Hexicon during pregnancy reviews

Early detection of the disease and the beginning of its treatment is half the way to recovery. But what if the doctor prescribed an expensive drug? Choose an affordable equivalent? Will a cheaper medicine have the necessary therapeutic effect? Often women face such issues. Even this seemingly non-dangerous and widespread disease, like vaginal candidiasis, requires considerable material costs, not to mention the more serious “female” problems. Let us try to answer the questions posed by analyzing such a topical drug, such as Hexicon candles. What helps, how they have an action, how much they cost and what analogs exist, we will tell in this material.

The medical drug “Hexicon” is an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent. The active substance is chlorhexidine. It has a destructive effect on protozoa, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. But some strains are not very sensitive to “Hexicon”; the substance does not affect the substance even on viruses, fungi, bacterial spores, and lactic acid bacteria.

The average cost of the drug is 500-900 rubles. Is it possible to choose the analogue of “Hexicon” cheaper? The local drugs based on chlorhexidine have approximately the same mechanism and scope. Based on this fact, we can safely consider cheaper drugs with similar composition. Often, the price of the drug increases significantly only due to additional factors that do not affect the success of the treatment process, such as transportation, customs duties, costs of taxation, advertising, packaging, etc.

Indications for use

Candles “Hexicon” from which help, in what cases are prescribed by a doctor? This drug is widely used in gynecological practice. Often, experts recommend this medication in case of emergency prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in case of suspicion of the possibility of infection with syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and ureplazmoz. In this case, the drug “Hexicon” must be applied no later than 2 hours after intercourse.

As a means of preventing infectious diseases, “Hexicon” is used before and after gynecological and obstetric interventions: complicated births, abortions, setting the IUD, and other surgical operations.

Such medicine is prescribed in the treatment of cervicitis, inflammation of mucous membranes (including in dental practice), purulent wounds and burns.

Forms of release

A drug is made in the form of vaginal suppositories (suppositories) or tablets of 16 mg each. In the package is 1, 5 and 10 pieces. This form is most often used in gynecology and obstetrics. In the treatment of infectious diseases, the standard course is the use of 1 suppository per day for 7 to 10 days. What is the most effective form of “Hexicon”? Candles or pills are not important. Both types of drug have an identical composition and principle of action.

Chlorhexidine solution

The use of candles “Hexicon”

Analyzing reviews of consumers and health care workers, it can be noted that the common, easy-to-use and effective form of the drug are Hexicon candles. The price of this drug is about 500 rubles for 10 suppositories. What do they help from? With this form, various infectious gynecological diseases are treated, the causative agent of which is detrimental to the active substance of the drug. The drug is prescribed for syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, trichomoniasis and other venereal diseases. “Hexicon” – pills and suppositories – used as the main drug or as a prophylactic medication.

Hexicon during pregnancy reviews

Analogues of “Hexicon” are chlorhexidine-based drugs or similar on the basis of the impact on pathogenic microflora. It is worth noting that there are few medications on the basis of the above substance in the form of suppositories. As an example, you can call candles “Depantol”. The analogue of “Hexicon” is cheaper – chlorhexidine in the form of a solution. Its cost is only 15 rubles. This form of release can be used as vaginal applications or irrigation. At the same time, the properties and qualities of the drug are identical to “Hexicon”.

If the treatment of infections is not necessary, and the drug is prescribed only for the purpose of prevention and as an antiseptic, then such drugs as Iodoxide, Betadine and Fluomesin can be considered analogues of Hexicon.

Not everyone can afford Hexion candles. The price of drug analogues is much lower. If we talk about a similar principle of action, it is worth noting drugs such as “Clotrimazole” and “Nystatin.” They have a different composition from “Hexicon”, but are also antimycotic agents and have antiseptic properties. But before replacing the drug with such analogues, one should precisely determine the patient’s diagnosis, since these drugs do not destroy certain types of microorganisms. Such medicines cost no more than 100 rubles. Nevertheless, the reviews of these drugs are more positive: in many cases, the patient is completely cured, adverse reactions rarely occur.

