How to grow chest

If you are the owner of a small breast, then you should not grow into complexes about this and feel shy of yourself.

Firstly, some men very much like a small neat bust, and secondly, there are a lot of ways to increase the breast by 1 or more sizes.

Some methods require great effort and effort on your part, others are expensive. But there is still a way out, and this is good news!

First you need to determine the reason why the breast is small. And having understood the problem, to determine which method for breast augmentation is right for you, and then take it step by step to complete the tasks, approaching your goal and even your dream.

Four causes of small breasts

Young girls of 15–16 years old, dreaming of lush forms, often begin to sound the alarm too soon. At this age, the size of the breast should not worry, because its growth continues to 30 years. Female forms especially flourish in the period of becoming a mother.


If the small breasts in your family is an anatomical feature, then there’s nothing to be done. Without breast augmentation surgery can not do, unfortunately.

In pursuit of a slender beautiful figure, many young ladies exhaust themselves with various diets, and in fact, first of all, fat leaves precisely from the mammary glands.

Endocrine disorders

If the problem lies in the violation of the endocrine system, which slows down the development of secondary sexual characteristics, then it is necessary to contact a specialist.

The doctor will diagnose the body, take tests for hormones, and only then will you be able to prescribe a medicine that will help normalize hormones. As soon as everything is restored, the breast will also gain more volume.

How to grow your breasts at home

At home it is possible to increase the breast, eating cabbage, white cabbage is especially valuable for this business. This vegetable contains substances that accelerate the growth of the mammary glands.

This means that a girl under the age of 18 can quickly gain that breast size she would have been in 30 years.

How to increase breast without surgery

Undoubtedly, exercise to strengthen the pectoral muscles will save the situation and you can do without surgery.

Exercise will help tighten your chest, to achieve a beautiful shape.

After all, often the shape of the breast is much more significant than its size.

Physical exercise

Important! Perform exercises for several months, increasing the load gradually.

  • The simplest, but at the same time effective exercise. Fold your palms in front of you at chest level, spread your elbows apart, and begin to put your palms on each other.

How to grow chest

  • Rest your palms against the wall, and try to push the wall away from you as far as possible.
  • Exercise is designed for training the pectoralis major muscle. To do this, lie on your back, put dumbbells in your hands, weighing 1–1.5 kg, and raise your arms up.

Interesting! If you do not have a dumbbell at home, you can replace them by typing water into plastic bottles.

  • Stand up, straighten your back, take dumbbells in your hands. For 1 minute, imitate the movements of the skier (bend your arms at the elbows and move them back and forth). Then slowly you need to raise straight arms to chest level, repeat the exercise 6 times. You need to repeat the cycle of this exercise 3 times.

How to grow chest

Simulator for breast augmentation

On sale you can find different simulators for breast augmentation, the most common Easy Curves, but they all have the same function, strengthen your chest muscles, improve your relief and shape. In the treatment of the simulator is too simple, just hold the hands on the handles and make squeezing movement to the center.

Breast Enlargement Cream

The use of creams for breast augmentation, can be recommended to women who do not want to exhaust themselves with exercise, and are thinking about plastic surgery. You can try the effect of creams on yourself, and perhaps the result will be amazing and the operation is not needed at all.

How to grow chest

Manufacturers of Bust Size cream promise their consumers a breast enlargement from half to one and a half. And the Italian brand GUAM assures its customers that the first results will be noticeable after 14 days.

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