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With the onset of pregnancy, future parents, it becomes interesting who is born – a son or daughter. Even if it doesn’t matter who will be – curiosity will remain anyway.

There are many points of view on how to determine the sex of the unborn child. Some of them are used both before conception to plan the desired sex, and in the very early stages of pregnancy. Others tell parents who will be born at a later date.

How is conception by gender?

Male sperm contains sperm X and U. They are responsible for the sex of the future man. At the moment of conception, the female cell is merged with one of these sperm. If fertilization occurs on the X chromosome, then there will be a girl, if Y is a boy. The female cell is of only one type – X. It follows that the birth of a boy is completely dependent on the man. If, in the process of fertilization, two or more female cells participated, then there will be several fruits.

X-sperm cells are robust, powerful, but slow. Y-spermatozoa, on the contrary, are weaker, live less, but move faster.

Conception occurs on ovulation day. Conception of the girl, more likely, if sexual intercourse was several days before ovulation. This is explained by the fact that the sperm Y, by the time of ovulation, will die. If sexual intercourse was on the day of ovulation, the sperm with the Y-chromosome, quickly achieved the goal than their slow “friends.”

Child Gender Tables and Calculators

Now, it is popular to determine the sex of the expected baby with the help of special tables and calculators. They show what sex the child is most likely to be born. These include the following:

Forecast by date of conception – with a calculator

This method will require the dates of the last menstruation and conception. Data is entered into the calculator and the result is ready. The difficulty lies in the fact that not every future mother knows when conception took place. Because this date is not the day of sexual intercourse, and the day of ovulation. On the basis of the day of ovulation, as mentioned above, and it is possible with a predominant probability (but certainly not 100%), to determine the sex of the desired child.

Parental blood group forecast

This method is much easier. In the table, at the intersection of the data of mother and father, it is clear who will be born – a boy or a girl. In the same way, prediction is carried out on the Rh factor of the parents. According to the blood group, the result, as a rule, is more accurate than the Rh factor.

Table determining the sex of a child by blood type of parents

Forecast for the update of blood

All people have their blood “cleaned up” regularly. For women, this happens every three years, for men – every four years. Who has the blood more “fresh”, this sex will be a baby. If one of the parents had blood loss (surgery, transfusion), then the countdown should begin from this date. Otherwise, the result may be false. You can make the calculation yourself. Mother’s age is divided into three, papin – four. Who has more residue, the same sex and will have a child.

Japanese table forecast – with calculator

In Japan, tables were developed for which you need to know the month of conception and the month of birth of the father and mother. In one table, at the intersection of the months of birth of the father and mother, the figure is determined. It must be found in the top row of another table. Under this figure, vertically, the month of conception of the child is chosen. Opposite this month, in the columns “boy” and “girl” there are crosses. The child will be of that sex, where their number is greater. This method is also called the forecast by date of birth. [Calculator in development]

How to determine the sex of the child

Ancient Chinese table forecast

This simple method was developed in the 14th century AD. All that is required is to know the age of the mother and the month of conception. At the intersection of these data in a special table, you can see who will be born. The peculiarity is that the Chinese, I consider my age from the moment of conception. That is, they add 9 months to the date of birth. Therefore, when using this table, it will be correct to make also – add nine months to the age of the mother.

All these methods are not medical, and therefore, they may not give one hundred percent correct answer. They can also be used before conception, if there is a need to increase the likelihood of having a child of a particular gender.

Determination of the child’s sex trait using medicine

Parents who do not want to rely on the table are interested in how long you can determine the sex of the child more accurately. It depends on the diagnostic method to be selected.

There are several medical methods. The most common is ultrasound. Modern ultrasound machines can determine the sex from 12 weeks. However, the most correct result will be after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The difficulty arises if the baby does not show its genitals, turning back to the sensor or covering them with pens.

There are also a number of tests to determine the sex of a baby without an ultrasound.

In modern conditions, conduct a gender test. The reagent in it is combined with the mother’s urine. If the control strip has become orange, then a girl will be born, if green is a boy. This test is conducted from the eighth week. The probability of the correct result is 90%.

Sometimes, it is undesirable to have a child of a certain gender due to genetic diseases in the male or female family. In this case, a chorion biopsy is performed at 7–10 weeks, during which a special needle is inserted into the uterus through the mother’s abdomen. The probability of the correct result is 100%. Just out of curiosity, it is not worth spending, as, sometimes, it leads to abortion.

Another popular, but expensive method is a blood test. It determines the level of fetal DNA. You can pass it from the 7th week. But it is better to carry it out at a later date – the result will be more accurate. Blood is taken from a vein. Donating it on an empty stomach is not necessary. If the result of the analysis shows the presence of the Y chromosome, then a boy will be born, if not, a girl.

The effect of parental nutrition on the floor of the future baby

The gender of the child is influenced by the nutrition of the parents before conception. All food products are divided into two groups – for conceiving a son and for conceiving a daughter. If the pregnancy has already come, then remembering that the expectant mother ate before conception, we can assume who will be born. If there is no pregnancy, then several months before conception, you can change your diet for the birth of a child of the desired sex.

In order to attract female sperm to the egg, calcium and magnesium should be included in the diet. The main products, however, are:

  • milk products;
  • eggs;
  • large amount of sweets;
  • bread and pastries, with a small amount of salt and, preferably, without yeast;
  • raw and cooked vegetables (preferably green);
  • nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame;
  • fruits and berries.

Salt in the diet should be present in a minimum amount, since it does not completely absorb calcium. In addition, it contains sodium, which deters X chromosomes and attracts U chromosomes.

To attract a male sperm cell, there should be a lot of sodium and potassium in the diet. Preference should be given to such products as:

  1. meat (in large quantities);
  2. fish, including salted;
  3. smoked meat;
  4. dates, dried apricots, prunes, raisins;
  5. potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, mushrooms;
  6. bananas, peaches, melons.

Diet parents – not a panacea. Therefore, misfires can happen in this case.

Folk omens and superstitions

Modern methods of sex determination, using medicine and various tables, are used relatively recently. Earlier, future mothers relied on national signs.

Now many, on the advice of moms and grandmothers, use them simply for interest. The most popular of them are:

  1. sharp stomach and bulging forward – there will be a boy, round and bulging on the sides – a girl;
  2. the pregnant woman sleeps, turning her head to the south – to the girl, to the north – to the boy;
  3. Mom’s increased appetite for her son;
  4. pigmentation on the belly of a pregnant woman – to the girl, hairs – to the boy;
  5. Mom gives preference to sour and salty dishes – there will be a son, sweet – a daughter;
  6. women wearing boys become more beautiful, girls – on the contrary;
  7. cold feet – to the boy;
  8. bright areola nipples – to my son, dark – to the daughter;
  9. the stronger the toxicosis, the greater the likelihood of having a boy;
  10. Mum’s dry palms – there will be a son, soft – a daughter;
  11. the tummy bulges to the right – the boy, to the right – the girl.

There are many ways to satisfy the curiosity of parents. What to believe, and what not – everyone decides for himself. Medical methods are the most reliable. If you want to know before, you can check all the proposed methods. Which floor will indicate most of them, the sex, most likely, and will be a baby. The main thing is not to get upset, seeing not the result that we would like. Because the baby feels everything and experiences the same emotions. And his health is now the most important thing.

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