How to cause missed abortion in late

All possible causes of missed abortion

All causes of pregnancy fading can be divided into several groups. but in each individual case, you need to understand separately, since the stopping in development can occur for a combination of several reasons.

Genetic abnormalities lead to cessation of fetal development

This is the most common cause of fading pregnancy. Thus, there is a kind of natural selection of natural, die embryos with serious developmental disorders.

The cause of deviations and malformations of the embryo are most often environmental factors. Early exposure may be incompatible with life. In this situation, the principle of “All or nothing.” Early alcohol abuse, radiation exposure, poisoning, intoxication – All this can lead to a fading pregnancy.

Sorry for such a spontaneous abortion is not worth it, but it is necessary to find out the reason. Since a genetic defect may be sporadic (in healthy parents, a child appears with disabilities), and may be hereditary. In the first case, the risk of recurrence of this situation is minimal, and in the second such anomaly can be a serious problem.

If a regressing pregnancy is genetically determined, then the likelihood that such a misfortune to happen again is very high. There are cases that it is completely impossible for a couple to have joint children. Therefore, after the curettage of a missed pregnancy, the seized tissues are sent for analysis. They are checked for the presence of abnormal chromosomes in the nuclei of embryo cells.

If the fetal genetics was abnormal, the couple is sent for consultation to a specialist. The doctor will calculate the risks for future pregnancies, if necessary, conduct additional research and give appropriate recommendations.

Infectious diseases of the mother – the cause of fetal fading

If the mother has an infectious disease, then the child becomes infected with it. That is why a fade of pregnancy can occur. After all, the child does not yet have an immune system, but viruses with bacteria cause him enormous harm, which leads to the death of the baby.

There are infections that often cause abnormalities in the development of the child. Therefore, maternal illness or any other contact with them in the first trimester of pregnancy is a direct indication for interruption.

For example, if mom got sick rubella up to 12 weeks, the pregnancy is terminated for medical reasons, since the child will not be born healthy.

Death of the embryo can lead any inflammatory processes in the female genital organs. For example, with a uterine infection, there may be an associated missed abortion after curettage or abortion. Some latent infections can also stop the development of the fetus, for example, ureaplasmosis, cystitis.

Even banal infections like herpes virus may be the cause of a fading pregnancy if the woman first encountered them while in position.

Female genital pathologies as the cause of missed abortion

Why does pregnancy stop, if a woman has non-inflammatory diseases in the genitals, such as sexual infantilism, adhesions in the pelvis, uterine fibroids, polyps in the uterusand

And ectopic missed abortion is a kind of protective reaction of the body. After all, its progression can lead to rupture of the fallopian tube.

In such cases, spontaneous abortion allows you to avoid surgery. However, this is only possible up to 5-6 weeks.

Disorders of the endocrine system interferes with the normal fixation of the embryo

Endocrine diseases such as hyperandrogenism, thyroid disease, insufficient amount of prolactin and

When hormones are disturbed, the embryo cannot consolidate on the endometrium. The woman does not have enough hormones to support the pregnancy, so the fetus dies.

If the hormonal background is not corrected in such a situation, the pregnancy will die out every time.

Autoimmune diseases and missed abortion

This category includes rhesus conflict and antiphospholipid syndrome. If the second causes fading only in the early stages, then the first can cause the death of the baby in the second trimester, which is even more offensive. But, fortunately, this can be avoided.

Quite often, pregnancy subsides. after IVF. The death of the embryo can prevent close observation by physicians and timely treatment methods.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the fading of pregnancy can cause a rather large number of causes.

Therefore, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to the question “Why did this happen exactly to you?” Until the woman passes full examination. Without finding out the reasons, the second conception is very unwise, since the pregnancy can freeze again.

If you have a similar tragedy, be sure to go through a full examination, so that it does not happen again.

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One of my sister had a miscarriage somewhere around the 8th week of pregnancy – she then took some drugs that could not be pregnant without even knowing that she was pregnant. As soon as she learned that she was pregnant, she immediately found out that the child had stopped. The second sister wore a child for about three months, and then caught a cold: cough, runny nose, and throat. In the end – also a miscarriage, no matter how sad. When I went pregnant, I was constantly afraid of miscarriage. I tried not to do anything that would have provoked it. In the end, she gave birth to a girl. It feels good. But I would not have experienced a miscarriage, although I was in hospital with the threat 2 times.

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Fading Pregnancy

A frozen pregnancy can occur at different times, but more often it occurs before the 12th week of pregnancy. A common cause of missed abortion are bad habits, malnutrition, lack of sleep and stressful situations.

