How to breathe during pregnancy

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Similar problem. Went 22 weeks of pregnancy at first was only dyspnea when walking, but now and just when I do not do anything. A terrible state (((I’m afraid what will happen next. During the first pregnancy, it was difficult to breathe only after 7 months and only when I slept. I had to sleep while sitting. And during this pregnancy I’m even afraid to think about how to sleep. “

How to breathe during pregnancy

Girls, the same problem! At 13 weeks it was hard to breathe at night, constantly sighing, but not as deep as we would like. And now it’s 20 weeks, and tonight was hell. Could not sleep from 1 am to 5 am. A shortage of air has begun. On her side, it became easier, she began to fall asleep and immediately twitched from the fact that she was not breathing, she was already gasping for breath with a whistle, and so 30 times! When she felt that panic was coming her way, she stroked herself on the arm and reassured that it was only temporary and everything would pass. By the way, helped to throw his hands behind his head! – then it turned out to sigh as you want! Lord, how to get pregnant? And suddenly it will be worse.

And I have 12 weeks, and everything is just like yours, at night I stop breathing in my sleep and fail, I wake up from wild fright, and constantly do not take a deep breath, and after eating, do atas. I can not (((now the same thing).

24 week of pregnancy. All the same symptoms as all predecessors. I have to stay awake at night, especially when my husband clicks around with his mouse all the time, he doesn’t sleep until morning, he starts to annoy me! Before the decree, another 6 weeks, but at work they went on concessions because of my condition, in the end, after 3 days, leave for 5 weeks for the whole year, and immediately decree after. I probably would have gone crazy already rolling with dyspnea to work in public transport, barely lived to 24 weeks in this state. Pregnancy first, 35 years. Thank God that there was no toxicosis in the early stages while she worked, but now at least the remaining months will be a difficult period. From the street I will not get out for three hours at any time, it may be easier to breathe, and young mothers would take courses, maybe they would train the breathing apparatus. Sometimes it seems that the heart will not stand, will explode from lack of air!

29 weeks it feels like toxicity has returned! Dizziness, lack of air, feels hot. Sleep turns out only during the day, at night, heartburn! 5th birth))

25 week. 2 take. Also not enough air until the end of a sigh to make. constantly yawn. sleep was hard, nose stuffy. horror and not sosotoyanie.

The second month of pregnancy, it is difficult to breathe day and night. What can be done?

Good morning, Alice! Consultation of the therapist is necessary to exclude allergic pathology, respiratory, cardiac and blood diseases. Do you have any chronic diseases? Do not postpone the visit to the doctor. Take care of yourself.

I also have everything, I save myself before going to bed with an aroma lamp with eucalyptus, orange, grapefruit oil. I sleep with the window open, even in cold weather, it helps.

I have not only lack of air, but also atypical depression, I see a psychotherapist, he says that all this is due to depression, and went to the neurologist to diagnose the IRR, with the first child this was not, this is all very difficult, I do not live and exist . In the morning wake up min. 30 I walk normally, but the donkey has gone, then there is not enough air, then fears and horrible thoughts crawl into my head, I live every day like this. Now 37 weeks are left quite a bit, otherwise there are no forces to endure such a state, girls! Maybe someone had a similar? Very scary.

Same with me! It seems that I will soon suffocate week 34! You probably already gave birth. I hope this problem is gone?

How to breathe during pregnancy

I have a similar situation. The 38th week, it is hard to breathe, sometimes I just suffocate and continuously yawn, the doctor says this is normal, you need to walk more. The mood is terrible, I’m either very angry and tearing at everyone, or crying, I don’t know why. Has quarreled with all relatives and the husband. I hope after the birth everything will pass and my relatives will forgive me.

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