How to avoid pregnancy

How can you avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex

Now, thanks to the extensive number of methods and various methods of abortion, it has become much easier to avoid unplanned pregnancy. But unpleasant situations sometimes occur, and a woman after unprotected sexual intercourse falls into panic because of sperm that has got into her, as she is against unplanned pregnancy at this time.

What sex acts are considered unprotected

Unprotected sexual acts are those in which none of the partners used any methods of contraception, or they were used incorrectly:

  • Condom exploded
  • The pill was missed.
  • During ejaculation, sexual intercourse was interrupted out of time.
  • Sometimes one of the partners against pills and contraceptive methods.

How to avoid pregnancy

What contraceptive measures can be used after unprotected sex

Folk remedies against the occurrence of pregnancy

There are many old and modern folk methods, with the help of which many women try to avoid pregnancy:

  • Careful hygiene of the genital organs with the shower after intercourse
  • Hot bath immediately after sex
  • Douching with vinegar, lemon juice or its acid
  • The use of medicinal plants
  • The adoption of various pills, not intended against conception.

How to prepare vinegar solution for douching:

Two tablespoons of vinegar stir in a liter of cold water and the resulting solution to douche. This is a simple and effective way to prevent pregnancy; all male seminal fluid is washed out of the vagina after unprotected sex. Instead of vinegar, you can use another acid.

Many doctors oppose this method, believing that there is no effect from it.

Infusion of water lily root

Dry root of yellow water lily in the amount of 50 g. finely crush, pour in one liter of boiling water and leave on the fire for fifteen minutes. Strained and cooled decoction undermining the vagina after unprotected sexual intercourse.

But protection by folk methods does not give an absolute guarantee against pregnancy. Therefore, most gynecologists oppose them. The body of each woman is different, and if one was able to protect themselves using one of these methods, then the second may fail. To prevent negative effects, be sure to consult with your doctor.

What effect does interrupt intercourse

Immediately before ejaculation during unprotected intercourse, the man removes his penis from the vagina, in this case, the sperm almost does not enter the body of the woman. This method is very simple, but not very effective, so many women oppose it.

If after a short rest, sexual intercourse continues, then the remnants of sperm remaining on the penis can get into the uterus. Therefore, before the next act, a man should empty his bladder and take a shower, such procedures should be done by a woman, only in this case will it be possible to avoid the occurrence of pregnancy after unprotected sex. Emergency contraception with medical methods is more effective and safe. Modern pills, which include female hormones or dietary supplements that are not related to sex hormones, can prevent conception after unprotected sex, but if the pregnancy has already arisen, it is impossible to interrupt it with the help of a drunk pill.

Therefore, it is possible to use such methods no later than 72 hours after the occurrence of sex, while the fertilized egg did not have time to attach to the wall of the uterus. After this, the pills no longer have any effect, and it will not be possible to avoid pregnancy. According to the observations of doctors, after this time only 10% of women did not have fertilization, and if the drugs were taken in a timely manner, their effectiveness reached 98%.

After taking them for three days, a short-term menstruation appears, as these drugs break the menstrual cycle, which is restored after six months. There are a lot of “horror stories” about these drugs among women, so some women are categorically against their use, but if you compare abortion and EC pills, it is safer to take pills. Abortion traumatizes the uterus, causes a hormonal storm from an organism that has tuned in to pregnancy. The drug method to help prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex is milder.

How to take emergency contraception correctly:

  • Take the pills should be immediately after intercourse and no later than 72 hours.
  • Before taking, carefully study the instructions and do not exceed the dose indicated in it.
  • It is advisable to take the medicine on an empty stomach, so protection will be more effective.
  • If, after taking the medication, vomiting has occurred within two hours, it is better to take another dose.

The use of modern means for emergency contraception is almost safe if a woman does not have any contraindications for them, which are written in the instructions. In no case should such tablets be taken in case of liver diseases, in order to avoid prolonged and serious adverse reactions.

You can use them no more than twice a month, some every six months. All information is in the attached instructions. Before using the pills, it is advisable to discuss their reception with the gynecologist, if he is against taking them, he will be able to suggest other methods of contraception.

