How do you know if you can have children man

Anyway, every woman wants to have every woman, just the awareness of this comes at different times and under different circumstances. Agree that there is nothing better than the smile of a native child, the opportunity to choose his dress-trousers, to caress and provide all the best?

How do you know if you can have children man

But this happiness is not available to everyone, because according to statistics, because many women face the problem of infertility.

How do you know if you are not part of this number, and understand whether you can have a child at the right time in your life? It turns out that there is a certain list of symptoms, the presence of which indicates a probable impossibility of becoming pregnant. For the rest, there is no cause for concern. What are these symptoms? Read below.

Difficulties with menstruation

Menstruation is a cyclical, incredibly complex and multi-step natural process, the slightest “malfunction” of which is quite capable of causing difficulties with the extension of the genus.

For alarming violations of the standard cycle of menstruation include:

  • copious or scanty blood;
  • irregular periods;
  • amenorrhea – complete absence of monthly bleeding;
  • severe pain during menstruation, which can be a signal of developing endometriosis or a cyst in the ovaries.

How do you know if you can have children man

Hormonal disorders

Desired pregnancy may not occur due to increased production of male sex hormones – androgens. If this pathology occurs, the woman will notice it because of the greasiness and oiliness of the skin, persistent acne, excessive hair growth in unwanted places and a hardened voice. The most terrible consequence of androgyny is polycystic ovaries, which are slowly filled with cysts – cavities filled with fluids, rather than ovules, ready for fertilization.

Oozing nipples

Discharge from the nipples also provide an opportunity to know in advance whether a woman can become pregnant. If there are any, then we can talk about hyperprolactinemia – a serious hormonal disorder, which is based on an increased concentration of the hormone prolactin in the blood.

Sharp changes in body weight

A woman whose weight is constantly changing, and quite sharply, also has to ask herself the question: “how do I know if I can have children in the future?”

And all because the pronounced thinness, coming immediately after a strong overweight (and vice versa), makes serious adjustments to the processes of ovulation. For example, the same anorexia provokes a complete absence of menstruation, and obesity becomes the symptoms of polycystic ovary.

Genital infections and intimate problems

Family planning should always begin with a comprehensive examination of the body of the future mother and her sexual partner. And all because on the way to fertilization can be many obstacles in the form of the same infections or not diagnosed STDs. For example, chlamydia damage the fallopian tubes and cause inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

Pain during sex is also a reason to contact the antenatal clinic with the question “can I get pregnant”, since it is a signal of hidden inflammations and infections.

How and where can you find out about the state of your women’s health?

It would be most logical to choose a good gynecologist, who will conduct a comprehensive examination of your body, and of the reproductive system in particular. You can contact both a public and a private specialist, which is completely dependent on your financial condition and moral convictions.

How do you know if you can have children man

Non-traditional ways of finding out if a woman can have children in the future are as follows:

  • You can learn the basics of palmistry and read the whole truth about your ability to have one or more children. “Baby” lines are under the little finger, and if they are deep and well distinguishable, then the baby will be born healthy and live happily all his life. Intermittent and fuzzy line – the child will be born, but it will be painful and die early, if not even during gestation. The same method can be the answer to how to find out whether your man can have children from you or in general. But, since the male representatives do not have the ability to give birth, the lines on the hands show only how many heirs he will be tied by blood ties. This means that you can find out how many children he will have in life, from you, or from other women. Again, palmistry provides an opportunity to find out the potential number of children, whereas modern people can regulate them with contraception and medication methods;
  • You can also try to tell fortunes on the wedding ring. It is hung by a string and held above the open palm. When the decoration starts to swing, you need to track its trajectory. For example, if it draws circles, then a girl will be born, swaying from side to side – a boy, standing still – you shouldn’t even dream of an heir.

Male infertility

Do not think that the strong half of humanity does not care about the question of the continuation of the species. And if everything is in order with his partner, then the question arises of where and how to find out whether a man is capable of fertilization.

From home methods, we can recommend the following:

  • Pay attention to the consistency and the amount of sperm. If there is not enough of it, or the liquid comes out in lumps, then it is necessary to urgently check;
  • Diabetes and unhealthy obesity are also considered indirect signs of infertility;
  • Lower abdominal pain or urination, prostatitis, and decreased sexual activity can also be cause for concern.

Again, it is not the best solution to engage in home self-diagnostics, and a man should take more seriously the tormenting question “where and from whom to find out if I can have children?” You can get the answer by conducting clinical or laboratory studies conducted in private and public clinics.

Remember that even the most accurate instruments and analyzes can be wrong, because Nature is an amazing thing. It can give and take away, make its own adjustments and once again prove how much, how little we know about the origin of life.

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