How does a child’s leg grow?

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Part 1. How to choose the right riddle about mushrooms for a child of a particular age, how to guess riddles about mushrooms with children.

Part 2. Texts of riddles about mushrooms with otgadkami: – riddles with otgadkoy “mushroom”,riddles about edible mushrooms (given alphabetically): white mushroom – boletus, willows, gruzd, raincoat, chanterelles, boletus, honey agaric, boletus, cap boletus, saffron milk, russula, – riddles about poisonous mushrooms: amanita, pale grebe.

Part 3. How to come up with a riddle with children about mushrooms.

Selection of puzzles about mushrooms by age of children

Mysteries about mushrooms for children 2-4 years

For younger preschoolers Mushroom riddles fit, in which:

– otgadku can pick up the rhyme (“reddish sisters called … chanterelles),

– the text of the riddle gives a very vivid detailed description of the appearance of the mushroom or its bright features, for example: “If someone stomps from above, this mushroom will burst with a sigh …” – about a rain cover, or “But someone important on a white leg. He is with a red cap, with a cap – peas ”- about the mushroom.

– there are no difficult comparisons, metaphors, figurative sense of words.

You can offer your baby 3-5 pictures of mushrooms that are familiar to him, from which he will choose an answer. Mushrooms should be of a contrasting appearance, for example: a fly agaric, boletus, volnushka, pale grebe. Pictures of mushrooms for practice and games with children can be found here.

Mysteries about mushrooms for children from 5-6 years and older

For older preschoolers and younger students, riddles about mushrooms are suitable, in which: – in the text of riddles there are metaphors, comparisons, impersonations, figurative sense of words.

For example: “There is an old man under a birch tree, on it is a brown cap and a jacket with variegated material, and boots – with a clay flag”. (Boletus). In this riddle, boletus boletus is compared with an old man, his hat with a cap, a leg with a jacket, and a mycelium with boots. The child needs to guess that the question in the riddle is not about an elderly person, but about a mushroom that compares with it.

– the text of the riddle does not describe all the signs of the fungus, in order to complicate guessing. If the signs are listed, then not the brightest ones are called – not the main ones, but additional ones – difficult to guess.

For example: “Who has a hat without a head, and a leg without a boot? (at the fungus). ” In this riddle, the very question of the riddle “Who” pushes a child to look for a person or animal in otgadka, and not a mushroom. Tag in the text is not called. that this grows in the forest or edible. Only part of the signs are given. Guessing such riddles requires reasoning, comparison, generalization, that is, it develops the child’s thinking and speech – reasoning.

How to guess riddles about mushrooms with children

– Do not give a ready answer to the child. Do not learn to memorize otgadku. The riddle demands from the child of reflection and independent conclusion. Guess the riddle with the kids, helping them to understand the logic of the reasoning.

– You can give the child a provocative (wrong) answer and ask if it is suitable? Why? This is a very effective way to develop the thinking and speech of a child.

For example: “Sturdy, tight, very stately, with a brown and elegant hat on. This is the pride of all forests! The real king of mushrooms! ”Tell the child that the clue to this riddle is opyde. Is this a clue? Why? But, of course, the brown horse has a brown hat too – it means that it can be honeydew too! True? Is it so? Compare with the child in the picture the white mushroom and honey agaric – which mushroom is more suitable for this description? What clue there is in the text of the riddle (the king of mushrooms is a white mushroom; it is impossible to call this mushroom strong, dense and stately, it has a thin leg, it is not strong. Therefore, the otgadka of “shadow” does not fit).

Teaching a child to guess riddles about mushrooms, we develop logical thinking and speech reasoning. Speaking otgadku, the child needs to prove why he thinks so: “I think it is …. Because … “and call the evidence of their opinions.

Riddles with otgadkoy “mushroom”

While the children are each in the beret, They matured and put on their hats. (Mushrooms)

Troshka stands on one leg, They are looking for him, but he is silent. (Mushroom)

They stand Ermachki, Red caps. Whoever passes, Everybody bows to them. (Mushrooms)

It is worth Egorka In the red yarmulke, Whoever passes – Everyone will stoop (Mushroom)

It is worth Antoshka On one leg, Itself is small, And the hat is big. (Mushroom)

I am under the color cap On my foot I stand alone. I have my own habits, I always play hide and seek. (Mushroom)

Round dance and in a row Well done in hats. Whoever passes, He bows to them. (Mushrooms)

He grew up in birch. Wears a hat on his leg. Top sheet stuck to it. Did you find out? This is … (mushroom)