Physiological methods

So that unforeseen situations do not occur, and a woman can preserve health for the desired conception, she must know the features of her body. This requires observing the menstrual cycle and keeping its schedule.

In the first phase of the cycle, when it remains six days before ovulation, and immediately after it, you can have sex without protection, since the probability of conception is excluded. At this time, the cervical mucus becomes thick and sticky, forming a stopper that prevents sperm from moving. In the vagina environment because of this turns sour, because of which the sperm become immobile and quickly destroyed.

The advantages of physiological methods:

  • No side effects some pills can give
  • No material costs required.
  • Marital relations may become more intimate


  • You must constantly monitor your organisms.
  • Daily records required
  • Daily basal temperature required
  • It is required to give up sex life on days favorable for conception — this is more than a week in each cycle, therefore many men oppose this method.
  • Not suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles
  • Protection against sexually transmitted diseases is not provided.

Many girls and women who oppose drug treatment and do not want to take hormonal pills, use contraceptives, insert candles and strongly oppose condoms, can use physiological means and not protect themselves.

If, after all the measures taken, the menstruation is still delayed for a week or is short and scanty, there are other signs of pregnancy, you should use the pregnancy test and consult a doctor.

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What is emergency post-coital contraception and how does it differ from abortion? ^

The principal difference between emergency contraception and abortion is that emergency contraception drugs prevent the development of pregnancy, but in no case do they kill the embryo. The fact is that the conception process does not begin immediately after intercourse, but after 0-72 hours, so the pill must be taken as quickly as possible. And so the sooner you take action, the less chances there are to conceive. The probability of becoming pregnant within one month, without using contraceptive measures, is no more than 20%.

What if 72 hours have passed? ^

If more than 3 days have passed since the moment of unprotected sexual intercourse, the use of emergency contraceptive pills will not help. In such cases, you can apply the installation of the intrauterine device (IUD), but no later than 5-6 days after unprotected sex.

According to statistics, 2 out of 10 women who have had unprotected sexual intercourse, who have taken emergency abortion measures, still become pregnant. After the first menstruation, when the act of non-pregnancy is confirmed, the IUD can be removed, or left, which will help prevent further

Negative body effects of emergency contraceptive methods ^

The main disadvantage of this group of funds is the short period of effective action (up to 5 days). Of course, this imposes significant restrictions on the choice of such methods. In addition, there are a number of side effects that often occur when taking emergency contraceptive pills, such as nausea, vomiting, and drinking. If unprotected sex is difficult to avoid, and you are not ready for conception, it is recommended to use birth control pills on an ongoing basis.

Remember! Taking emergency contraceptive drugs increases the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy.

Today, in the pharmacy of Russia and Ukraine, you can buy emergency contraceptive pills of two brands: Postinor (available in the form of disc-shaped white tablets, one tablet contains 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel) Read more about the tablets Postinor Escapel (produced in the form of tablets, 1, 5 mg., One tablet of Escapela contains levonorgestrel

An alternative to these drugs is Ginepristone (Mifepristone). Read more about the tablets Ginepristone.

How to prevent pregnancy

From the variety of contraceptives you can choose the one that suits you best. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of your body, the regularity of sexual contacts and the presence of a permanent sexual partner.

Unprotected sex includes:

– sexual intercourse in which a man had ejaculation inside a woman’s vagina; – sexual intercourse that occurred without the use of protection and was interrupted by a man outside the vagina; – the first sexual intercourse was with a condom or other contraceptive means, and the next one without after intercourse or during it you noticed that the condom was torn; – the pill was missed; – ejaculation occurred on the female’s external genitals, sperm in this case could get inside

Torn condom

Despite the fact that condoms undergo strict quality control, there is still a chance that it will break during intercourse, this is not a one hundred percent method in question, how to prevent pregnancy. Incorrect size, intensive sexual intercourse, the use of additional artificial lubricant can affect the integrity of the condom, so at the end of sexual intercourse you need to carefully check whether everything is in order with this contraceptive. If you notice that the condom was torn during intercourse, then regardless of whether it was ejaculating or not, you need to do a douching. The solution for douching can be prepared from 0.5% salicylic acid, laundry soap or lemon juice. The solution should be made slightly acidic, diluting it with water and rinse the vagina with it in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes.

