How to help your baby poop

Just think, quite recently you taught your baby to walk and eat with a spoon at the common table, and now he is already a future first grader! Time flies quickly, do not get carried away by intensely joyful experiences – after all, you need to have time to write down your treasure in the 1st grade.

How to help your baby poop

When is time to sign up for school?

How old are you?

According to Russian legislation, children who are on September 1 are at least 6 and a half years old and not more than 8 are admitted to class 1.

If parents have any personal grounds for sending a child to school earlier or later than the specified age, they will need to solve this issue individually in the Local Educational System.

What is the timeline to apply?

The submission of applications for admission to class 1 begins December 15 and ends as early as September 5 of the following year. Such long periods are set so that everyone can get the opportunity to enroll a child in school.

Is it possible to write a baby not according to registration?

Modern rules of entry to school have changed significantly since our parents of modern first-graders, were diverted to gnaw granite of science by our mothers and fathers. Under existing laws, children living in those areas that are attached to a particular school have the advantage of admission.

If for some reason you would like to send your son or daughter to a school that does not belong to your area of ​​residence, you will have to wait. Your child will be taken only if everyone from the area enrolls in the school and after that there are empty places in the classes.

Stages of enrollment first-graders

First stage

Enrollment of children in school is carried out in two stages. Stage 1 starts on December 15th. This is the day of submission of applications of all who wish to get into class 1.

If you would like to send your child to a school that is not assigned to your area, we advise you to apply too in the first days. However, you will have to wait longer – until they accept all those who have this priority right.

Schools are required to draw up so-called “compulsory” lists (i.e., enroll children of “their” district) before July 10th. In practice, this may happen faster, but the deadline is this date. Further can be written by other interested persons.

Second phase

If the school has at its disposal free places, then it opens an additional list for the admission of future first-graders.

The final formation of the student lists should be formed by the end of August. However, officially enrolling in schools will last until September 5th.

What documents are required for admission to the school?

Parents or other legal representatives of a child can apply for admission to Grade 1.

They need to submit the following documents:

  1. Child’s birth certificate.
  2. The passport of the parent (or guardian) who is applying to the school.
  3. SNILS child.
  4. In some cases, the school may additionally require a document confirming the registration of the child.

To school – via the Internet

At present, children living in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and a number of other cities have the opportunity to enroll in school using electronic public services.

It is very convenient, because parents no longer need to go personally to the authorities, stand in a queue and waste time, just sit down in front of your computer – and the child is almost at school!

How to enroll in class 1 through public services?

Consider the process on the example of residents of Moscow. Enrollment in grade 1 in all districts of Moscow begins on December 15. Already on this day, you can submit your application on the metropolitan portal of city services.

Registration on the portal

First you need to register. Parents are registered on the site in their own name. In addition to the standard personal data, you will need to specify the SNILS – check whether it was received from you. In any case, you need to register in advance, so as not to lose time in case of various misunderstandings.

Data entry

How to register a child to school after successful registration on the portal?

  1. First, select the entry “entry in the first class.” This link can be found both on the main page and on the E-services page.
  2. Enter the child’s details – name, date of birth, series and birth certificate number. After that, specify the address of permanent or temporary registration.
  3. You will be offered a list of educational institutions. You can choose from a list of up to 3 schools at a time. You will be able to make your main list (there are schools related to your area) and additional (schools that you choose at will).

When choosing additional schools, you can specify the reason for the choice. For example: “The eldest child is studying at school”, but according to the law, this fact does not play any role now. Your child will be able to enroll in the “additional” school only if there are vacant places.

You can learn more about the application process for recording a small Muscovite in the first class with the help of the following video:

Registration of application

After you submit your application, an e-mail will be sent to you informing you that the application has been accepted and registered.

Invitation to accept a package of documents

You must be contacted from school within 30 days and invited to apply. If you are waiting for a school in “your” district, then you will have to wait longer – until the end of the summer. In some cases earlier, but depends on the specific situations in each school.

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