A misses (non-developing) pregnancy is the termination of the development and growth of the fetus, its intrauterine death, which has arisen for various reasons. Most pregnant women do not even know about the possibility of the development of such a terrible phenomenon. A frozen pregnancy can occur at different times, but more often this phenomenon occurs before the 12th week of pregnancy. The fetus can stand still later, in the 2nd and even in the 3rd trimester, but such cases are much rarer.

Causes of missed abortion

The occurrence of a non-developing pregnancy can have several reasons:

How to cause missed abortion in late

  • Genetic and chromosomal abnormalities. In some cases of gross genetic failure, an improperly formed fetus is not viable, and its development ceases.
  • Hormonal disorders, namely the imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body of a pregnant woman. The timely detection of this imbalance can save the life of the fetus through the use of appropriate medications.
  • The cause of missed abortion may also be a variety of infectious diseases (for example, herpes, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, rubella, chickenpox, influenza, cytomegalovirus infection, etc.) already being pregnant. It is they who can cause the embryo to stop developing at a later date. Infections can do even more harm: the development of fetal deformities. With the timely detection of this pathology, pregnancy is artificially interrupted.
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug use), malnutrition, lack of sleep, frequent stressful situations – these factors are very common causes of missed abortion.
  • With the development of late (after 40 years) pregnancy and in vitro fertilization, fetal transient often occurs.
  • Finally, autoimmune disorders, for example, the antiphospholipid syndrome, can result in disruption of pregnancy, when phospholipids of fetal cells are destroyed, the placenta is destroyed and the fetus stops.

Risk factors for non-developing pregnancy are women’s work in hazardous occupations, unfavorable environmental conditions, and medication with teratogenic effects.

Symptoms of missed abortion

In the early stages, missed abortion may be almost asymptomatic. The woman even rejoices, feeling the disappearance of symptoms of toxicosis (nausea, vomiting). There may be a slight increase in body temperature. Otherwise, everything seems to be going as it should. And only the gynecologist at the next examination reveals the absence of fetal heartbeat.

At a later date, the woman may already feel the symptoms of a missed pregnancy, such as dull pain in the lower back or lower abdomen; bleeding from the genital tract; cessation of fetal movement. At the slightest violation of well-being, a woman should immediately consult a doctor. If the doctor does not listen to the fetal heartbeat, he will definitely prescribe additional examinations (ultrasound, blood test for HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin),

Based on the subjective symptoms of missed abstinence alone, this diagnosis cannot be established. A woman may continue to increase the increase in the abdomen, and even indicators of a general blood test can be typical for pregnancy. But these phenomena are not associated with the development of the fetus, but only with the development of the empty inside the fetal membrane. This phenomenon is called anembryonic (lack of embryo), and, strictly speaking, can not be called missed abortion,

If additional clinical examinations confirm the cessation of fetal life, then after a few days they are repeated. And only with re-confirmation can you make a definitive diagnosis and decide on termination of pregnancy.

The consequences of missed abortion

With the final diagnosis of fetal fading, it is necessary to remove the dead embryo from the uterus as soon as possible.

Most often, a spontaneous miscarriage occurs soon, but if this does not happen, the dead embryo must be removed,

If a missed abortion occurs at an early stage of fetal development, the extraction of a dead embryo can be performed by vacuum extraction or cause miscarriage by administering certain medications (in the hospital, under the obligatory supervision of a doctor). If the fetal death occurred at a later date, curettage of the uterus under general anesthesia is performed. Even in the case of spontaneous miscarriage, scraping is carried out so that inside the uterus there are guaranteed no parts of the dead embryo.

To determine the cause of the fading of pregnancy, a histological examination of the deceased fetus is performed, and both partners must undergo a cytogenetic examination of the blood. Then it becomes clear whether a chromosomal disorder, an infectious pathology or some random factor influenced the course of the pregnancy. If an infection is found, both partners should be treated.

With the timely removal of the deceased fetus, no negative effects of a frozen pregnancy for a woman should arise. The majority of women (80-90%) who have undergone an undeveloped pregnancy subsequently bear and give birth to healthy, normal children.

Of course, you should not try to have a baby immediately after the elimination of missed abortion. The rehabilitation period must last at least six months or even a year for the woman to completely recover her physical health and heal the trauma of the soul. During this period, a woman should eat fully, give up bad habits, take multivitamins, and use hormonal contraceptives. In this case, in addition to their direct purpose, they also perform a curative function.

A positive effect on the state of women has a course of psychological rehabilitation. At the end of the rehabilitation period, an attempt at conception can be repeated.

If the missed abortion is repeated in the same woman, which is extremely rare, it makes sense to assume the presence of a genetic pathology and conduct a genetic survey of both spouses.