Interrupted intercourse

The advantages of this method of protection is the availability, cost-effectiveness, the absence of unpleasant sensations, as well as interrupted sexual intercourse is harmless to health. However, he has many drawbacks: – interrupted sexual intercourse does not protect against sexually transmitted infections; – a man has to control his ejaculation during sexual intercourse, which often prevents both partners from getting full pleasure; – there is a possibility of conception because men may be lubricated

Unprotected intercourse

No matter how we try to always strictly monitor the protection, contraception may not be at hand at the time of passion and therefore unprotected sex will occur. Already after the orgasm, we can think, and suddenly it was today that the possibility of getting pregnant was the maximum, and we will begin to think how to protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancy. In the pharmacy, you can purchase special spermicidal preparations that can be used no later than 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Emergency contraception

This type of contraception helps to avoid pregnancy. If, during an abortion, the development of an existing embryo is suppressed, then emergency contraception methods hinder its development. It is useless to use emergency contraception after three days after unprotected intercourse, because they will not have any effect. These drugs have a high percentage of effectiveness, however, and an extensive list of side effects, because of which many do not dare to use them. A blow to women’s health when applying emergency contraception is done by a large dose of hormones contained in them. That is why drugs for emergency contraception should be used only as a truly “emergency method” and only in case of extreme

Thanks to the achievements of medicine, in our age there is a large arsenal of means and methods for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Do not use contraceptives on their own, without the recommendation of a doctor. A competent doctor will select a method of protection for you.

Means to prevent conception

In the first place should put a condom. Today, a condom can be considered not only as a means to prevent pregnancy, but also as a kind of “toy” that introduces diversity in the sex life of the couple. When a condom breaks, a woman should syringe, regardless of whether it was ejaculation or not. The solution for douching can be prepared from citric acid, juice, laundry soap, boric acid, but one rule should be observed: the solution should not be concentrated, but weakly acidic. If a burning sensation appears, dilute the solution with water.

How to avoid pregnancy

Douching is carried out for 3-5 minutes, wash the semen from the vagina should be in a circular motion.

Emergency contraception

Spermicidal drugs are considered safer and more effective. Such drugs are introduced into the vagina. If you break the condom and semen into the vagina should proceed to emergency contraception. The formation of a fertilized cell occurs on day 5. The effectiveness of spermicides will be high if measures are taken no later than 72 hours after intercourse.

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, after intercourse, a woman should take oral contraceptives orally.

This procedure is divided into two stages, the first intake of the drug should be made no later than three days after the unprotected act, and the second intake after 12 hours.

Each drug is different dosage and composition:

  • “Ovidon” is taken twice a day, two tablets (12 hours between doses);
  • “Femoden”, “Regulon”, “Marvelon”, “Mikroginon”, “Regividon” receive four tablets twice a day;
  • “Logest”, “Mersilon” take 5 tablets twice a day;
  • “Postinor”, the most effective drug, take the first pill no later than 48 hours after the act, and the second after 12 hours.

These funds are harmful to the female body. Caution should be taken “Dinazol” and “Postinor”. The dosage of this emergency contraception should not exceed four tablets per month. These drugs have many side effects.

The dosage of all drugs should not be exceeded, since it is possible to provoke real bleeding instead of menstruation.

Nausea may occur while taking pills. To prevent vomiting, it is recommended to eat something salty, meat or drink a glass of milk. It can also prevent vomiting and nausea with a lemon wedge.

If after a couple of days, you feel a menstrual-like reaction, it means that you have managed to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. In the absence of signs should consult a gynecologist and pass pregnancy tests. Remember that this method of protection is an emergency method, about its harm, see the video below. Therefore, do not forget about the usual ways of protection.

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Learning how to prevent pregnancy can be difficult, since there are a large number of options for choosing contraceptive measures. The contraceptives you use are a personal choice that must be carefully considered. Learning the different ways is the first step to finding one that fits your beliefs and lifestyle.

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