How to get pregnant with twins or triplets

The birth of twins is, on the one hand, double problems, and on the other hand, double (or triple) joy. How to get pregnant with twins, is it possible to plan the birth of twins? Such questions are sometimes asked by future parents to doctors or on the forums. To understand them to the end, you first need to find out what is a multiple pregnancy, what causes it and whether it is possible to influence them.

How to get pregnant with twins or triplets

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Multiple pregnancy, what are the twins

It is known that the twins are different. Some are born exactly the same, others are no more alike than siblings and may even be of different sexes. This is due to the two mechanisms of occurrence of multiple pregnancy. In the first case, twins are born by dividing one fertilized cell into two, or even three. Gemini are born the same sex, almost the same appearance, have the same blood group and in the future are very similar in character. Even these children are often sick at the same time with the same diseases. The mechanism of separation of the egg is already well studied, but the reasons for its unknown. Scientists consider the birth of such twins to be an accident and it happens with a frequency of 3-4 cases per 1000 births.

Another variant of multiple pregnancy is fraternal twins. They can be of different sexes, with different blood groups. Between themselves, children are no more alike than siblings. There is such a pregnancy with twins due to the maturation and fertilization of two eggs at the same time. The birth of fraternal twins happens more often than identical ones. The causes of multiple pregnancy of this type are studied more deeply and we will try to understand them.

Causes of multiple pregnancy

First of all it is worth knowing that multiple pregnancies are not the norm for a person. Doctors are more likely inclined to consider it an anomaly, since the woman’s body is designed for bearing and having one child. But anomaly is by no means a pathology. The causes of multiple pregnancies (fraternal) are different. Now quite a lot is known about them, because below we describe the main ones. So, multiple pregnancies arise due to the following factors:

Let’s now look at how to get pregnant with twins in more detail, based on its causes. The first, named by us reason, genetic predisposition. She is proven by many doctors and is transmitted through the female line. Moreover, the chances of pregnancy with twins are greater with a granddaughter than with a daughter.

According to the observations, a multiple pregnancy occurs more often after 30 years. This is due to the peculiarities of egg maturation. It is known that all the eggs in a girl are laid in the womb. Their total number is about 300-400 pieces. During the reproductive period, one egg matures in one ovary every month. But after thirty years, many women have hormonal changes that can activate the process of maturation and during ovulation, not one but two (or even three) cells come out of the ovary. Therefore, twin pregnancy occurs at an older age more often.

How to get pregnant with twins or triplets

Sometimes the cause of multiple pregnancies is called climatic conditions in a particular area. Indeed, cases have been described, as in some villages, twins are happening more often for decades than in other parts of the same region. Locals attribute this to particular sources, plants, land, and climate. In fact, the causes of multiple pregnancies in such cases are slightly different. The fact is that small villages often have closely related marriages, in the third or fourth generation. In this way, a genetic predisposition is transmitted to how to become pregnant with twins.

More frequent twins may occur in some populations. For example, in Africa and the Middle East, multiple pregnancies are observed 3-4 times more often than in Asia. Europeans and North Americans, as representatives of the white race, occupy somewhere in the middle of the frequency of multiple pregnancies.

With such a genetic abnormality as a split uterus, the ovaries work as if on two organs. Accordingly, during the menstrual cycle, the egg matures not in one, as usual, but in both appendages. Split can be complete or incomplete (in the form of a septum inside the body of the uterus). But this does not affect the change in the chances of a multiple pregnancy.

Another reason for getting pregnant with twins, appeared after the invention of hormonal contraceptives. It is known that in time of their reception the ovaries “rest” and the eggs do not mature. This effect persists for another three months after the cancellation of the pills. After this, a so-called re-bounce effect may work when cells in two ovaries mature simultaneously. If conception takes place at such a moment, then all signs of a multiple pregnancy may appear.

Modern methods of treatment of infertility in men or treatment of infertility in women have increased not only the chances of getting pregnant with twins, but also of getting pregnant with triplets. The fact is that during the powerful hormonal stimulation of ovulation, several eggs can come out of the ovary at once (sometimes five or six). When IVF, 3-4 embryos are planted in the uterus (unfortunately, not everyone gets acclimatized). Therefore, multiple pregnancies in these women is a common phenomenon.

Signs of a Multiple Pregnancy

So, we have a little understood how to get pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, we cannot influence most of the reasons. Genetics cannot be changed and it will be impossible to transform from Europeans into African. The age factor does not give great guarantees, and whether it is worthwhile to postpone the birth of a child only because of the desire to have two at once. Of course, multiple pregnancies can be induced artificially (hormonal contraceptives or stimulation), but such methods are not always beneficial for health. So there is no need to resort to them without extreme necessity.

But here you are already pregnant. For one reason or another, you suspect that you are expecting two babies at once. What are the signs of pregnancy twins can tell you that this is the case? Let’s try to list them. So, the main signs of multiple pregnancy are as follows:

  • – data of ultrasound (two fruits on the screen)
  • – data Doppler study of heartbeat (double pulse)
  • – excessive fatigue in the first months of pregnancy;
  • – intense strip on the test;
  • – the size of the uterus, more than normal for a particular period of pregnancy;
  • – increased chorionic gonadotropin in the first months and alpha-fetoprotein in the second trimester;
  • – severe toxicosis;
  • – cases of twin pregnancy in the family.

It should be noted that the truly reliable sign of a multiple pregnancy is an ultrasound. All other signs of pregnancy with twins are indirect and will only help to assume that you have twins.

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