How smoking affects pregnancy

Many future mothers are concerned about the issue of how smoking affects pregnancy. In our article we will discuss this topic in detail. According to statistics, one third of the total number of pregnant women smokes. These are impressive figures, considering that everyone knows about the dangers of smoking today. It has long been scientifically proven that the habit of a cigarette is one of the most pernicious.

Does smoking affect pregnancy? If a pregnant woman smokes, this is reflected not only in her health, but also in the development of the fetus. Experts conducted a lot of research, with the help of which it was possible to confirm that smoking is extremely negative. Smoking women are more likely to have problems with conception. The harm of this habit on the fetus should be described in detail.

Why pregnant can not smoke

Doctors say that smoking is a common cause of miscarriages. In 14% of cases, problems during pregnancy are caused by the harmful effects of cigarettes. The fetus of a pregnant woman is threatened with death at the very beginning of the term. In addition, smoking is one of the causes of uterine bleeding in women in the position.

Nicotine can cause vasospasm. Quite a common phenomenon – a spasm of the placental vessels in carrying a child. Smoking causes numerous disturbances in the metabolic processes that occur between the mother and the fetus. The future baby receives insufficient nutrients and oxygen.

Harm of smoking during pregnancy is obvious. Therefore, most women quit smoking immediately after they see two bright stripes on the test. This is the best way out in this situation. If a woman wants to give birth to a healthy baby, she will certainly get rid of cigarettes. If you smoked during the period when conception occurred, then the gynecologist should be told about this. After assessing your condition, he may prescribe special drugs to prevent hypoxia and other possible consequences of bad habits.

There are girls who are well aware of the dangers of smoking. However, the most difficult thing is to convince them of the reality of such consequences. In fact, nicotine addiction is very dangerous. First of all, we are talking about oxygen starvation of the fetus. When smoking forms carbon monoxide, which interacts with hemoglobin. As a result, hemoglobin loses its ability to bind with oxygen. This causes oxygen starvation of the mother and fetus.

If pregnant continues to smoke

Especially dangerous is smoking in late pregnancy. As a result of a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the fetus, development slows down. A baby can be born with a small weight. In such children, jaundice of newborns lasts a long time. Doctors say that they are more susceptible to other diseases of the respiratory organs. In addition, “sudden infant death syndrome” is often diagnosed in the group of these children. In the future, the kids are observed various disorders in physical and intellectual development. They are at risk because they are likely to have Down syndrome, obesity and diabetes. Children of smoking mothers often get sick, suffer from sleep disorders and fall behind in school.

Smoking a pregnant woman is reflected in the condition of the woman. She may have symptoms such as severe toxemia, dizziness, and constipation. Nicotine causes drowsiness, metabolic disturbances, depression and reduced immunity. Pregnant smokers usually suffer from a lack of vitamin C, so their immune protection is reduced.

After childbirth, smoking continues to adversely affect the baby if the mother is breastfeeding. Such a baby has poor immunity, so it often catches colds. A child can be very moody. We should not forget the consequences of smoking for the woman herself – it is cancer, heart disease and bronchitis.

Is passive smoking harmful to pregnancy?

Experts say that passive smoking is no less harmful for pregnant than active. It is dangerous and destructive for the future baby. A passive smoker is a person who has to endure cigarette smoke. In the lungs of an active smoker, only 20% of the harmful components found in cigarettes fall. All other substances it releases into the surrounding air.

How smoking affects pregnancy

If a pregnant woman is in close proximity to a smoker, then in one hour she will receive a full “dose” of a cigarette. Therefore, her body is exposed to the same negative effect of smoking, as the body of the culprit. The usual harmful factors dangerous to human health, multiply when it comes to pregnancy.

Studies show that moms who were forced to endure smoking, had problems not only with conception, but also with bearing. Such women are at great risk, as more than a third of pregnancies end in preterm labor if there is poisoning of the mother’s body with nicotine. Even with passive smoking, mommy’s natural metabolic processes are disturbed. Therefore, the fetus loses oxygen. It may be underweight and hypoxia. Additional factors that indicate the harm of passive smoking, relate to the very future mother. She may experience nausea, stomach cramps, headaches, insomnia, etc.

We list the effects of passive smoking, which may show up in the future baby:

  • weak lungs, which is a prerequisite for the development of bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia;
  • food allergies;
  • poor immunity;
  • frequent diseases in the first years of life.

These symptoms threaten a pregnant woman even if she complies with all the doctor’s prescriptions. Irresponsible attitude of others can have the most disastrous consequences. Therefore, in the waiting period for the baby, do not smoke and do not allow your loved ones to smoke in your presence. It should take 8 hours after smoking a cigarette, so that the blood would lose its harmful substances and be filled with oxygen. After 2 days, olfactory and taste analyzers are restored. After a week you can see an improvement in complexion.

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