How much gain during pregnancy

Zrozumіlo, scho zbіlshennya masi tіla for vagitno ї zhinki – tse absolutely normal name. Feeding in that, skylki recruiting the first hour vagіnostnі i yaky nabіr vagi vvazhati normal.

How much gain during pregnancy

Normally є 12 kg., Skylka axis should be typed for vaginity. In the middle of the world, vagitne zhіn zbіlshuєitsya 7-16 kg. Skilki kg. recruit for vagnit, lay ad vid bezlіchі faktor_v: vagi zhinki to vagіtnostі, vagi fetus, features of the organisation of the mother, nayavnostі abo vіdsutsnostі zahvoryuvan, ratsionu kharchuvannya, rukhovo ї activitі і t.

In the case of the tendented ladies, I will get 14–15 kg near the vagina. Normally, 14–15 kg should be drilled., At the bottom of the norm, 12 kg., For the great women – 9 kg. Yakscho dіty bіlshe one (bagatoplіdna vagіtnіst), then normal nabіr vagi – 14 – 22 kg.

How much gain during pregnancy

What is the waggle of waggons?

At the first kіlka tizhnіv zhіntsі neobhіdno save up a ball of fatty tissue, schob of podgotuvati organ_zm to viroblennya milk і year_vіl breast. Fat reserve zberigayutsya і pіslya polog_v, vitrachayuchis act.

More than half of the total host mass of the body of the vagina is delivered to the placenta and the placenta of the bowel. Rozpod_lyatsya zayvі kіlogrami Maybutnim moms this rank:

  • pid – about 3 kg;
  • placenta – 0.6 kg;
  • the uterus (zbіlshuєєitsya in rozmіrah pіd hour vagіtnostі) – 0.97 kg;
  • navkoloplіdo Ridin – 0.85 kg;
  • zbіlshennya blood swine – 1.4 kg;
  • fat supplement – 2.3 kg;
  • zbіlshennya cusp posedaklіtinno Ridini – 1.5 kg;
  • Milk dairy disease – 0.4 kg.

Pam’yatayte, pto plіd growth povіlno in the first 20 tizhnіv vag_nostі і duzhe shvidko – in the other 20 tizhnіv. Starpoints of the placenta. Amnіotichna rіdina pitch іnness tіlki from the 10th tizhnya, up to 20 tizhnіv Іїї swap reach є 300 ml, up to 30 – 600 ml, up to 35 – 1000 ml, then took the troch zmenshutsya.

Scheme іmіnіrnoy zbіlshennya masi tіla

Naibіlsh tochny pokazniki for porivnyannya that analіzu virakhovuyut for help ІМТ – індеекс мі тіла, yaky otyrimuyumat at rozpodіlі masi tіla people in logbooks at a new building, turns in meters in squares. Perform good online calculators of your wagons. For help of them, scroll through the bullet points.

Broken down the schematic of the third world economy of the domestic vans in the fi eld of IMT in terms of vagnity. An IMT indicator is less than 19.8, then the wedge is short, at IMT 19.8-26 – normal weight, at IMT more than 26 – supersplent mass, at IMT more than 29 – obirinnya.

Skіlki can dial for vagіtnіst, lay і vіd vihіdnogo ІMT test. With an IMT of less than 19.8, you can get 15 kg, with an IMT of 19.8-26, the norm for a set is 12 kg, with an IMT of more than 26 – close to 9 kg.

Zbіlshennya vazі for termіnam vagіnostі

In case of different terms, roznіznitsya shvidkit a set of vagi and absolute indicators of all kinds of cars. In the middle, in the first ten years, a 0.2 kg increase was made in the amount. H 10-ій to 20-ty tjdeni increase of the vagi is guilty of a store of approximately 0.3 kg per thousand. H 20-ій 30 y – 0.4 kg per tenge. From the 30th to the 40th, a weight of 0.3 kg per kilo. In 9 months, change the wheel to the point of view of the 8th month. Skills are chosen for vaginal, in theory they are insured in terms of trimesters, in absolute terms і in percentage sp_vv_dnoshennі. However, all approximate demonstrators, supposedly not vrahovuyvat іndivіdualnogo peculiarities of the skin okremogo vipadku.

If you consult a consultant of Lіkar

Zvertatisya to Lіkarya slіd, as follows:

  • for 2 years of vagnosti zbіlshennya vagi nemaє vazalі (not rahuyuchi hour early toxicosis);
  • recovered for a story more, less than 1 kg in the third trimester;
  • Daily priority significantly means that which is planned;
  • I’m interested in horse racing.

Have yakomu vipadku, skіlki notrіbno nabrat vagіtnіst, іndivіdualno virіshuш tіlki lіkar, provіdnii spostorezhennya.

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