How to get pregnant from a man if he is against

Just do not think that this article is a guide to action. If you want to start life with a deceit, in order to marry a guy to yourself, then you certainly cannot see happiness.

It will be specifically about what you can get pregnant secretly from a man, and even with protection to impale him. How do insidious young ladies do it?

Days of Ovulation

If the man is not a doctor, he is unlikely to think about the “dangerous” days in which conception will be most likely. But experienced ladies are well aware of this, as their biological clocks accurately track the periods between the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

On average, a couple of weeks after the onset of the past menstruation – this is exactly the favorable time when the egg leaves the ovary, and is waiting for a meeting with a male spermatozoon.

Two weeks is not an exact time, plus or minus a few days. There are rare cases when women become almost butt-pregnant with the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle, but this is a great rarity.

The smartest ladies are waiting just for this time to be guaranteed to “fly into the air”, even if a man does not want this. And even if it is protected, the female sharpness will always help out.

“Tricks” with conception

Now about the most important thing: how to organize an unexpected pregnancy for a woman, so that even after giving birth, DNA can prove the paternity of an innocent man? We list the main women’s tricks.

Pierced condom

Why not to shove everything to the negligent factory workers who manufacture the “rubber product No. 2” and their manufacturing defect ?! There are punctures in their work – in the literal sense of the word.

In fact, the focus is simple: a few inconspicuous tiny punctures with a needle into the very middle of the package or at the very tip of the condom, and – voila, everything is ready! But since a man can find a marriage, an insidious woman should wear a gum on his penis herself.

For the special fragility and vulnerability of the material of which the condom is made, it can be applied petroleum jelly or fat cosmetic cream. In this case, the condom may tear inside, and, “oh, discrepancy”, the sperm will get to the destination.

If the treacherous lady also allegedly “fights” for protection, she keeps the condoms in her possession. Only in this form:

  • in warm or sunshine
  • in high humidity
  • with a slightly torn packaging.

Such a product quickly comes into disrepair, breaks, and as a result – a happy pregnancy for a woman, and terrible news for a man who was so cleverly deceived.

Conception “finger poked”

No, kids will not be born from a finger, of course. But then after intercourse sperm remains – and this is the main material for conception. And, wherever he was: on the body of a woman (in the interrupted act) or in the whole condom.

The guy does not even suspect that without his knowledge the girl already knows what to do with this material. And there are two options:

Assemble it at your fingertips and “penetrate” it into the vagina.

Collect the semen in the spitz without a needle and in the same way put it inside.

And then just fix the result: lie on your back, put a pillow under your buttocks, lift your legs up, your heels against the wall and lie down for about 20 minutes. That’s all! True, this procedure does not give an absolute guarantee, but there is a chance.

Women use this method most often, so every man needs to know the fate of his biological material, if he thinks that he always controls everything. Interrupted the act and the use of a condom – this is not a guarantee of safe sex.

Lying about female contraceptives

A man does not check at every step the actions of his beloved: what does she eat, what does she wear on the way out, much less how she tries to protect herself from unwanted pregnancy.

A man can only take her word for it. He will not check whether she has swallowed the contraceptive pill, and whether she really has a spiral or a cap. A man is not an x-ray, you know.

Therefore, it is easiest for a woman to pretend to be a coward, who fearsfully feared pregnancy, and to assure a man of her impeccable security

Honey, I do not want to have children in any case! I do not believe all these condoms, so my protection is a spiral and pills. Believe me – I will do everything so that we do not become parents.

And then – oops, did not pass! Whether “spiral curve”, or “pills overdue.” Yes, this was nothing! Just this trick is designed so that the guy did not notice what he initially could not see.

Well, how will he check? If only she really would meticulously inspect if she broke the pill, find out from the gynecologist if she had a spiral, and put on a condom that she had just bought at the store himself.

This method of cheating a guy is best suited if he is against condoms. You can read more about this in the article If a man does not want to protect himself. He will be satisfied with the verbal “proof” of the safety of sex, thanks to female contraceptives.

How to get pregnant from a man if he is against

Interrupted act

In principle, if the guy does not control anything and is counting on the Russian “maybe”, pulling out a member at the most dangerous moment, then getting pregnant from him is easy. Even the woman herself, who does not want to “fly into the air,” is also very much at risk. 30% of the risk – quite a lot, right?

Why is this happening:

The couple is counting on the reliability of a safe period: the time of the expected ovulation is swept away. But, as already mentioned, there is a risk of getting pregnant immediately after menstruation or before the start of the menstrual cycle.

In the very secret (lubricant) that a man allocates during intercourse, there is already a small proportion of “tadpoles”. An insignificant amount, but they are viable and can easily fertilize an egg.

The couple in love during sex lacks self-control. Especially in men, who during orgasm can not always focus on the action “take out and put.” And even deep washing of the vagina will be ineffective.

The most active partners once will be few. A man expects that washing the head of the penis under a stream of water will be sufficient to repeat the intercourse after some time. But it is not.

It is here that there are cunning plans for women and with the collection of sperm, and with lies about contraceptives. Well, what – if a man trusts his woman, then there is nothing to be afraid of. He has no idea what she secretly conceived there.

The consequences of such tricks

I would like to shock women with one secret: oddly enough, men relate to childbirth more seriously than the ladies themselves. Trying to protect themselves, they completely exclude the desire of their fatherhood.

Unfortunately, there are treacherous women and their stupid defenders: they say, there were two in bed, and two had to think with their heads. Few of the defenders will come up with the thought of such deceit of the unfortunate “ovulyashki.”

What awaits such a woman in the future:

If such a young lady does not terminate the pregnancy, then most likely she remains a single mother. Well, the man does not like her or the child, and if the deception is revealed, he may even hate it.

Everything can turn out as in the article on marriage “on aerial”. Yes, such a noble knight is getting married, but only so that society would not pressure him. It will not lead to love.

Even if the couple get along, the family will be like a heavy cross on their shoulders with the word “must.” We must give birth, we must educate, we must maintain. And the woman herself, once having lied, will be capable of other cunning.

Is it possible to justify such an act? Yes, only in the only case – if a woman who has lost the hope of privacy, decides to give birth only for herself, without dragging an accidental “fellow traveler” to her fate. For her, he really is “biological material”, which does not know anything about a child at all and never – he didn’t want a baby. Then it is fair.

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