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Section: Birth Stories

Girls do not judge strictly, I’m still a writer, and some events were crumpled up as for me.

As soon as the mark of 37 weeks came up on my ticker, I realized that in principle I had done everything I had to do plus and minus and I would have to collect all the packages before the 38th. But somehow it didn’t work very well – she sat embroidering and watched TV shows.

At 37 weeks and 2 days, January 22, I did it all the same, but apparently God decided otherwise. At 22–23: 00, water began to leak. I didn’t even immediately understand if it was worth worrying or not. My husband says – go to bed, and I still think about the apartment. I went to the bathroom, did some kind of “grooming” and realized that “it” does not stop. Belly clings, pulls, but not like when fights.

I quickly dropped into the packages, what did I see in the room (and why didn’t I pack them in advance?) And quietly went to the taxiway. At the checkpoint were at 01: 30—02: 00, then we made out until 04:00 hours:

-the doctor did a checkup and handed down

– you will give birth within 18 hours or we will stimulate, that is, as time X was set at 17:00 Fridays.

– made CTG – took some brush strokes

How to get some fights

– walked along the corridors with packages, tried to find empty seats, etc.

Somewhere by 05:00, they finally registered pregnancy pathology (supposedly at the same time, which is considered prenatal) and told to wait until the contractions become regular. Only I settled down, maybe I had a nap for an hour, and they came to wake everyone up – to give urine and blood from a vein – so they called me sleep.

How to get some fights

There were no regular contractions, but it cannot be said that I can calmly lie down – I was constantly flowing and flowing, my stomach was grabbing quite painfully, but without any dynamics. Next, I waited for a detour in the hope that there would be an inspection and could somehow help me begin to give birth. But, it was not there, the doctor said that they are for the most natural process and we will wait for the scheduled 17:00.

Until that time, I was trying to walk-walk, in order to at least somehow work up contractions, and probably this was my main puncture, that despite the strange periodicity of contractions it was necessary to take a restful soothing and sleep. But, no one advised me of this, but I wanted “the best” to get it started quickly!

At the scheduled 17:00 I come to the post to my sister, I ask, where are my labor pains, where the child still feels fine, why nobody does anything? And she, as it is written in the map, sent me for an antibiotic, that is, as it turned out, they were not even going to stimulate me now – it was just the time when it was necessary to avoid infection due to rupture of the fetal bladder. I went to the pharmacy (I went upstairs to build contractions), bought an antibiotic, made a subcutaneous test and sent for a walk of 30-40 minutes, waiting for a reaction. I continue to walk along the corridors – the reaction is bad. We decided to make a repeat on the second hand, I walk for another 40 minutes – the reaction is again bad. They sent me to the pharmacy for another antibiotic – for another 40 minutes I was waiting for the reaction – again bad.

At 19:00 there was an evening round, the doctor just asked about the regularity of the bouts, I said that “this is for myself”, but I didn’t lie. Together, the antibiotic droppers prescribed to buy pills (and I still go to the pharmacy and buy). I drank the pill while continuing to walk, I understand that the contractions are already strong enough and it is already difficult for me to endure. Understanding that no one looked at me for the whole day, I decided to go at 21:00 to insist on inspection – should I understand how much disclosure, what am I suffering here all day? The doctor just yelled at me, saying that in two hours from the time of the detour, when I did not bend in three deaths nothing could happen and sent to wait at 23:00 (this is the new time X, when they should start to stimulate).

At 23:00, when I was already moving badly at all, they did a checkup – a verdict – the neck was completely closed and high. That is, my body was not even going to give birth at all, but it was already DAY! I ask – will oxytocin drip? The answer is no, there is no generic activity, therefore it is impossible, and in general such medications are used only in the generic one, but you are lying in pathology — it’s impossible.

They sent me again to the pharmacy, but I couldn’t go too much and the money ran out, so I called my husband (who was walking around the maternity hospital all this time), he gave a bribe at the checkpoint to get into RD, bought this gel for 680 UAH. and he was kicked out again. I was also reduced to CTG (for contractions, I must say this is a very dubious pleasure), they put this gel in my neck and told me to go to bed and go to bed.