Questions and comments on the article:

I was diagnosed with a non-developing pregnancy for a period of 10 weeks. Made a purge. Today I received the results of histology, could you comment on them: "today received results.

What examinations do I need to pass? My husband and I have two joint children, the 3rd, and then, with an interval of 1.5 years, and the 4th gestation died in the early stages.

My pregnancy was interrupted for 10 weeks. Fetal histology was not done, as it was not in the hospital. After having passed all the necessary tests, Herpes (1-2) Ig G 12 was detected (Negative 0-9;.

I endured the first pregnancy perfectly, but it was only by the doctors’ mistake that the child suffered from double asphyxia during childbirth. Now I have another husband and we cannot have children. There were already two.

I had 3 frozen pregnancies and 2 miscarriages due to fading at 3 weeks. Diagnosed with thrombophilia and probable APS. The last fraxiparine pregnancy stopped at 8.5.

Snohe 31 year. She has 1 child. The second pregnancy ended with the cleaning of a dead 6 week-old baby, in terms of 10 weeks. On the 5th day she was discharged from the hospital. It’s been 10 days after.

I am 30 years old, the first pregnancy, at 5 weeks the fetal heartbeat was, came to re-study on ultrasound, no heartbeat, a period of 8 weeks, although the timing

Girls help please! I had a close relationship with my friend. And it seemed to me that I was pregnant and growing belly, for fear began to compress the stomach. Now I do not know if I have in my stomach.

I am 34 years old, the first pregnancy is frozen for a period of 11-12 weeks., And the fetus froze in a period of 7-8 weeks. After 7 months I got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy. 2.5 years later I became pregnant again, but again.

I am 39 years old, under 33 years old I have given birth to 3 girls, in 2011 there was a pregnancy, at the 17th week the fetus froze. The results of histology: the fetus died in utero, the cause of death is chronic dysfunction.

I had a missed abortion, it was discovered at 10 weeks, and the fetus froze at 4-5 weeks. On April 20th I was scraped and only yesterday came the results of histology. I dictated it.

What tests do my husband and I need to go through after a frozen pregnancy for a period of 12 weeks? A child from 7 weeks was diagnosed with oligohydramnios. All tests are good, only PCR showed ureaplasma.

I am 34. Exactly 2 months ago there was a frozen pregnancy, already the second. After scraping, a month later, an ultrasound scan revealed endometritis and fluid accumulation in the left tube. Treatment was prescribed.

№ 1

  • basal temperature during pregnancy is reduced;
  • general temperature during missed abortion may be elevated.

Frozen second trimester pregnancy and late pregnancy frozen is determined by the cessation of fetal movement.

How to determine missed abortion – diagnosis

Treatment after missed abortion.

Planning for pregnancy after missed abortion

What to pass tests after missed abortion?

Preventing Pregnancy Fading

Girls, today is exactly one month after a missed pregnancy, of course the tears have all ended, you need to live on. Help me what to do next so that this nightmare in my life does not happen again …

Hydro86Saturday, 08 March 2014 01:11

Hello, I can not say for sure I understand you 100%, but in part for sure. It is very hard moral (. It’s good that you cry, it’s better than to keep yourself. But you can’t lose …

Mother of many childrenThursday, 03 April 2014 18:49

Hello! We have a little angel in the sky, for 1.5 months now, as I am not pregnant. It is very hard to lose a little bit, especially when you feel her stirring, you are watching the growth …

ValentinFriday, 02 May 2014 21:09

I work with pregnant women. Almost all the stories about miscarriage or missed abortion begin this way: It was all good, went to the ultrasound. It is impossible to do the first ultrasound before 12 weeks – in the early …

Sunday, 04 May 2014 19:47

I agree with oxy86, the main thing is not to despair and believe in your strength!

Maysarosh AnnaPiatnitsa, January 16, 2015 16:50

Condolences to all who have had a grief with DECREASED PREGNANCY. At the 37th week of pregnancy at the inspection 10.

IrunkaFriday, 16 January 2015 21:52

I do not know what to say. only tears in the eyes. My friend got married a second time, a boy from her first marriage. So wanted a second child from a beloved man. 3 frozen pregnancies, …

Svetlana SvvThursday, January 29, 2015 14:30

Girls, condole! Today I was also diagnosed with an ST of 10-11 weeks for an ultrasound. Generally came to the efficiency,

Taptusik Sunday, 01 February 2015 15:19

I sympathize with everyone at week 9 in early December, I noticed a pregnancy. Genetic analyzes ended, gave an error 69 XXY consultation with genetics and additional analyzes showed that everything is in order. It’s a shame, but …

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