results. I hope I helped you with the choice of the simulator. Do not forget to subscribe to updates, all for now.

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