Heartburn remedy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most joyful and difficult time in the life of every woman. Fortunately and excitement for the future baby are often mixed with troubles that the expectant mother did not even suspect about before the pregnancy. This is dizziness, drowsiness, toxicosis. But if all these unpleasant symptoms usually disappear after the first trimester, then heartburn can pester from the first days to the very moment of birth. Rare lucky girl did not experience this terrible feeling "bonfire" in the stomach and esophagus. Often, heartburn persecutes not only during the day, but also at night, it becomes simply unbearable, severely poisoning existence. What is good for heartburn during pregnancy? You will learn about this by reading the article.

Why pregnant women suffer from heartburn

The causes of heartburn during pregnancy are several. In the early stages, the cause may be a serious change in the hormonal level, which is unavoidable during pregnancy. Raged hormones slow down digestion, and, thanks to the effects of progesterone, the muscles of the whole body, including the esophagus and the gastric valve, which is called the sphincter, relax. Acid from the stomach is released into the esophagus, causing heartburn. Digestion of food begins to take more time, which is also a provoking factor.

Heartburn remedy during pregnancy

In later periods, an increase in the uterus leads to squeezing of the internal organs. Acid is released from the stomach into the esophagus, so heartburn occurs. Sometimes she passes in a few minutes, but more often she stays with a pregnant woman for a long time. Previously it was believed that severe heartburn is directly related to the formation of the hair of the unborn child. But these data did not confirm.

Night bouts of heartburn are especially pestering in the third trimester. An unfortunate situation or an extra piece eaten can lead to an attack. Many young moms ask with horror what will happen if the heartburn remains. Do not be afraid of this. If a woman has no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then everything goes away with the birth of a child.

Heartburn remedy during pregnancy

Why during pregnancy is folk remedies most in demand in the fight against heartburn

Of course, there are many medications to cope with heartburn. But in this crucial period, many women, fearing to harm the baby, prefer to deal with the problem of folk remedies without taking medicines. After all, during pregnancy, the main thing for mom is to bear and give birth to a healthy child. Fortunately, there are many such methods, because women have experienced heartburn during pregnancy from time immemorial.

Simple ways to get rid of heartburn

To stop heartburn, it is necessary to neutralize the acid thrown into the esophagus. Alkaline products are excellent for this. These include milk, cream, lean fish and butter, steamed omelets, and even some vegetables.

You should refrain from the consumption of bread containing rye flour. He has high acidity. Yes, and white bread, it is desirable to replace the croutons, they are digested better and do not cause heartburn. By the way, many expectant mothers argue that you can stop heartburn simply by chewing on a crusty crust of white bread.

It is better not to eat legumes, with the exception of green peas. Any products that have a high acidity and enhance gas formation are undesirable to use during this period.

Does milk help heartburn during pregnancy?

Since fresh milk is an alkaline product, it is excellent for eliminating heartburn. A glass of this product does not hurt either the baby or the expectant mother, will relieve the unpleasant sensations quickly and for several hours.

When consuming a farmer’s product do not forget about the need for boiling. This will avoid many troubles. Indeed, in natural milk, not subject to heat treatment, there may be microorganisms that can lead to the development of serious diseases. For example, E. coli, bacteria of tuberculosis and brucellosis. Boiling makes the product completely safe. A glass of milk, drunk sip, relieves burning sensation in the esophagus for 3-4 hours.

But not only milk helps for heartburn during pregnancy. Cream is also effective. But it should be remembered that the high fat content of this product can trigger digestive disorders. Great for relieving heartburn sour cream and low-fat cottage cheese. In addition, all these products saturate the body of the mother and child with the necessary calcium. Of course, the products that a pregnant woman eats should be of good quality.

Does kefir help with heartburn during pregnancy?

We have already said that dairy products help solve this problem. What about kefir? Yes. Very good for heartburn during pregnancy kefir. Moreover, it is a proven tool that can normalize the processes of digestion. Consumption of this dairy product after each meal will avoid heartburn. Due to the beneficial properties of kefir has long been used in the diet, it is recommended for all problems of the gastrointestinal tract, one of which is heartburn.

It nourishes a woman’s body with vitamins and beneficial bacteria that positively affect the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, regular consumption of kefir will help to avoid constipation, which pregnant women often suffer, especially in the later periods. For this kefir is usually drunk before bedtime.

Carrots for heartburn in pregnant women

Does carrots help with heartburn during pregnancy? Yes. A tablespoon of fresh vegetable grated on a fine grater also perfectly relieves heartburn. Consumption of carrots rich in carotene, additionally enriches the female body with vitamin A and helps to improve digestion. Carrot juice neutralizes excess acid, which is why the grater must be fine.

Heartburn Seeds

Do sunflower seeds help with pregnancy? Yes. To help relieve heartburn and seeds. They can be sunflower and pumpkin. A handful of seeds can quickly relieve heartburn and permanently eliminate its reappearance. This happens because the kernels have a high content of vegetable oil that can protect the stomach.

What else will help avoid heartburn during pregnancy?

To heartburn does not become a constant companion during pregnancy, you must follow a few rules:

  • avoid fatty spicy and fried foods;
  • take the time to eat and chew food very carefully;
  • do not eat up at night;
  • in the diet should prevail products that can improve digestion;
  • should eat often and little by little;
  • foods that envelop the stomach walls will become reliable allies in the fight against heartburn;
  • It is important to reduce salt intake, it provokes heartburn and causes swelling.

