Home remedies for colic in children

The baby cries heavily, pulls the legs up to the tummy, then sharply straightens them, as if trying to explain to a frightened mother what exactly hurts. Mom soothes, cradles and can not believe that a perfectly healthy child is suffering like this! Dad confusedly wraps circles around mom with the baby, then trying to pick up and reassure, then asking for the hundredth time, really, there is no way to stop it. Our family has had a chance to go through such a difficult period.

Night concerts

From intestinal colic absolutely everyone suffers babies ages from a few weeks to 3-4 months, when the colic itself pass. This is a variant of the normal development of the child. But only a few kids easily go through a difficult period and torment their parents with nightly concerts only 2-3 times a week. Most of them cry almost every night, from which the life of the family becomes difficult to bear.

With the youngest baby we were lucky: colic he was not disturbed every day, and he endured these torments very patiently. But with the eldest son the whole family suffered. Colic started as scheduled at 16 o’clock and lasted until 20 o’clock. They were all worn in turns: 30 minutes one duty, then transferred to the next family member.

Intestinal colic – what is the reason?

Attacks of acute abdominal pain occur due to the underdevelopment of the neuromuscular system and the intestinal system of the baby, due to increased gas formation, when gases press on the intestinal wall and provoke muscle spasm.

At first colic in baby appear a couple of times a week and last 15-20 minutes, and after the relief or discharge of gas the baby calms down. But then they repeat more and more, their duration increases. Colic may last several hours in a row with short breaks and occur more frequently in the evening and at night. The baby usually cannot calm down independently. The baby then stretches to her chest and eagerly grabs her, then in the next second she throws her chest and cries. “Kolikovy” crying – always paroxysmal, piercing, with alternating periods of attenuation-amplification, during which the baby literally cries. Intestinal colic exhaust both the baby and his parents.

The reason is mystery

Doctors have been arguing about for decades. reason colic . After all, the laws revealed by scientists do not always work. Believed to be stronger and longer children have colic – Artificial, as well as in babies born by caesarean section. After the operation, the mother is given obligatory antibiotics, and the milk after cesarean arrives a little later, and the baby since birth tries not mother’s milk, but milk formula. But infants suffer colic also. It is noticed that crumbs of suspicious and nervous moms often cry. However, it is difficult to maintain iron calm, seeing how the most beloved man in the world suffers. Moms are accused of malnutrition, but even the toughest mother’s diet does not become 100% prevention from infant colic.

In short, it is clear that nothing is clear. Colic still mysteriously appear and just as suddenly and mysteriously disappear in every newborn little man. The main thing here is how to reduce the suffering of the child and the whole family?

Prevention of infant colic

Even if you will constantly apply the full range of preventive measures, be prepared for the fact that colic will still appear. Perhaps you can facilitate their flow and contribute to the fact that the baby will have less colic. So how can you help?

Let’s chest right! Make sure that the baby sponges most of the areola, and not just the nipple, then he probably will not swallow extra air.

Pick up the bottle. If the baby is an artificial artist, then choose a bottle for him that has an “anti-colic effect,” that is, he does not allow the baby to swallow air.

Hold the “column”. After feeding, hold the baby upright so that it belches the air that has accumulated during the meal.

Spread on the tummy. Spread the baby on the tummy before feeding – this improves the bowels.

Be sure to do massage and gymnastics. Massage the tummy do hand with a slight pressure in a clockwise direction. Press the legs to the tummy. Perfectly helps the discharge of gazikov yoga complex for kids.

Give your baby preventive teas. These teas include Plantex, fennel and chamomile tea, and dill pharmacy water. Such tools are completely harmless. They must be given between feedings.

Mom – on a diet! Try to exclude from your diet dairy products, cabbage, beans, pickled vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, prunes, black bread, sparkling water.

Medications. Consult a pediatrician. He may give you medicine for relief of children’s colic. For example, Espumizan or Bebinos. They are safe, are not absorbed in the intestines and do not affect the baby’s body as a whole.

How to help a child with colic?

If, despite all the preventive measures, your baby suffers from colic attack, there is a whole range of measures that can help baby with colic.

Home remedies for colic in children

What can relieve colic?

Extra warmth. It is generally advised to put a diaper folded several times on the tummy and warmed up with an iron. But the diaper cools quickly and is constantly uncomfortable to iron her. Moms, do not be lazy and sew flax seed bought in a pharmacy in a linen bag. Heated by iron, it retains heat for a very long time. This method helped me out more than once, especially if I was alone at home with the baby and there was no one to run around to stroke the diaper.

Home remedies for colic in children

Skin to skin contact. Strip the baby and place the tummy on the bare belly and chest to yourself or your dad. The familiar smell and native warmth relax and soothe.

Light belly massage clockwise.

Warm bath. In warm water, the baby relaxes, and colic can gradually leave. In the bathroom, you can make the baby massage the tummy clockwise and press the legs to the tummy.

Pick up and regret. Carry the baby in your arms, hugging yourself, often offer the breast. Attract dad to motion sickness. I noticed that Dad’s participation is somehow more effective. Sure hands of the beloved father warms the child and soothes. Shaking like a dance has a particularly beneficial effect.

Worn upright or tummy down, putting his palm under the belly of the baby. The head is on the crook of your elbow.

Wear a sling. Better naked or in the same diaper.

Distract in any way possible. Rattle a rattle, turn on the music, show a new bright object, talk to the baby, changing intonation, sing a lullaby and

Put the flue pipe. At first, I left this method in reserve, but if the baby cried a lot, and I understood that it was for a long time, then I put the pipe right away and the torment immediately stopped. Pharmacy vapor tubes are ineffective, they are long and they have a very narrow opening for the exit of gas. Do not even think about using a glass thermometer! The best tool (accidentally read about this method in a brochure issued at the maternity hospital) will be the smallest rubber pear, in which you need to cut ¾ of the rubber “ass”. Cut, boil, brush the tip with baby oil, put the baby on the changing table and press the legs to the tummy. Carefully insert the straw. Do not be afraid, as a rule, gases will come out very quickly, and the baby will quickly calm down. Surely, he immediately pokes at the same time. If the gases are weak, slightly roll the tube up and down, left and right. After the procedure colic in a child pass immediately.

Experienced you quickly determine what is best eases your baby’s colic. If the baby is crying anyway and NOTHING helps, Call a doctor, Suddenly, abdominal pain in a child – a symptom of some ailment?

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