I lay there and tried hard not to shout, it was already terribly painful for me, my neighbor in the ward covered herself with a pillow over my head, and I just “got there” from the pain, but the frequency did not wait. I was able to try this for an hour and a half. Then again she crawled along the dark and quiet branch of pathology to wake the person on duty so that she let me go to the hospital because I already thought that I was dying.

Thank God, I found her, she agreed to lead me, and during the inspection there was already the opening of almost two fingers. And here I was caught up with the main question – why did I have to torment the day, if they could put this gel during the day, so that I would not suffer at night so that the labor activity would start somehow. Their answer was that they give a woman a chance for the most natural and natural process! This is just a nightmare …

In general, they transferred me to my clan, they allowed me to call my husband. He helped me a lot, because I couldn’t sit on a ball or squat down – just like hell, every fight put pressure on my intestine / tailbone, almost to faint. That is why I stood all the contractions, bent in half and leaning on my husband and the couch. After a couple of hours, the doctor came and looked at the disclosure and gave out – 3-4, after another couple of hours – some intern ran to measure – and issued 6-7. it’s about five in the morning. I have not slept for the third day, because the brain is cut down between contractions, and if my husband didn’t catch me, I would just fall to the floor. In the man who gave me 6–7, I begged mealer or at least something to speed up, because I did not just run out of power, but I could no longer cope with it. He also said that everything in me is PERFECTLY RECEIVED without it, and that we will soon give birth.

At 7–8 in the morning, the doctor on duty came, who led me on this day and issued a disclosure of 5 fingers. I didn’t even hide emotions, I just screamed for the whole RD to get the child out of me, so I can’t cope on my own, etc. and screamed. It seems to me that my husband, too, didn’t faint a bit, because he was no less difficult. The doctor did not listen to me, did not comment on anything, and did not try to calm me down – his shift just ended. He was tired too and went home. Instead, he was sent by a nurse who put oxytocin drip and went home, too. For the next two hours, I don’t remember how the fights somehow passed, I was more likely to faint … My husband sometimes looked out into the corridor and tried to find someone, but they had a shift shift and morning fly and it wasn’t up to me at all.

After 9th, the “fresh” shift finally came, and identified 9 fingers! I liked the fresh shift – young girls, who were sleeping, were very good-natured, and they were the first to try to explain what had to be done, to complete the clan process, during my entire stay in the Republic of Dagestan. And it was necessary that the head of the baby correctly stood in the pelvis (in a fight, lift one leg and push), but this could only be done in a fight. The girls cheered me up a lot, helped me, and my husband also helped tighten my legs to my ears. But the problem was that the child had to be promoted through the birth canal at the fight, and the poor child was already so tired that the fights lasted for 15 seconds, I didn’t have time to tug or group normally. Therefore, instead of several attempts, I suffered another hour and a half.

At 11 we managed to achieve maximum results, they told me that they see that my baby has dark hairs. And we have already begun to give birth to the head, the hanger! and here is my happiness on my tummy!

At 11:20, on Saturday, January 24, my girl was born. I will never forget that feeling when her little blue one was laid on me, and she had such big eyes looking at me, I still could not believe that this could be inside of me.

According to the rules of taxiway, the next two hours I was lying with my girl on my chest, and they darned me. Despite the fact that my krokhotulya was born only 2600 I had many breaks and they even had to make an incision (they were worried that the child no longer had the strength to be born either).

In my entire history of childbirth, I don’t think how much I can’t understand – why on Friday afternoon we couldn’t put this miracle gel on for the onset of labor activity? why they didn’t immediately put oxytocin in the maternity ward (they also saw that I’m not at all, and simply delaying the process clearly did not contribute to the improvement). Whether the real problem is that during this time we changed the three duty crews, or it was really so logical for the doctors, but I am grateful to God for the fact that my husband was around this time and that my daughter was born healthy!

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