What other products are known to help against heartburn during pregnancy? This will be discussed now.

Heartburn Potatoes

Excellent tool, proven generations of women. For heartburn, you can use the juice of raw potatoes. Since this vegetable contains starch, it can reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

The water in which potatoes were boiled is another folk remedy. Saturated with starch, it creates a protective film on the walls of the stomach, which prevents excessive secretion of acid, and, as a consequence, prevents the occurrence of heartburn.

If we talk about what products help for heartburn during pregnancy, it is impossible not to think about nuts. Any (but not fried) will remove the burning sensation in the esophagus. Nuts contain a lot of nutrients that the expectant mother needs, but you shouldn’t get carried away with their consumption; a high fat content can cause stomach heaviness and diarrhea. Enough 10 pcs. walnuts per day or 15-20 pcs. nuts of another species.

Use for heartburn eggshell

What else helps with heartburn during pregnancy? Since the basis of the eggshell is calcium (Ca), it is excellent for eliminating heartburn. The shell from hard-boiled eggs should be cleaned from the inner film. After drying, it is crushed with a coffee grinder. The powder is taken with heartburn by 0.5 teaspoons. The use of this tool allows you to additionally provide calcium to both mother and baby. Take it must be diluted in milk or tea.

Oatmeal or oatmeal

Eating breakfast oatmeal will help to deal with heartburn. Oatmeal has an enveloping effect. Russian women were well aware of the ability of oatmeal kissel to relieve heartburn and eliminate digestive problems. Of course, oatmeal pudding has long been forgotten, but porridge blocks the attack.

Heartburn Honey

What will help for heartburn during pregnancy? There is another ancestral secret. Usually honeycomb honey is used, a small amount of which can be simply sucked, but if it is not there, a teaspoon of plain honey will be an excellent substitute.

Bananas – this is what will help for heartburn during pregnancy. Since starch is present in them, as in potatoes, they act in a similar way. Of course, do not get too carried away with bananas. They contribute to weight gain, as they contain a lot of sugar.

What helps with heartburn during pregnancy is also very tasty. Often women claim that chocolate helped them to get rid of heartburn. Sucking slices of delicacy relieves heartburn for a long time.

Heartburn Kissel

Undeservedly forgotten product, which is very useful for pregnant women. Kissel – this is what will help for heartburn during pregnancy. It lowers the acidity of gastric juice, protects the stomach, effectively copes with constipation. A glass of jelly in one of the meals will be an excellent protection against many troubles. You should not cook a drink from sour berries.

Mineral water

What will help for heartburn during pregnancy? Salvation can be the consumption of alkaline types of mineral water. Pregnant women better drink liquid without gas. Otherwise, you can cause bloating.

Herbal decoctions for heartburn

Herbal decoctions have long been used as a means of combating heartburn. They are also used in pregnancy. However, it should be taken into account that each organism is individual, and the organism of a pregnant woman is also unpredictable. Remember that any herbal decoction is a medicine in its essence. Therefore, before using them, you should consult with your doctor.

Heartburn remedy during pregnancy

Heather decoction

30 g of heather need to pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil for 3 minutes. Broth filter and drink 1 tbsp. spoon before meals.


1 tbsp. A spoonful of flax seeds is placed in a thermos and poured 200 ml of boiling water. The broth is infused for about 7 hours and taken before meals for 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Yarrow decoction

20 g of grass pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist for 2 hours, strain. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon before meals.

Heartburn Dandelion

Very often there is information about the effective reception of heartburn decoction dandelion. This decoction really relieves heartburn, but its use during pregnancy is undesirable! Dandelion infusion affects the hormonal system and can cause a malfunction in the body of a pregnant woman.

Heartburn baking soda

Often use baking soda for heartburn. If in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract the use of soda is undesirable, then during pregnancy it is absolutely unacceptable!

Soda quickly relieves the symptoms of heartburn, but they just as quickly return with a vengeance. In addition, it violates the body’s water-salt balance. Soda prevents the removal of excess fluid and provokes the appearance of edema, which is very dangerous for a pregnant woman.

General recommendations for expectant mothers

Strict compliance with the diet allows you to minimize the problems that arise due to heartburn and digestive disorders. During pregnancy, women should have baked and steamed foods in their diet. Be sure to consume carrots, beets and prunes.

Before using herbal teas, consult your doctor to avoid aggravating the situation. For example, a useful and harmless chamomile tea in its usual state causes an increase in acidity, its consumption can lead to heartburn.

Salted, spicy, smoked meats, fatty meats should be avoided. Strong tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are not allowed. Neglect of these simple tips can lead to serious and difficult problems to be solved.

Instead of an afterword

Each pregnancy has its own characteristics. Women who endured not one child notice: what helped a lot, for example, during the first pregnancy, may absolutely not work with the second, and the feelings during the third will be completely different from the first two. I would like every woman to find the means that will help her.

It would be good that every future mother could enjoy every minute of magical unity with her baby and appreciate these unique moments without experiencing any discomfort. Take care of yourself and your future baby!

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