How to clean ectopic pregnancy

The risk of ectopic pregnancy is always present. And the way out is often the only one – surgical intervention with the removal of the ovum, fixed in the wrong place, or the tube as a whole. Considering the danger that ectopic pregnancy conceals in itself – from an irreversible violation of childbearing to death, it is removed promptly at the earliest dates.

Causes of ectopic pregnancy

First of all, the inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs can provoke a dangerous situation. It is important not to start the disease, to consult a doctor in time, to undergo a full treatment in order to eliminate the factor of possible ectopic pregnancy. An abnormal pregnancy can be the result of obstruction of the fallopian tubes, if scars or adhesions remain in their cavities after infectious lesions, abortions or surgeries. It so happens that an ectopic pregnancy, which is to be removed, predetermine some anatomical features of a woman, which impede the displacement of a fertilized egg in the direction of the uterus. Fallopian tubes, which most often become the site of ectopic pregnancy, may suffer from a lack of progesterone, a hormone that begins to be intensively produced in a woman’s body after fertilization. Against the background of hormonal deficiency, the fallopian tubes lose their functional activity, the fertilized egg stops moving and gets stuck inside one of the tubes.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy

The reasons for the development of ectopic pregnancy, much more. Meanwhile, an anomaly can be detected only with the help of an ultrasound scan and a specialist’s examination. The fact is that the signs of ectopic pregnancy are practically no different from those of a normal current pregnancy. A woman may experience the same symptoms – nausea, feeling of chest fullness, an increase in basal temperature is recorded, menstruation stops, a pregnancy test gives a positive reaction.

How to clean ectopic pregnancy

Sharp, sharp pains in the lower abdomen, worsening of the general condition, up to faintness, lowering of blood pressure, weak pulse, slight bloody discharge should be alerted. All these signs may indicate ectopic pregnancy, so you should immediately consult a doctor. If you do this out of time and do not remove the embryo, events will develop according to the worst scenario. With the growth of the ovum, already in the early stages there is a rupture of the fallopian tube, followed by bleeding and endangering a woman’s life.

Is the tube always removed during ectopic pregnancy?

The main method of abortion is surgical. Modern medicine allows you to do it in a rather gentle way – using laparoscopy.

How to clean ectopic pregnancy

The third method, the most radical, is the removal of the fallopian tube with a fetal egg fixed inside. Why is this done? Of course, the doctor always seeks to preserve the female reproductive organs as much as possible, especially if this is the first pregnancy, but with a real threat to the patient’s life, which happens in the most advanced cases, there is no choice but to have surgery. Contrary to popular belief, according to experts, with one fallopian tube a new pregnancy is possible, and its probability is high. This possibility is not excluded even in the absence of both fallopian tubes. True, getting pregnant after having removed one or both tubes, as well as carrying a future child, is much more difficult.

How to remove ectopic pregnancy for a short time

To prevent a possible negative development of events, it is important to consult a doctor in time, suspecting that something was wrong. The fact is that at the very smallest ectopic pregnancy, a medical method of getting rid of it is possible. A special hormone drug is injected into the woman, which blocks the development of the embryo, and a spontaneous miscarriage occurs. An integrated approach is possible, combining medical and surgical methods of removing ectopic pregnancy, as well as taking into account the individual characteristics of a woman.

How to clean ectopic pregnancy

After suffering an abnormal pregnancy, you should undergo a long, up to six months rehabilitation course in order to restore the functionality of the reproductive system. With the right, responsible attitude to their health, many women who have undergone an ectopic pregnancy become happy mothers.

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