Under the bushes, Under the sheets We hid in the grass, We are looking for ourselves in the forest We will not shout to you: “Ay!” (Mushrooms)

Who has a hat without a head and a leg without a boot? (at the fungus)

In a hat, not a man, stands on one leg, and not a heron, lives in the forest, and not a beast. (Mushroom)

I’m under the color cap On my foot I stand alone. I have my own habits: I always play hide and seek. (mushroom)

Small, remote, passed through the ground, I found a red cap. (mushroom)

It looks like an umbrella, Only a hundred times less. Kohl thunderstorm on the horizon, He is very happy. If it is raining and warm, He thinks – lucky! (mushroom)

Who stands on a sturdy stem In the brown leaves on the path? There was a hat of grass, No under the head of the head. (Mushroom)

Stood on a sturdy leg, Now lies in the basket. (Mushroom)

The hat is and there is a leg, There is no boot on the leg! And the leg and hat – Delicious soup guys! An alder leaf stuck to the hat … Well, of course it is … (mushroom).

I stand on a thick leg, I stand on a smooth leg, Under a brown cap With a velvet lining. (Mushroom)

Awl reel, Walked under the ground, It became before the sun – Hat removed. (mushroom)

Hat and leg – That’s the whole Yermoshka. (Mushroom)

Who is wearing a hat? (Mushroom)

Riddles about edible mushrooms

White mushroom puzzles – boletus

Located under the pine This mushroom, like the king of the forest. Glad to find his mushroom picker. It is white … (boletus)

Chunky, with a hat new Mushroom in the forest grows pine. Happy grandmother and grandfather: – It will be a festive dinner! Oh, grabbed squirrels in an instant This white … (boletus).

The leg is as thick as a stump, the hat is famously on the sidelines, it is not small and not big, the mushroom is beautiful … (boletus)

In a forest glade, Under a mighty pine Old old man, There is a brown cap on it, Who happens in the forest, He knows him. (Borovik)

The best mushroom in the forest I carry in a basket – Strong, not wormy, With a beautiful hat. You will guess in an instant, That in a basket – … (boletus)

How does a child’s leg grow?

Strong, tight, very stately, The hat is brown and elegant. This is the pride of all forests! The real king of mushrooms! (cep – boletus).

This mushroom lives under the fir, Under its huge shadow. Wise old bearded man, a resident of boron – … (boletus)

From under the Christmas trees on a hillock A boy about the size of a finger came out. He looked at the clouds, Immediately put his cap on, The new one, okay, The color of chocolate. (Boletus – mushroom)

Riddles about mushrooms – volnushki

Guess, guys: His hat is shaggy. The mushroom is like a pink eye. What is his name? (Volnushka)

Wavy fungus worries, Under the tree flaunts, Looking like a shell It is called … (wave)

Pink is a pleasant color, And the little ringlets are a bright trace. So worried girlfriends, This is the mushrooms (volvushki)

In striped sarafans In light pink flounces Without fear on the edge We left cute … (waves).

Riddles about a mushroom – gruzd

In the little white hat on the stem Ros mushroom at the track. And now let edible lie in a basket … (grudge)

It grows where there is birch, Loves rain, fog and dew. There are villus on top of the cap, white plates below. For salting is the best From time immemorial. Who will he be In the glorious army of mushrooms? Mushroom pickers will all by heart Tell you what it is … (Gruzd)

Fragrant and crispy, the King of mushrooms is real. And let me have salty in stocks … (a pile)

How does a child’s leg grow?

Riddles about a mushroom – a raincoat

There is a cake on the ground, It grows from the rain, Just touch it a little, It will tear it at once! Puff! And the fire broke out Smoky cloud of dispute! (Raincoat)

If someone stamps on top, This mushroom will burst with a sigh, Smoke at the same moment. So this is … (rain coat)

Riddles about mushrooms – chanterelles

If they are found in the forest, Immediately remember the fox. Reddish sisters are called … (chanterelles)

In the soft grass on the edge Everywhere there are red ears. Golden Sisters Called … (chanterelles)

Golden … – Very friendly sisters. They go to red berets, Autumn is brought to the forest in summer (chanterelles).

Under the sheets in a clearing Hide and seek girls played. Three little sisters lurked Light yellow … (chanterelles)

Red ears with fox tops In the grass lie – for small ezhat. (chanterelles)

What kind of yellow sisters Hid in thick grass? I see them all fine, I’ll take it home soon. (Chanterelles)

Very clean, tasty mushroom – Glad both the cook and the mushroom picker. These yellow sisters are called … (chanterelles).

