Horror for children 8 years

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa. I am 15 years old. Once I went to school once, it was about 8:04. It was still dark outside, there was fog and the moon was shining. I did not want to go to school today, because I have to clean the 13th classroom (the classroom office). But this was a plus, because I am not alone on duty, but with my classmate Sasha. During the lessons I constantly caught Sasha’s strange look at me. After the lessons, Sasha and I took the keys from the staff room from the 13th cabinet and went to clean up.

When I lost my virginity, I was 14 with a 16 year old boy. That’s how it was. I met a guy at school. He was 16 and his name was Cyril. My parents went to the country for three days and I did not go out of school. I invited him overnight to me. We had a lot in common and we quickly became friends. In the evening I was sitting at the computer while Cyril was watching TV. He finished his tea and got up and walked towards me. He put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my neck.

In the summer, when I was 16 years old, we went to rest on the lake. My dad took our family friends. And they took Seryozha with them. He was also somewhere 16 or 17. Our relationship with him did not develop since childhood. Always arguing because of any nonsense. When we arrived Serezha quickly undressed, I saw his amazing body. And his big dick, which covered melting. I also undressed and went swimming. The water was cool and my body goosebumps. I am warmed by the sun.

Horror for children 8 years

When I was ten years old, a story happened to me that shook my cloudless childhood, showed what fear and shame are, and then after that I felt like a lost girl among an adult and little world that was still not fully understood.

About the relationship of men and women, I knew a little already at that age, but only thanks to my friend, older than me. She once showed me porn videos on her computer, but not for long, just a couple of minutes, it was not enough for me, and I understood almost nothing.

Horror for children 8 years

I am 18 years old, my name is Sonia, and at 14 I first discovered masturbation. I could do it several times a day, I caressed myself with my fingers, cucumbers, shower. Once at school in history class, I felt very excited, I imagined as a teacher, a man of 40, would stroke my pussy, and she immediately got wet. I really wanted to be a bad student, I wanted a strong man to enter my narrow pussy. I felt my panties soaked and could no longer sit still.

I will tell the story when my mother saw that I was doing something in the bath. I was then 14 years old. So. It was summer. I really wanted sex. I did not have a guy then and there was nobody. It was I who needed someone older. Either 15 – 16 years. Nasty could not be shy. In the evening I went to the bath. I inadvertently touched my pussy against the stream of water. I liked it and wanted more. It was ticklish and at the same time nice. I did it every day. I really liked it.

My name is Lisa. I am 15 years old. This story happened to me, for real. No one knows about this. I’m tired of keeping it to myself. Therefore I want to tell my story. There is a guy in my class. In the 7th grade, he showed signs of attention towards me. Later it turned out that he just wanted to show himself from the best side, since I was new. At first I did not attach any importance to this, was fond of other guys. But at one moment I realized that I was crazy about Pasha.

Hello, I’m Alexander 14 and my girlfriend, as well as her dismissal for me, Nina. we went for a walk with the time it was somewhere half past nine we walked and I namik for a long time for sex but she said early yet but here came the moment. We came to my parents’ house. They were not gone to America for a business meeting .. I made a cup of coffee and she climbed on a computer when I wanted to sleep, I went to my mother’s father’s bed.

Slava left the store with a bulky package of products. He lit a cigarette and noticed a boy approaching him. The boy was about ten years old. “There is no smoking,” he inquired in a businesslike manner. Slava silently handed him a pack of Winston Lights. – You do not need a girl? – quietly asked the boy, lighting a cigarette. Slava thought that he had misheard and looked puzzled at the boy calmly looking at him. – So what, do not need? Well, I went then. – Wait. What kind of girl? – Well, you want to play.

Klava walked along Gorky Street, who had recently become Tverskaya not so long ago. Cars rushed past swiftly. It was the usual everyday fuss. He stopped at the underpass, lit a cigarette. Deeply drawn, he stood, basking in the spring sunshine. A little more and the snow will come down completely and his favorite time will come – when different greens creep out of the ground, different animals live and chatter and flutter different stupid thoughts with special force.

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Horror for children 8 years

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