How to determine the witch by date of birth

We often hear that damage has been put on someone, and some may even cite as an example someone from their acquaintances who suddenly stopped being carried away in life. To avoid unpleasant situations will help the ability to recognize the witch among the people around them.

Witches have long been considered the friends of the devil himself and the repository of evil otherworldly forces. People have always been convinced that witches can damage or jinx, feared, hated and respected at the same time. Nowadays, half of the people are skeptical about the existence of witchcraft, and most of them are sure that witches, psychics and witches exist and live among us.

How to recognize a modern witch in appearance

Appearance is the most striking indicator of witch nature. Many people endowed with extrasensory abilities have a noticeable flaw or a bright, catchy appearance.

Hair color and length are the most prominent feature. Often witches have fiery red or blue-black long hair that seems to be filled with strength.

If a woman carefully braids her hair in public or, on the contrary, constantly wears them loose, strictly follows that her hair does not touch outsiders and scrupulously destroys hair removed from a comb, then you can take a closer look: it is possible that this woman knows the secrets of nature and familiar with the concepts of energy exchange.

External flaw – the second extremely important indicator. Strabismus, lameness, or a marked birthmark is considered a mark indicating the otherworldly power of the owner of imperfection.

However, the absolute, catchy, perfect beauty of the face and figure is also a clear sign of the ability of this woman.

Rare eye color is another sign of the witches., who are often owners of green, black or blue eyes. Also, women who have a tendency to extrasensory perception and witchcraft often have the ability to put a person on the spot at one glance or to win over.

If a woman from your not very close environment causes you to have an irrational fear or, on the contrary, you cannot resist her silent participation and tell her all your secrets, and she silently sits and does not take her eyes off you, then the witch is almost certainly in front of you.

Wardrobe Women with the ability to witchcraft is often characterized by the predominance of dark and natural colors, natural fabrics and free cut. But if your colleague or friend, who is constantly wearing elegant, discreet and modest clothes, naturally regularly on some specific days, suddenly puts on a bright, screaming dress and drives the entire male half of the collective crazy, then most likely this is not by chance: and feed your energy.

Jewelry and accessories Unusual girls are often incomprehensible to many people: for example, witches rarely wear a combination of silver and gold, can wear an incomprehensible symbol around their neck and do not allow anyone to touch their jewels with their hands, much less try them on.

What does her behavior say about the witch?

The behavior of the witch in almost any life situation will be different from the behavior of an ordinary woman. There are some of the most obvious signs of a person being unusual and having certain abilities.

Ability to predict the future perhaps the most fundamental feature of a witch. Many women who do not want to be suspected of having abilities, deliberately hide them, but spontaneous predictions can never be hidden.

For example, if your colleague always guesses what mood your boss is and never gets “hot”, speaks about some business and subsequently always turns out to be right or in a bad mood darkly desires a “good” to her annoying colleague, and her after some time the words come true – surely the witch who owns the power of the word and the gift of the performance of the conceived is before you.

Love to the animals is another sign of the modern witch by which it can be recognized. The witch will never throw a kitten on the street and will not be afraid of a street dog. She will talk to the dog as if she’s own, and will take the cat from the street, wash it, and in some incredible way attach it to good hands for a couple of days.

A woman who possesses abilities is very rarely afraid of spiders, snakes or mice, almost certainly gets a black or red cat in her hair color, and is able to “negotiate” with an evil yard dog so that she will truly rejoice at every meeting with the witch, hating everyone neighbors.

Witches have knowledge in the field of edible and healing herbs and roots, adding them to almost any dish and constantly experimenting with spices. And it does not spoil the food, but on the contrary, makes it more delicious.

The witch loves unusual teas, Often scrupulous about the use of dishes and a herbal mixture can help with a headache complaint.

How to determine the witch by date of birth

Speech and manner of speaking will help to recognize the witch: these women carefully watch their speech, as if weighing every word, especially when they are angry or upset.

Even at the peak of emotions from a witch you will not hear useless curses or shouting: she knows that her words can come true, and even if they wish evil, then carefully, thoughtfully, and in a tone that seems to be forgiven forever.

How to calculate the witch by date of birth

It is no secret that the esoteric abilities are often embedded in witches from the day of birth. Most often, people with abilities are born in numerologically strong numbers, and the types of abilities are embedded in the essence of the different Zodiac signs and their elements.

How to determine the witch by date of birth

For example, Fire Signs: Aries, Lions and Sagittarius they are often represented by psychics who see the future, are able to masterly handle fire and understand animals well.

Representatives of the Earth Zodiac Signs, such as Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn most often born with the ability to predict the future using tarot cards, runes, or the book of destinies.

Air Signs – Aquarius, Libra and Gemini – often prophetic dreams, easily master the technique of lucid dreaming and do not imagine their life without meditations.

Water Signs: Fish, Cancer and Scorpio Since childhood, they often unconsciously feel and learn to control the energy of cash flows. Subsequently, the energy of money accompanies the witch of the Water Zodiac Sign for the rest of his life.

If you suspect someone of your acquaintances, relatives or friends of being involved in witchcraft and unusual abilities, it is not necessary to stop communicating or accuse her of malicious intent against you. It is possible that such a woman may not know herself that she is unusual and has a strong energy.

Finally, you can find out whether you or someone you know has witch abilities by recognizing 6 more signs of a witch in your environment. We wish you never to fall under the influence of the negative energy of the witches. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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