How soon can I take a pregnancy test

The test is positive, but the ultrasound shows nothing

Hello! The first day of the last month is February 17, 2009, and the last is February 22. I did the test on March 16 – the result is positive, I did it after 5 more tests and the result is the same – there is a pregnancy. March 17 went to the ultrasound, but the doctor said that the uterus is enlarged, but there is nothing and asked to come in a week. Although my chest is enlarged, so sensitive that hoo! The basal temperature of 37.7, nauseous, dizzy, for some reason, disturbed sleep. Eat like a hamster. Well, on the salty draw. Tell me what to do? Is there a pregnancy? The test is positive, but the ultrasound shows nothing? Maybe it is still very early and nothing is visible on the ultrasound? And the lower abdomen, and indeed the abdominal region sips, discomfort ..

Most likely there is a pregnancy. Ultrasound in the early stages is not always visible fertilized egg, so the doctor advised you to come in a week, that’s when you will see.

Sincerely, Yurchenko Oksana Viktorovna.

There is no pregnancy, but the test is positive

Positive test in the absence of pregnancy on ultrasound

There is no pregnancy, and the test is positive – sometimes there are such cases in medical practice. For some reason, tests can show a similar result, and how is it dangerous for a woman? We will consider 5 possible reasons why the test is positive, and there is no pregnancy, as shown by ultrasound.

Good tests, with high sensitivity, can show two stripes as early as 10 days after intercourse, that is, almost immediately after the introduction of the egg into the wall of the reproductive organ for subsequent development. While not every doctor will be able to notice a tiny fertilized egg, and not every honey. institutions are modern ultrasonic diagnostic devices. If the test is positive and there are no signs of pregnancy, except for the absence of menstruation, you need to visit a doctor for a gynecological examination. Or immediately take a blood test for hCG.

Unfortunately, if the pregnancy test is positive and there is no pregnancy on the ultrasound, there is a high probability that the egg starts to develop outside the uterus – for example, in the fallopian tube. The situation is insoluble. A woman is operated on — the fertilized egg is removed (often together with the fallopian tube), since otherwise rupture of the fallopian tube and death may occur. Confirming or refuting ectopic pregnancy is possible only with the help of diagnostic laparoscopy, during which the decision about the operation can be made.

How soon can I take a pregnancy test

3. Corrupted or incorrectly done test. Sometimes tests come across in pharmacies that show an inaccurate result. But more often women themselves violate the sequence of the test, although it is very simple. For example, they may hold the urine strip longer than recommended, or try to evaluate the result not in a few minutes, as recommended by the manufacturer, but in a few hours. Then the second strip of pale may appear. This is how messages about a positive test in the absence of pregnancy appear – but there is nothing strange here. Follow the instructions exactly and get the right result.

4. There are diseases in which hCG is produced. These are oncological diseases, as well as pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, kidneys, etc. So, a man can have two stripes on the test. And this is a reason for donating blood for beta-hCG and, with a positive result, at least a visit to the general practitioner.

5. Recently there was a miscarriage, an abortion, a frozen or an ectopic pregnancy. After them, a positive pregnancy test is normal. But only for a few days after the interruption. The number of these days depends on the duration of the pregnancy at which it was interrupted.

Have you had a dream? Interpret it!

This applies to both methods of ultrasound diagnosis.

Transabdominal examination involves pre-filling the bladder. To do this, you need to either not urinate for 3 hours, or an hour before the test, drink 2-3 glasses of water without gas, after which you do not empty your bladder.

Before a transvaginal probe, it is necessary to completely empty the bladder. For this, it is recommended to come to the clinic a little in advance and visit the local toilet.

When it is necessary to do an ultrasound for pregnancy

  1. If there is a menstruation delay, then the test produces a weak second strip. In this case, before going on an ultrasound scan, it is necessary to determine the chorionic gonadotropin of blood and remember its level. This may be needed in the future.
  2. With a delay of menstruation and a positive test, if the gynecologist during the examination does not see signs that you will soon become a mother.
  3. If the delay is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen.
  4. Monthly “delayed” for 1.5-2 weeks or more (“failure” in 5-7 days is considered acceptable), then there was a discharge of blood of any volume and any color, even if it is a small amount of brown discharge.

How to conduct research

  1. Vaginal examination is performed with an empty bladder.
  2. A woman removes all that is below the belt, falls on the couch and bends the legs at the knees.
  3. A small-diameter sensor in the condom is inserted into the vagina.
  4. Determination of pregnancy with ultrasound is possible from the 5th day of the delayed menstruation (better if later).

Diagnosis with the abdominal sensor is made easier. A woman can simply lift the clothes, opening for the study the entire stomach. The sensor will guide the doctor through the stomach, choosing a convenient angle for visualizing the reproductive organs.

In the same way is done and 3d ultrasound during pregnancy. This method of ultrasound to determine pregnancy can be done from 7-10 days from the delay of monthly bleeding.

Interpretation of ultrasound diagnostic data

  • a drop-shaped or round hypoechoic formation is found
  • its diameter is 3-5 mm or more (depending on the period)
  • the formation is surrounded by a thin shell
  • if the pregnancy is uterine, this formation (fertilized egg) is located in the tubular angle of the uterus (more rarely, lower in the uterus)
  • if ectopic pregnancy, the presence of education with such characteristics is described in the fallopian tube, in the cervix or in the abdominal cavity.

In addition, ultrasound can determine pregnancy indirectly – by the presence of the corpus luteum. Normally, this small endocrine gland should regress with the onset of menses. But if their term has come, and the corpus luteum is there, it indicates that you are probably pregnant.

