How the chest grows

A female breast is a special organism that is intended for feeding a child. Its development is directly dependent on the puberty of the body and on all significant changes during the reproductive age. Often, girls and girls notice swelling of the mammary glands at a young age – this usually means that the breast is in the stage of active growth, as it is influenced by hormones.

Growth and growth phases of the mammary glands can be divided into several periods, they will also depend on the age of the female body. The female breast grows and begins to actively form from 10-12 years old, when the girl enters the phase of puberty. You can understand this simply – the first symptoms manifest themselves in the form of an increase in the mammary glands, which are accompanied by pain and discomfort.

During the period of the onset of the first menstruation, the chest signals the beginning of a new period in life – it sometimes hurts on the sides, the nipples increase, and the pigmentation increases. Such signs of breast growth are often similar to those that occur during pregnancy.

In girls, there may be severe and sharp pains in the chest. However, it can be said that the pain does not extend to the internal tissues of the organ. The pain may occur due to the fact that the skin is stretched, itching and burning. This is a normal phenomenon, the occurrence of stretch marks (stretch marks) is not excluded. Often they appear within 2-4 hours at the moment when the peak of growth of the glandular tissue occurs. As the skin grows, it “bursts” and cannot “catch up” with the girl’s hormonal change, from which many people note the inelasticity of the skin, redness and severe itching.

Stages of breast development

If we talk about the development of the breast, we can distinguish several active periods, during which it is visible that there are obvious changes. So, several phases and stages of maturation and growth of the mammary glands:

  1. From birth to 9-10 years. This is the first phase of progression in girls. It is due to the fact that the breast still has implicit forms, the flat gland is similar to the male. At the same time, they note that some girls, who start developing early, can already see how their nipples are swollen, and the skin around the areola has turned red.
  1. The second stage of development begins in girls from 12 to 13 years. This is a short period, when during a maximum of a year a girl can notice significant changes – this is the formation of an oval and round nipple, the mammary gland also changes, becoming softer, but more elastic. The girls, who later develop the physiological one, develop that during this period there are significant changes not in the shape of the breast, but in its compaction. It becomes harder, sometimes it hurts.
  1. The third period is especially important in the life of every girl. It begins in girls at the age of 13 and continues to 14. This phase is characterized by the fact that the nature of menstruation may change somewhat in girls, the schedule for the onset of menstruation is disrupted and the ovulation phase moves. This is due to the formation of hormonal levels. It can also be noted that in one year the breast may change in shape – at first it becomes conical, then goes into a round one. At the same time, the areola becomes dark, like in a pregnant woman, and the contour at the junction of the nipple and skin is completely covered with red spots. It is not a disease or pathology, you should not interfere on your own or involve doctors in this case.
  1. Period between the ages of 14 and 14.5 years. The shortest and most important moment in the life of a girl. The mammary gland is actively growing, also increases the% connective tissue. This age is already considered reproductive, so mother nature has taken care of possible offspring. The ducts in the mammary gland are growing rapidly, while there is “squeezing” and a feeling of discomfort. For one night, the girl can feel how in the morning the breast size has increased, and the iron hurts more and more.
  1. Period in girls from 14.5 and up to 15 years. The peak of development (not to be confused with the formation) of the mammary glands. The gland has formed in its shape – it is round, without an elongated nipple, the areola also forms a circle.

Important! The growth and development of the mammary glands depends on the physiology of the female body.

What determines the size of the breast

Many girls wondered what the size of the glands depends on, and why their growth in each happens differently. If it is based on physiological features regarding the stage of development and their beginning, then heredity and individual disposition can speak about size. The girl can “go genetically” to the older generation, preceding the parents regarding the shape and activity of the glands.

Some girls are puzzled by this question, because it happens that the iron “does not grow” and does not reach the development, as was the case with the mother or maternal grandmother. Again, it all depends on the personal characteristics of the body. The small gland and its size still does not speak of pathology, if the parents and grandparents had a magnificent bust shape.

Another reason may be hormonal deficiency and a violation in the development and formation of hormonal levels. In this case, the girl may not know that there are any violations or diseases. In this case, heredity plays a big role. This factor cannot be influenced; therefore, it is worthwhile to approach this issue very seriously, since the future generation depends on the degree of gland formation.

