How to cure bronchitis in a child

One of the most frequent diseases of the respiratory system in children is bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi).

Causes of bronchitis

The main causes of bronchitis:

  • nasopharyngeal viral infections;
  • physical and chemical factors irritating the bronchi;
  • parasitic infections;
  • allergic reactions.

How to help your child recover?

If you decide to treat the child yourself, first, create a quiet regime for him that would promote treatment and recovery.

  • It is not necessary to force the child to bed. Let him spend time in calm games.
  • The room often enough and regularly air, and also – carry out wet cleaning.
  • The child should be warm clothes.
  • Diet, during the period of illness, remains unchanged for age. Add more vegetables and fruits to your child’s diet.
  • In order for the sputum liquefaction process and its discharge to be at the proper level, the child needs to drink more liquids (juice, fruit drinks, etc.).
  • Along with the use of drugs, use other methods of treatment: baths – foot, general; mustard plasters; inhalations, etc.

Symptoms and course of bronchitis

– The onset of bronchitis

  • The first symptoms of bronchitis, as with the common cold – runny nose and cough. Cough usually dry and tearful.
  • There may be an increase in body temperature.
  • Behind the sternum there are pains and rales.
  • Sometimes shortness of breath may occur.
  • Dry cough a few days later gives way to a wet cough and sputum production begins.
  • The type of sputum can determine the type of bronchitis. In the acute form – the sputum is transparent, in the chronic form – the sputum contains purulent inclusions.

– Acute form of bronchitis

Acute form of bronchitis, usually lasts 3-4 days. If you start treatment in a timely manner and conduct it correctly, the cure of the acute form will occur in 10 days. Otherwise, the disease may gradually become chronic. When diagnosing bronchitis, first of all, they are interested in the nature of cough, color and consistency of separated sputum. The doctor listens to the child for the presence of wet or dry wheezing, prolonged exhalation. In addition, be sure to send a chest x-ray and complete blood count.

How to protect a child from bronchitis?

Children of younger and preschool age suffer from bronchitis most often. To protect them from this disease, it is necessary to prevent prolonged runny nose, to protect the child from hypothermia, to provide him with healthy nutrition, to ensure optimal sanitary conditions and not to allow the child to be in a smoky room.

When treating a child at home, you need to know that the temperature in the room should not be below +18 degrees, and the humidity should not be below 65%. Along with medications, traditional medicine methods are widely used to treat bronchitis. If there is a first suspicion that the child is sick – arrange the onion and garlic on the plates in the children’s room. It is necessary to give the child something to drink that will help him to sweat well. To do this, use teas or decoctions of dry raspberry, mint, sage, lime, elderberry. Preferably antipyretic decoctions, which cause sweating, to drink in the evening.

How to cure a child bronchitis fast: 14 simple ways

1. Milk with honey

How to cure bronchitis in a child

In the morning it is good to give the child hot milk with honey, goat fat and a pinch of soda. Honey first boil. Although it partially neutralizes its beneficial properties, the drink will not cause coughing fits.

2. Black radish juice

How to cure bronchitis in a child

Rub finely black radish and squeeze the juice. Connect it with liquid honey and give your child to cough up – before meals 2 tbsp. spoons. Well help the release of sputum warm serum.

3. Compress on the chest

Compress for babies. Grate 1 radish, add 2 tbsp. spoons – flour, honey and mustard powder. Components mix and make a cake. Breast under this mustard plaster must be lubricated with sunflower oil. Wrap the baby with a woolen shawl. To do every evening – 7 days.

4. A mixture of honey and melted fat

Treatment of bronchitis in infants – boil honey (50 g), add goose or goat baked fat (100 g). Stir and cool. In the milk or porridge for the baby, put this mixture 1/2 tsp. Baby should give this dose twice a day.

5. Warm milk with cocoa butter and massage

For the treatment of bronchitis, let us drink warm borjomi or warm milk with cocoa butter. To remove sputum from the body, children are massaged for the chest, in the neck area, in the back area. You can do honey massage in these parts of the body.

6. Aroma treatment

In the absence of a child’s allergy to aromatic oils, you can use fir, cedar or eucalyptus oil using an aromatic lamp.

7. Inhalation

After a year, the child can do a steam inhalation of thyme, a drop of fir oil and peeling potatoes.

8. Ointment on the interior fat

It helps very well to treat bronchitis ointment on lard. Melt the inner fat, drain and cool it. Add turpentine to pork fat and make an ointment. Do such rubbing ointment breast.

9. Onion tincture

Chop 0.5 kg of onion, squeeze the juice and combine with 0.5 kg of sugar. 15 days insist on the sun. Take 1 tbsp. l three times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

10. Tea from coltsfoot, elder flowers and asparagus

The leaves of coltsfoot, black elderberry flowers, asparagus grass – take all to 5 g. Pour the mixture with boiling water (200 g). Insist in a thermos for 1 hour. Drink infusion, like tea – three times a day.

11. Infusion of bran

2 l. Boil water and add 500 grams of bran. Boil for 10 minutes, add sugar to taste. Drink in the form of heat instead of any drinks: tea, juice, compotes.

12. Herbs decoction

Used for the treatment of bronchitis decoctions of alteynogo root, plantain leaves, black currant.

13. Badger Fat

Very well cured bronchitis badger fat. Its use helps to improve protein metabolism and increases immunity. Use badger fat inside and for rubbing. 8 teaspoons of melted badger fat, 6 teaspoons of cocoa, 100 g of good butter, a bar of dark chocolate (without additives). Make a homogeneous mass, spread on bread and use 3 times a day. Badger fat is used for prophylactic purposes.

14. Breathing exercises

If the child is active enough, then you can clean the lungs with the help of breathing exercises that will help the process of sputum discharge and coughing. Before class, be sure to air the room. If your child already knows how to blow balloons or there is an opportunity to blow soap bubbles – combine a useful business with pleasant entertainment. This is a kind of breathing exercises that will help to clean the lungs and recover faster.

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