The following drugs can be attributed to the more expensive analogues of “Hexicon”:

Drug “Terzhinan”

As well as “Hexicon”, vaginal suppositories “Terzhinan” are not only produced in a similar form, but also have a similar principle of action. The drug has a devastating effect on most bacteria, is anti-inflammatory. Unlike “Hexicon”, this drug also has antifungal effects, since the main active ingredient of these suppositories is nystatin.

Consumer reviews and cost

What do women choose – “Terzhinan” or “Hexicon”? Analogue deserves positive feedback from women. A convenient form of the drug effectively copes with pathogenic microorganisms of various origins, while simultaneously removing inflammation on the mucous membrane.

But sometimes itching and burning in the vagina are noted after topical application of “Terginan”. Normally, there should be no such reaction. In this situation, you do not need to endure the pain and continue the course of treatment with this drug. It is necessary to urgently refer to the attending gynecologist.

“Terzhinan”, an analogue of “Hexicon”, is cheaper than the latter. Its cost is up to 350 rubles for 10 suppositories. But it should be noted that the drug is dispensed in a pharmacy solely by prescription.

Drug “Betadine”

In Betadine, the active substance is iodine. So, the drug has a pronounced antiseptic effect. In addition, the drug is an antibacterial and antimycotic agent. The indisputable advantage of this is the fact that not a single species of bacteria or fungus has been identified that would be insensitive to this drug.

Available “Betadine” in the form of ointment, solution and vaginal capsules. The cost of the drug is about 100 rubles for an ointment or solution and 250 rubles for suppositories.

The disadvantage of “Betadine” is the possibility of adverse reactions. They appear in the form of irritation, itching and even burns of the mucous. In addition, the drug penetrates into breast milk, which does not allow women to use it during natural feeding of the child.

What to choose – “Hexicon” or “Betadine”? This question can only be answered by a doctor, considering the type of pathogenic flora found, the patient’s chronic diseases, his complaints and general well-being.

Drug “Poliginaks”

Another analogue of “Hexicon” is the vaginal capsules “Polygynax”. The active ingredients of the medication are antibiotic substances nystatin and neomycin. It is thanks to them that candles effectively cope with many bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, ureplazma, intestinal and hemophilic bacilli, enterococcus and others. Nystatin also has a detrimental effect on fungi, for example, Candida and cryptococcus. But streptococcus and anaerobic bacteria are not susceptible to the drug Polygynax.

Apply candles as for the treatment of gynecological infections, and for their prevention.

Cost and reviews of the drug “Poliginaks”

It costs “Podizhinaks” not much cheaper than “Hexicon”. It is worth considering that the first has a wider spectrum of action, including destroys the cells of fungi. Clinical studies have shown 95% effectiveness.

Reviews of the drug “Poliginaks” ambiguous. Some patients complain of the occurrence of local allergic reactions, the inconvenience of using capsules. Also, women note the fact that the drug is flowing. In most cases, complaints are related to improper use of the drug. In order that the drug does not leak out and does not cause discomfort, the capsule should be administered immediately before bedtime. What to use – “Poliginax” or “Hexicon” will help the gynecologist to decide after the examination and obtaining the results of the tests.

Seeding sensitivity

You can significantly reduce the cost of treatment, as well as speed up the process of recovery from candidiasis, having passed the seeding on sensitivity to antimycotic substances. Most laboratories conduct it. It is absolutely safe and painless. It can be carried out even for pregnant women.

Taking the material for analysis (for gynecological diseases – urogenital smear), laboratory technicians will determine the type of fungus and the active ingredient to which they are sensitive. The result of the study takes from 5 to 7 days – it is simply impossible to sow the microflora faster. After receiving the results of the analysis, the doctor with certainty can prescribe a medical drug – the equivalent of “Hexicon”. Treatment after sensitivity testing will be cheaper and more effective.

The correct choice of an effective drug for treatment in each case can only be a doctor. Having once acquired a cheap equivalent of “Hexicon” without prior consultation with a specialist, you can subsequently pay much more, not only financially, but also with your own health.

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