How to give hilak forte baby

Improper bowel function in young children leads to frequent bloating and colic. The situation is complicated by the violation of the chair. These symptoms can also be caused by bacteria that have settled in the intestinal tract. To resume normal body function, doctors recommend treating the baby with Hilak Forte.

Hilak forte for babies instruction

Hilak Forte restores intestinal mucosa and normalizes acid-base balance. The drug perfectly strengthens the immune system of the child’s body, promotes the production of vitamins and resumes the normal functioning of the small and large intestine.

How to give hilak forte baby

Unpleasant sensations in children due to the presence of microbes in the body, settled at the very beginning of the child’s life. They damage the intestinal microflora, from which the child often cries and experiences discomfort. Hilak Forte, being a strong antibacterial drug, quickly and without side effects fights bacteria.

Drug action

One of the main problems of large cities is constant dysbacteriosis in both children and adults. Daily nutrition does not compensate for the body’s need for vitamins and nutrients. Khilak Forte incorporates such prebiotics as found in beans, cabbage, garlic, and fruits. Their use in a pure form is impossible for a small child, and therefore there is a problem with the intestines. The drug compensates for the lack of essential vitamins and increases the viability of the body.

Hilak forte indications for babies

Hilak Forte is prescribed to a newborn with a violation of the chair, abdominal distention, regurgitation and poor bowel performance. The drug can be taken in parallel with antibiotics, in which case it will be the optimal complement to the main treatment. It is not recommended to start taking the medicine yourself. You must first consult with a pediatrician, and only then begin treatment to avoid unnecessary problems. The drug can not be taken with milk. Dairy products adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug and can lead to violations in the digestive system.

Dosage Hilak forte infants

Taking the medicine is individual for everyone. Standard recommendations for use: from 20 to 40 drops for children over 2 years old, from 15 to 30 drops to a newborn, 40-60 drops to an adult. Medication is usually prescribed 3 times a day, shortly before meals or during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hilak Forte is diluted in a small amount of boiled water. We should not forget that you can not mix the medicine with dairy products.

How to give hilak forte newborn

Hilak Forte is diluted in warm water, and a little glucose is added to the mixture. After that, you can give medicine to the newborn. From the moment of application of the drug to the start of feeding should be at least 1 hour.

The drug is a prebiotic. It retains live bacteria that benefit the body, therefore its effectiveness in combating bacteria is very high. The principle of operation of the drug is based on the fact that in the human body special conditions are created that are unsuitable for the vital activity of harmful bacteria. The body is supplied with vitamins and microelements, the useful microflora is quickly created.

Hilak Forte is able to restore the damaged mucous and restores its balance. This is due to the presence in the preparation of biosynthetic lactic acid. Together with the salts contained in it, it increases the acidity to the required level. The drug affects not only the damaged areas. It provides a strengthening of the entire intestinal environment, which is essential for the child.

Drug use

When taking the drug requires complete control by the doctor. Sometimes the reaction of children to the drug is manifested in the form of nausea and irritation. This is due to illiterate drug intake or overdose. If at reception there is an itch, rash or other allergic reaction, it is necessary to stop treatment and to address to the attending physician for recommendations.

How to give hilak forte baby

Hilak Forte, divorced in water, has a bitter taste that is repulsive for young children and can cause difficulty in taking. It is recommended to add a little glucose to achieve a normal taste of the drug.

The timing of the drug is different and depends on the patient. Hilak Forte can fully restore the work of the intestines both in 1-2 weeks and in a few months, depending on the severity of the disease and the general condition of the patient. It should be remembered that when improving the state of the intestine, it is necessary to reduce the dose taken by 2 times. If the duration of treatment is more than 30 days, then after a month it is necessary to take a short break in treatment.

Benefits of Hilak Forte and its side effects

The drug rarely causes such side effects as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, allergic reactions: rash and itching. Their manifestation is short-term and stops after taking the medicine. In this case, it will not be superfluous to visit a doctor after the manifestation of any side effect. This will help to establish the nature of its occurrence and, possibly, choose a different method of treatment.

Hilak Forte is produced in liquid form. Each drop of the drug contains about hundreds of billions of prebiotics. This type of bacteria is not digested at the very top of the gastrointestinal tract, since there is no enzyme in the human body that allows splitting prebiotics. Getting down, they are spent on strengthening the microflora of the body.

The beneficial effects of prebiotics

Once inside the intestine, prebiotics establish alien microflora in it. At the same time, the native intestinal microflora perceives the new microflora as a food base and is fed to it. The whole process takes place up to the colon due to the inability of the human body to break down prebiotics.

Prebiotics do not tolerate sunlight, so the medicine must be stored in a dark, cool place. Being carbohydrates, prebiotics have a sufficient shelf life, while the effectiveness of their impact does not depend on the date of manufacture of the drug.

Learn more about Hilak Forte

As a rule, when any complaints about the work of the intestine, pediatricians first of all discharged Hilak Forte. The drug is recommended for use and as a preventive measure for diseases. The effectiveness of its impact manifests itself in different ways, it helps many people immediately, some do not feel much improvement. But swelling and discomfort that occurs in most babies, pass after its use. A woman who is breastfeeding often gives her baby milk exposure to foods such as peas or beans. For many babies, this is the norm, and this combination is well absorbed in the children’s body. For some, there is instant bloating and discomfort.

Hilak forte for babies

An important feature of Hilak Forte is the content in it of live bacteria that are beneficial to the intestines. The action of the drug is based on the creation in the body of conditions unfavorable to harmful bacteria. The content of biosynthetic lactic acid restores the required level of acidity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Hilak forte how to take babies

The need for medication is determined directly by the attending physician. For some babies, Hilak Forte can cause nausea and irritation. Mandatory adherence to the instructions for use will help avoid adverse effects and increase the effect of the drug to the maximum. Hilak Forte is unacceptable to use with any kind of dairy products, including those with dairy baby food. Diluted in warm water, the medicine is given to a newborn 1 hour before meals.

Hilak forte for babies price

The drug is manufactured in Germany and is available in 30 ml glass containers. The recommended retail price of 205 rubles.

Hilak forte for babies – reviews

Many mothers complain about the unpleasant taste of the drug when diluted with water, which is negatively perceived by the infant. To address this issue, it is recommended to add a little glucose to the medicine to eliminate bitterness. The individuality of each child’s body leads to the fact that it suits one children and does not help others. In addition, according to parents, it turns out that the effect of the drug is observed only when it is applied on an ongoing basis, and when you stop taking the symptoms recur.

However, most mothers are satisfied with the action of the drug and a noticeable improvement in the condition of their baby. The main thing is to strictly follow the advice and recommendations of the doctor, and then any treatment will pass quickly and painlessly.

According to numerous reviews of moms, Hilak Forte is also effective in the treatment of more serious diseases, such as gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis. Doctors recommend it as for the obvious manifestation of symptoms, and for the prevention of various disorders.

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