They do not know how to run at all, They turn yellow in the grass, Without tails they are with their sister, Though they are called and … (Chanterelles)

These cunning mushrooms, Hiding from us in the leaves. Light-red sisters … What do we call them? … (chanterelles)

I found mushrooms in the forest. I’ll take it to my mother quickly. Red color We greet the summer. Very fond of their sisters. They are called … (chanterelles)

Bright, red fungus I found today could. Like friendly sisters Hiding in the grass – (chanterelles)

Puzzles about boletus mushrooms

Mushrooms grow In coniferous wood, Slippery guys All the oil … (maslata.)

As if in oil, their heads And they can deftly hide themselves. Very nice guys – Golden … (Maslyats).

On the edge of a pine tree They were found in the grass with you. We carry them in the box, It is difficult to hold in your hand: Slippery guys. What do we have? – … (boletus)

Here’s a pretty mushroom, For some reason, very slippery. Not a chanterelle, not a honeycomb, It is a yellowish … (butter dish)

In the forest, to the delight of people, Among young pine trees, In a brilliant dark hat A fungus grows … (oil can)

Riddles about a mushroom – a flywheel

In a shady log Grown up as an impatient mushroom: Slightly click on a flank – Look, it’s already a bruise. (Mokhovik)

He looked timidly Out of the moss moss, Cranberry chain ripe Raised above his head. (Mokhovik)

From the moss into the light penetrated Kraskusavets …? (Mohovik). Breaks out, Under the moss, probably stuffy.

Riddles about mushrooms – honey agarics

Brothers are sitting on the stump. All in freckles as boys. These friendly guys are called … (honey agarics)

Who is taller, who is lower – On the stump is a redhead folk. Thirty three happy brothers. What are their names? (Honey agarics)

We are in rainy days We cover all hemp. Gather us guys! – autumn … (honey agarics)

No mushrooms are friendlier than these, – Adults and children know – On stumps they grow in the forest, Like freckles on the nose. (Honey agarics)

In the same outfits, In fashionable hats, hiding glances, On the stump are guys. What are their names. (Honey agarics)

On a mossy, old stump Merry mushrooms grow, It is full of your chickens And what is the name of them all? (Honey agarics).

The legs are like tubules, White skirts, On the stump are sitting guys Called … (honey agarics)

Early in the morning under the bushes We just found it yourself! On a stump – as on a bench, A jolly little family! – On the selection of mushrooms – the guys Under the name … (mushrooms)

On the edge of the little forest Near the old stump Mushroom army gathered I suggest to guess! Can any of you guys say what it is? … (honey agarics)

Riddles about a mushroom – bolet

In the grove of the birch They met namesake! (Boletus)

I do not argue – not white, I, brothers, easier. I usually grow In a birch grove. (Boletus)

There is an old man under a birch tree, On it is a brown cap, And a jacket with variegated colors, And boots – with a link. (Boletus)

Riddles about a mushroom – aspen

I was born on a rainy day Under the aspen young, Round, smooth, beautiful, With a leg thick and straight. (Boletus)

What kind of mushroom stands on a bump In a red velvet scarf? (Boletus)

I grow in a red cap Among the roots of aspen. You will see me a mile away – I am called – … (boletus).

The boy with a finger, the cap is red (aspen).

In a red hat under an aspen. A yellow leaf stuck to the hat. Climb quickly to the basket! edible, tasty mushroom (boletus).

In the forest, in the forest Are old old men, They are red caps. (Aspen birds)

Riddles about a mushroom – camelina

He lives under the trees, Hidden by their needles. He has a lot of little brothers. The red mushroom is called … (ginger).

Mushrooms lined up in a row, Lifting the leaves. Hiding red berets And the same jackets. Glad to have a mushroom picker. This mushroom is called … (ginger).

