How to celebrate the birthday of Kiev

Thirst for thrills and adrenaline is so characteristic of an active person who is in a hurry to try everything in its path. But the daily routine pulls “to the bottom”, forcing every day to do the same routes. But what about the rest? Maybe you should forget about work and go for new impressions? For example, play paintball? This game is guaranteed to make you forget about all the affairs and worries, and help you plunge into a completely different, realistic world of exciting battles!

Cheetah – Paintball Club in Kiev

Are you looking for a thrill? Do you like military strategies? Dreamed of holding in the hands of the machine? Well, Ukrainian paintball is what you need! Club “Cheetah”, located in Ukraine on the territory of Kiev, will be an excellent vacation spot for both corporate clients and leisure by a friendly company or family.

How to celebrate the birthday of Kiev

Paintball – in Kiev, one of the most popular games, which allows you to experience the whole reality of combat battles, win the battle and get a decent reward! Imitation of real fighting, equipment and uniforms, realistic ground – only emphasize the feature of the game.

Paintball fields are located on fairly wide areas so that they can comfortably accommodate several armies of 20-30-40 people. All polygons have fencing, undermining, bypass doors, dugouts, truck tires and many other special items that make the game doubly interesting! Each paintball field is unique, so coming back to us again you can always experience completely different emotions and sensations than the previous time. For example, play indoor paintball.

Paintball club in Kiev “Cheetah” – this is a great opportunity to charge positive for a long time. Airsoft, laser tag, paintball – and what will you choose?

Team play is the key to team cohesion

Do not forget that any corporate event can be held on the basis of our club. It was here that all the conditions for a good outdoor recreation are created: picturesque places, thematic design of the club, the presence of many games and entertainment, equipped gazebos with a shed, tables and benches. In Ukraine there is hardly a worthy analogue to this kind of rest, so why not taste all of its charms? Moreover, the prices of the club “Cheetah” is not exorbitant! For example, for those who want to play any of the games of our club, but want to save as much as possible, we can offer the Basic package.

How to celebrate the birthday of Kiev

Corporate paintball games help to unite the team, increase its team spirit, and just get the lion’s share of positive and energy! To look at a work colleague under a completely different “target”, to assess his strengths and weaknesses, to reveal yourself from a completely new side – and these are not all the advantages that you can appreciate during the game.

In Kiev, the sports and entertainment complex “Cheetah” will gladly offer a lot of different programs for your leisure activities that will inspire new achievements and feats in real life. Prices for each of the programs are quite affordable for every resident of the capital, so if your plans to spend an unforgettable vacation or celebrate a corporate holiday – “Cheetah” has something to surprise!

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