When to start wearing a bra

The choice of bra should be approached seriously. Many girls start wearing it early because of public opinion. This is underwear, and the period in which it is worth wearing, a girl should understand for herself.

As a rule, a girl aged 12 to 15 years old can already start wearing underwear. Size must be selected only under the bust shape. No need to wear squeezing bras, or those based on the push-up system. Concerning the sizes, allocate:

  • AA – zero and zero full;
  • And – the first size;
  • B – second size;
  • C – the third size.

How the chest grows

When choosing the size of the cups also need to agree on the size of the volume under the bust. Underwear should always be measured, and not by eye to buy and wear afterwards, which had to be bought. It is advisable to buy linen from pure cotton for the first time. If the girl is shy of a small gland, you do not need to wear underwear with special inserts to increase the volume, synthetic fabrics, linings. This can harm the proper development and formation of the breasts.

According to gynecologists, it is not recommended to use non-natural tissues of young girls. It is important to monitor the health of the gland and its normal development, since synthetic fibers can disrupt the formation of proper formation of tissues inside the breasts. As a result, a woman may suffer from a lack of milk when breastfeeding.

Exercise for the chest

If the gland grows, it becomes heavier and more elastic. Involuntarily, the skin can stretch, and the position of the nipple significantly reduced, indicating that the wrong care for her. An important stage in the development of the mammary glands is to play sports. Daily exercise is not necessary, it is enough to give a young body 2-3 hours a week. In this exercise, it is necessary to carry out in front of a mirror or a trainer in order to observe the process of training and the instructor’s remarks.

Basic exercises that help to maintain the shape and keep the skin in good condition:

  • Bench press.
  • Compression in the palms.
  • Push ups from the floor or chair.
  • Jogging.
  • Exercises with a rope.

Regarding the issue of how to increase and maintain shape, girls often resort to such a decision as taking birth control pills. They are based on hormonal supplements, therefore they contribute to an increase in the gland (deposition of adipose tissue) in different parts of the body. It is a mistake to believe that pills can trigger gland growth. They only have an impact on the formation of adipose tissue in the chest, as well as the buttocks, abdomen and other parts of the body.

You can not use hormones without a doctor at your own will! This can lead to a violation of the physiological functions of the female body, as well as create the basis for the development of cancer.

Women often notice that breast growth also occurs when they become pregnant. The bust at the same time increases in size, and grows every day. This is not true – she cannot grow from the birth of life inside a woman – she is just developing her milk ducts, gaining prolactin and preparing for future offspring. But such a case should also be considered, since even a physical increase is also relevant to this topic.

Breast augmentation during pregnancy

When pregnancy occurs, the mammary gland of a woman will always respond to the appearance of a “new” organism. Thus, at the physiological level, it produces a portion of prolactin, while increasing the mammary glands. Also, the nipple color, areola size changes dramatically. These signs more indicate the onset of pregnancy, but it is impossible not to note the changes in the bust regarding this situation.

The mammary gland first reacts to the fetus. It increases growth and volume in size, with swelling observed. It can be used to determine before any test whether there is a pregnancy, what it is, its duration and

If the gland does not increase by this period, that is, there is a violation, or there is a frozen pregnancy. It is necessary to undergo a monthly consultation with a gynecologist, to be examined. It is also important to remember that there are many signs of an increase in the bust, and you should not take it all for one thing – growth and increase by age.

How the chest grows

If a woman is not pregnant and is in reproductive age, she is over 18 years old, and the gland has noticeably increased without obvious reasons, a study is needed. Tumor, cancer cells, carcinogens, hormonal disruption, cold and infection can contribute to this growth. When the latter is necessary to carry out medical intervention. With a cold, a woman may feel weakness, constriction, and the bust hurts and burns. Often there is a change in the shape of the nipples, growth and color change of the areola. The color becomes bright light shades, there are spots and reddish specks.

Therefore, based on all the possible and existing causes and signs of an increase in the bust, it is necessary to immediately establish the prerequisites for the emergence of such a clear symptom of development. Doctors say that 80% of women do not know that they are pregnant, 70% of them never thought that if the breast aches and aches, this indicates the formation of a fetus inside it. Under any circumstances, go through a gynecologist and a breast specialist to establish the true causes of the growth of the gland.

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