Here is an orange fungus: Hat, leg, sturdy side. You met him in the forest, on the pictures of books. And by color they recognized. Who is this? … (ginger)

A boy grows in a coniferous forest, A red fungus in a redhead hat. It is necessary to touch – and from red-haired legs Suddenly run red-red tears. (Redhead)

The hat is concave by a funnel, Taste is pleasant, the smell is thin, Golden, amber color, And there are no tastier mushrooms. (mushrooms)

Riddles about a mushroom – Russula

This pretty little fungus Chose a quiet corner. You cut it with a knife, because it is edible … (russula)

After the rain girlfriends Settled on the edge. Multicolored hats – The most noticeable. (Russula)

A flower garden without flowers under the tree is ready. (Russula)

Along the forest paths A lot of white legs In the hats of multi-colored, Distant from a distance. Collect, do not delay! It… ? (russula)

And the forest woman of fashion Behind the attire is chasing: Then with burgundy, then with lilac Or scarlet veil. At the trail appears – Wants everyone to like. (Russula)

We scored six armfuls of brightly colored hats. And now, without haste, we Fry … (russula)

Riddles about poisonous mushrooms

Riddles about a mushroom – a toadstool

She is angry with mushrooms And poisonous for anger. Here is a forest hooligan! It is a pale … (toadstool)

Pale she stands, She has an edible look. Bring home – trouble, It will be poison that food. Know that this mushroom is a snag, Our enemy is pale … (toadstool).

Looks down – handles in the sides. Beautiful and important – yes, nobody needs it. (Toadstool)

Among the forests, fields, marshes The poisonous mushroom grows, In a pale hat with a thin leg, Putting it in the basket. Mushroom dangerous, mushroom – snag, It is pale … (grebe).

Riddles about a mushroom – amanita

Dots white on red – Poisonous fungus, dangerous. No need to talk here – Do not tear … (amanita)

With him in the forest no one is friendly, And in the basket he is not needed. The flies will say: “This is the sea!” In the red hat … (amanita)

Mushroom do not boil, do not eat. Spotted his outfit. Bottom – lace-pattern. This is red … (fly agaric)

On the forest edge of the far Bright Mushroom stands sadly: Though glorious in appearance. But it is very poisonous. (fly agaric)

But someone important On a white leg. He is with a red hat, On a hat of peas (amanita).

Near the forest on the edge, Decorating the dark forest, Grown variegated, like Parsley, Poisonous … (fly agaric)

He stood in the woods, No one took him, In a red hat fashionable, Nothing to use. (fly agaric)

Look how good! The hat is red with polka dots, Lacy collar – He is not a novice in the forest! (fly agaric)

The brightest mushroom in the forest I will not bring home. Although his pattern is beautiful, not edible .. (amanita)

Here are the mushrooms on the white legs Scattered across the forest. The hats are red and polka-dotted. This is … (amanitas)

How to come up with riddles about mushrooms with children

The simplest riddles about mushrooms that even a small child can come up with with an adult, are built on a certain principle.

The first version of the construction of the puzzle about the mushroom. A description is given – a comparison. For example: “Redheads like chanterelles. Delicious like boletus. Friendly like honey agaric. What kind of mushrooms? “(Chanterelles). Or another possible text for a mushroom puzzle: “White as …, tasty as …., big as …., strong as …”. The adult begins the phrase, the child finishes it.

The second version of the construction of the puzzle about the mushroom. The denial is given: “Not a hare, but lives in the forest. Not a man, but with a hat. Not a berry, but edible. What is it?”. (Mushroom). Coming up with this text riddles, list with the child the main signs of the fungus. And think of what you can compare them with. Write down the resulting text riddles and guess her relatives, friends, acquaintances of the child. Riddles of this type can also be made about specific types of fungus: “Not boletus boletus, but edible. Not a chanterelle, but a redhead. Not a butterdish, but grows in a coniferous forest. What kind of mushroom? “(Ginger)

The third option for constructing a riddle about the mushroom – A more complex option and is suitable for children of six years and older. In this embodiment, impersonation is used. The mushroom is compared to a man (gnome, boy Antoshka, girlfriends-girls). For example: “The boy Antoshka has one big leg and a big hat.” “Redhead girlfriends play on the edge.” Do not impose an image on a child – he can compare a mushroom with a giant, with a finger boy, and with a little tree. Just help the child to develop his image and present it in a riddle, to describe the image so that it is recognizable.

Coming up with the child riddles about mushrooms, we simultaneously consolidate his ideas about the world, we develop speech, imagination and thinking, creative speech abilities.

Puzzles about mushrooms will be the most interesting, original and informative, if the child is already familiar with the kingdom of mushrooms, with fairy tales about mushrooms, their features. Tell your kid about the wonderful world of mushrooms. They will help you m Mushroom materials for inventing riddles and familiarizing children with the outside world from the Native Path articles:

– Mushrooms: speech games and exercises in pictures for children. I wish you creative success! I would be glad if you share invented riddles about mushrooms in the comments to this article :).


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How does a child’s leg grow?

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