How long do a planned cesarean

In anticipation of the touching moment of acquaintance with her baby, every woman wants to know the date of delivery in advance. This will provide an opportunity to prepare, to assemble an “anxious briefcase” in the maternity hospital and to tune in psychologically. Let’s figure out how many weeks do caesarean.

Caesarean section is planned and emergency. Indications for it occur both during pregnancy and during childbirth.

The date of the operation will depend not only on you, but also on the hospital where you are going to give birth. Indeed, in each clinic has its own rules. One thing is for sure, they do a planned operation in full-term pregnancy or as close as possible to this date.

How long do a planned caesarean?

Ideal if you have a planned operation. At the same time, mother and baby feel good, their condition is not in danger. In this situation, you can perform a cesarean section with the onset of contractions.

How long do a planned cesarean

For a baby, this is very good, since childbirth will begin only when your baby is ready for birth and is fully mature for it.

In addition, it will have a positive effect on breastfeeding.

Such a situation is possible, for example, in diseases of the eyes, the skeletal system, if the size of the mother’s pelvis is smaller than the circumference of the baby’s head, if the mother had previous breaks in the rectum, there are tumors of the uterus (myoma), vagina, and pelvic bones that interfere with natural birth.

In these situations, a planned caesarean section can be performed with the onset of labor activity for a period of 38-41 weeks. But the female consultation doctor will refer you to the maternity hospital in advance, in the period of 38-39 weeks.

How long do a planned cesarean

It is necessary to pass tests and perform additional examinations, if necessary.

By the way, if you like any number, you can ask the doctor to schedule an operation for that day. Your wishes will be taken into account if possible.

What week do the surgery?

It depends on the specific obstetric situation.

How long do a planned cesarean

  • When pelvic presentation of the fetus. You are hospitalized in advance, at 38-39 weeks. After weighing all the pros and cons, they will make a decision: caesarean or natural childbirth. If a cesarean section is made, then it is better to wait for contractions. Of course, if there are no other indications, so as not to delay the operation. The child may roll over on the head at the last moment and the need for surgery will disappear. Especially if the pregnancy is repeated.
  • With the transverse position of the fetus, Caesarean will be done on the appointed date, before the onset of labor. The fact is that when pouring out water, small parts of a child can fall out – the umbilical cord, handles.
  • Full placenta previa. The placenta completely overlaps the birth canal. Such a pregnancy is very difficult to make because of the danger of bleeding. With the onset of contractions, the cervix opens and bleeding can begin due to placental abruption. Therefore, these women are operated on for 38 weeks. But if bleeding starts, you will have to perform an emergency operation earlier.
  • If you have a second cesarean or third and subsequent, then the date of the operation will depend on condition of uterine scar. In the third trimester, the fetus is growing rapidly, and the scar can not withstand the load. If the scar is thinned and overgrown, pain in the lower abdomen will bother you, then they will not wait long. They can operate on the 37th week, especially if the operation is the third or fourth.
  • Not many know that multiple pregnancy It is considered full term in the period of 36-38 weeks. Twins can give birth through the birth canal. But identical twins, as well as two-eyed twins, when the first child lies booty or across, twins after IVF are born by cesarean section. If there are three or more fruits, only Caesarean. Taking out twins is much harder and there are more complications during pregnancy. Trying to perform a planned operation closer to 38 weeks. But, if something goes wrong, one of the children lags behind the other in growth and development, cesareans can be done earlier, at 34-35 weeks, especially if the twins are identical.
  • HIV-infected women are Caesarians routinely at week 38.
  • After surgery on the cervix you are also waiting for a planned caesarean section, before the onset of labor. This is necessary so that the neck is not damaged when the contractions begin.

When do emergency cesarean?

Indications for emergency cesarean section can occur at any time, even with a premature pregnancy,

Emergency cesarean section is performed up to 37 weeks if:

  1. Bleeding begins due to premature detachment of the placenta.
  2. Bleeding with placenta previa.
  3. When signs of rupture of the uterus along the scar. Especially if the scar on the uterus is not one.
  4. Another reason is fetal hypoxia. The child receives less food and oxygen from the mother. If this condition continues for a long time, the baby may die. To save the child, and have to give birth to him and nurse in the incubator, even if the pregnancy is still small.
  5. If you have been suffering from swelling, high blood pressure, and poor urine tests since 22 weeks of gestation, it is preeclampsia. With the growth of pregnancy, it becomes more difficult to treat it, the child also suffers because of the mother’s edema and lags behind in growth. If the condition of the woman and the fetus deteriorates rapidly, then perform a cesarean at any time.

A cesarean section can also be done in labor that will begin on its own.

  • Clinically narrow pelvis – when the size of the pelvis of the mother and the size of the presenting part of the child do not match each other and the birth is impossible. It becomes clear only in childbirth.
  • Frontal previa – when the head enters the small pelvis the largest size. Her birth through the birth canal becomes impossible.
  • Umbilical cord loops after using amniotic fluid.
  • Hypoxia fetus may develop during labor. In this case, the childbirth must be completed immediately so that the child does not suffer.

There is also a small cesarean section. It is performed on the term of pregnancy 13-22 weeks with the purpose of its termination. It is performed if the placenta completely blocks the entrance to the uterus. Or there is a placental abruption and bleeding, which requires emergency assistance to the woman.

Fetal passport and your passport, shirt, gown, disposable diaper, spoon, mug, personal hygiene products: comb, pads, toothpaste and brush, toilet paper, personal hygiene gel or soap. Baby diapers, powder, diapers, suits.

At what time the cesarean would not be performed, the main thing is that it was done according to indications and preserves the health of the future mother and child.

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