Frequently asked questions about ultrasound diagnosis

1. What does it mean if the test shows pregnancy and ultrasound does not?

  1. You went to this research early. Look again at how much ultrasound shows pregnancy: at least 5 days should pass after the delay of menstruation. And this figure applies only to transvaginal research.
  2. You have an ectopic pregnancy, which is not yet visible on ultrasound. Do not rush to panic, donate blood to the level of human chorionic gonadotropin. It must be at least 1000 IU / l. Retake this analysis after 1.5-2 weeks, the level should increase several times (at 4-5 week it is 5-30 thousand IU / l).
  3. Somewhere there is an additional source of production of chorionic gonadotropin, which causes the second strip to appear on the test. It can be such pathologies of pregnancy as a vesicle skid, as well as some liver tumors. In this case, it is also necessary to conduct a repeated ultrasound examination, and the determination of hCG in the dynamics.

The lack of visualization of the embryo at obstetric week 7 suggests that conception, if it took place, does not develop.

2. When is it best to do an ultrasound to determine pregnancy

In order not to suffer from the unknown, it is best to undergo a diagnosis at gestational week 5, that is, 20-22 days from the delay of menstruation. Of course, on the ultrasound you can see the pregnancy earlier – for 5-10 days from the delay.

But the mere detection of the ovum does not indicate that it develops: there is such a pathology as “anembryogeny”. This means that the ovum consists only of membranes, but the embryo is not in them.

It is at week 5 that the heart of the embryo begins to contract for the first time, which can be fixed with the help of a vaginal sensor (abdominal method – from 6-7 weeks). Further state of the heart and blood vessels of the fetus will help the USDG during pregnancy, which is held from week 24.

3. Where is this diagnosis done?

Where to go ultrasound pregnancy. This is best done not in multidisciplinary diagnostic centers, but on the basis of maternity hospitals, antenatal clinics, and family planning centers as a free option.

How soon can I take a pregnancy test

Pay ultrasound for pregnant women can be held in medical centers, clinics specializing in the diagnosis and management of pregnancy. The cost of research on short terms – from 1000 to 2100 rubles.

Better alert than cure

Therefore, a study to determine pregnancy should be done according to the strict indications indicated above. To do it for the sake of a photo in a family album is an impermissible disorder towards the child.

In order to maximally protect oneself from the passage of an ultrasound study at the initial dates, it is best to undergo an ultrasound when planning pregnancy. This is done in the first half of the cycle (as soon as the menstrual period is over), it gives information about the state of the uterus and appendages.

In addition, it is necessary to exclude the presence of the future child in the father and the presence of chronic diseases. For this purpose, specialists such as an ophthalmologist, an endocrinologist and a cardiologist pass; a woman gives blood to the level of thyroid hormones, markers of viral hepatitis and TORCH infection.

So, when the ultrasound shows pregnancy, doctors will explain that the fertilized egg can be seen already 5 days after the delay. More precisely, in order not to have to re-conduct research in such a short period, it is better to undergo this diagnosis in 2-3 weeks from the moment of the first day of the “unwound” menstruation. If there are no contraindications, the optimal ultrasound technique for diagnosing conception is transvaginal.

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Positive tests and the absence of pregnancy by ultrasound.

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In general, I now have 36 dts. With 34 ds, the tests persistently show two strips, with two different companies taking two. I decided to make a test because I began to lose weight drastically due to loss of appetite and an eternal desire to drink. Before, I never drank water in such quantities, but here I have no desire to eat a constant dry drink, but I constantly began to carry a bottle of water with me. And for a couple of hours I drink it. Well, CMM is high. Today I went on an ultrasound scan, I decided to make sure there is a B or not, because I have plane tickets for the 13th flight (9 o’clock). The ultrasound doctor did not detect the pregnancy and said that there are no even indirect signs. How then are the tests? I did not take any HCG preparations, there was no miscarriage. It only remains – the presence of a hormone-producing tumor (chorionic epithelioma of the uterus or cystic skid). Well, here I would not have said either, it would probably be seen by ultrasound And just a hormonal failure, the tests will not be too bad. For the sake of interest, after the ultrasound, I went to the pharmacy and bought another test – again, a positive one. In the photo – he is the last. Here I sit and do not know what to think. Most worried about the flight. I really do not want to find myself on the ankle in blood on a plane or a foreign country. Pah-pah-pah. Pregnancy is welcome, but I can’t give up the flight. I have a son and there will definitely be nothing to feed him if I do not fly now. I forgot to add that BT in the morning today (36 ds)

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  • “At first, the first one was all alone, I was glad I put it off and calmed down, then I looked after time and saw a weakly pronounced strip, I don’t even know how, it was generally eaten-ate noticeable. I went for the second on the same day – the situation is similar. the next day I went to the ultrasound and then didn’t find anything, so I passed the test for hgch – a sentence of 1-2 weeks of pregnancy, then I understood the terms I had 9 days like conception, we rarely saw a guy, so it was easy to determine . the only thing that immediately said there is a risk of ectopic, as the daub I had, but very

Pervouralskmamau I was like this .. there was a delay, I made a test – positive. I was delighted .. but after five days I started bleeding .. (I thought immediately for periods), I did the test again – positive. and after menstruation was already clean. Uzi also showed that they were just monthly. Old sick woman! Wrinkles with an iron can not be smoothed, nose hook, ears like a Cheburashka :) Yekaterinburgmama I have been like that. My periods were regular. always came day to day. And then a delay of one day. And begin monthly. Only everyone goes somehow poorly .. Suspicions began and I made a test – the second strip is pale. Ran to the doctor, sent to the ultrasound,

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