How to determine pregnancy without a test at home


How to determine pregnancy without a test at home

How to determine pregnancy without a test at home

Women can often suspect pregnancy, but because of the many domestic problems and employment at work, it is not possible to visit a doctor. Even making a test is not always time and opportunity. In addition, its result can not be fully believed. However, it is possible to determine the presence of pregnancy without a special test. How to do it? Let’s try to figure it out together.

As you know, every woman’s body is very individual. That is why it is very difficult to name the universal signs of pregnancy. Each organism can react to changes in its own way. True, there are several signs that occur in many women. We will talk about these signs.

Signs of pregnancy

The main sign of an interesting situation is the absence of menstruation. This moment must alert and make a woman think. True, menstrual irregularity is not a reliable sign of pregnancy, this moment may occur due to other reasons. For example, a cycle may be lost due to a change of season or drugs that a woman takes. Stress can also affect the regularity of menstruation.

As a rule, pregnancy affects the emotional state. Even the most calm and quiet woman during pregnancy can become irritable and apathetic. Often found fatigue and lack of interest in life. If you do not feel very well and before this state was not typical, you need to think. Perhaps you are expecting a baby.

Another sign of pregnancy is breast sensitivity. Chest very quickly reacts to changes in the state of the body. Already in the earliest terms, it can begin to swell, it becomes sensitive. Often, even a simple touch to the chest is accompanied by severe pain. However, in this case, it is also impossible to be completely confident in the presence of pregnancy. Similar problems may occur due to birth control pills. Breast sensitivity may also occur due to hormone problems.

A frequent sign of a beautiful position is nausea. Often it appears in the first weeks of pregnancy and is acutely felt in the morning. Also, a woman may complain of frequent trips to the toilet, while the abdominal pain will be absent. Pay attention to your body in the event that you have increased appetite. Perhaps there was a craving for products that you previously avoided. It can be pickled cucumbers or a certain fruit, vegetable.

How to determine pregnancy without a test

How to determine pregnancy at home? One of the most reliable option to determine the presence of pregnancy is the basal temperature. To do this, you need to regularly measure and know your body and its features. In the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the temperature should be below 37 degrees, in the second – above 37 degrees. If you have a high fever for three or more days, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

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