Heartburn in a pregnant

Pregnancy – a time when the body of the expectant mother undergoes great changes. And often this is accompanied by rather unpleasant consequences, such as heartburn.

What causes heartburn in pregnant women?

With heartburn occurs almost all pregnant.

Statistics show that on average three out of four women suffer from heartburn during pregnancy. Moreover, it can arise even among those who have never encountered such a problem before. Therefore, if you noticed the appearance of one of the following symptoms, consult your doctor. Signs of heartburn can be considered:

  • The appearance of sour sharp taste in the mouth
  • Sensation of tingling (burning) of the throat.
  • Slight hoarseness
  • Possible attacks of difficulty breathing

These symptoms appear most often in the second half of the cycle of pregnancy and the duration of the attacks can reach several hours. The cause of heartburn in a woman waiting for the birth of a child is, oddly enough, the pregnancy itself, and more specifically, a violation of the hormonal background of the body.

During pregnancy, the active release of various hormones that can relax the muscles begins, preparing the body for future birth. However, intended for smoothing the smooth muscles of the uterus, the hormone progesterone relaxes other smooth muscle organs. One of these organs is the sphincter – a muscle that separates the esophagus and stomach, which does not allow food to cause rejection in the body and return.

In addition, during pregnancy, the uterus is largely coarsened, thus starting to put pressure on certain organs, like the intestines, diaphragm, and stomach, creating the most optimal conditions for the return of food to the esophagus.

And although the appearance of heartburn on the course of pregnancy and the development of the baby can not affect in any way, the young mommy can deliver a lot of inconvenience, including depriving sleep and appetite, significantly spoil the mood.

How to treat heartburn during pregnancy?

Growing womb – as the cause of heartburn

We have already managed to find out how and from what heartburn arises in pregnant women. Now it remains to understand – how to treat it. There are many ways to minimize seizures, however, each of them is purely individual, and requires both careful consideration and consultation at a medical center.

Many women during pregnancy are afraid of taking medication and are trying their best to avoid them. And this is certainly the right decision – taking any medications at this unstable time is possible only on the urgent recommendation of your doctor.

However, in order to minimize the effects of heartburn without harm to the future baby, you should refer to the usual method: lifestyle change. In this case, you can do without drugs. So, in order to treat the resulting heartburn without the use of drugs, you should:

  1. Revise your daily diet. Should reduce the daily rate of fatty and fried, as well as chocolate. Firstly, it will be much more useful for a weakened organism as a whole, and secondly, the probability of additional relaxation of the sphincter will decrease.
  2. There is a need to gradually, 5 – 6 times a day at intervals of 2 – 3 hours.
  3. It is not recommended to go to bed immediately after eating – heartburn manifests itself in the first hour or two after eating, this means that the adoption of a horizontal position will rather worsen the situation.
  4. Even if the last meal was long enough, make sure that your head is constantly on the dais (put another pad under your pillow).
  5. For the most part, heartburn (especially in the middle and end of pregnancy) occurs as a result of overeating.
  6. An overload of the stomach, on which the greatly enlarged uterus is pressing, becomes one of the main causes of unpleasant sensations. The intake and volume of food eaten should also be controlled because the body is now unable to cope with the same amount of stress.

In the later stages of pregnancy, other prescriptions arise. Due to the fact that the child’s head constantly puts pressure on the diaphragm and internal organs, it is recommended:

  • Start wearing more comfortable clothes. It is desirable that its cut was spacious and comfortable, and the seams are not pinched. And if before the refusal of tight-fitting clothes was just a recommendation, now he is able to alleviate the indisposition.
  • Watch your posture. During pregnancy, it is much more difficult to do this, but slouching, by acting on the internal organs, can only worsen the situation.
  • Stock up on chewing gum. Although it is a very unhealthy product, it helps to avoid the occurrence of a heartburn attack due to the increased salivation caused by chewing.

Compliance with these simple rules will not only help you get rid of tired heartburn, but also greatly improve the functioning of the body, which is undoubtedly very important, both for the expectant mother and for the baby.

Home Treatment

Milk is a good helper in the fight against heartburn.

Heartburn in a pregnant

If a change in lifestyle for any reason did not help you, you can turn to time-tested traditional medicine. The truth before this should be to ensure their safety and your reaction to them. Good in such cases helps ordinary milk. At the first symptoms, it is enough to drink a few sips of boiled milk and relief will come instantly.

In order to soothe the stomach, enveloping it after an attack of heartburn, it is recommended to regularly drink jelly or fresh potato juice, cooked in small quantities. Both of these tools do an excellent job with the disease at the initial stages, however, at later ones, their effect is minimized.

The most popular and easy to use remedy is the use of a solution of ordinary baking soda during heartburn. But despite the popularity of the method, it is quite irrational. Soda, reacting with the substances contained in the gastric juice, contributes to the formation of carbon dioxide, which can aggravate the situation.

Another remedy for the fight against heartburn during pregnancy is eating shredded eggshell as an additive. It is applied after eating about half a teaspoon. After four days of using such a tool, there will be visible improvements.

To cope with unpleasant sensations will help the various tinctures and decoctions, for example, a decoction of heather. 30 grams of heather must be poured with half a liter of water and boiled for 5 minutes, then let it brew. Another decoction, acting no less effective – a decoction of the centaury, which should be applied to a tablespoon three times a day. To prepare it, you need to take 20 grams of dry plants and pour them with 0.6 liters of water. Bring broth to a boil and insist for four hours, then strain.

For the prevention of heartburn attacks, tea with ginger or chamomile is suitable if you drink it 2-3 times a week. Some people help carrot juice or green apples. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, as well as dry oatmeal, used in small quantities if necessary, are also able to alleviate the condition. And although traditional medicine is not as dangerous to the health of the child, their use should be approached very carefully – an allergic reaction and personal intolerance are unacceptable.

Heartburn in a pregnant

Before starting treatment, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from your doctor.

Treatment of heartburn with medication

Heartburn brings real suffering to expectant mothers

Sometimes there are situations where even pregnancy is not an obstacle to taking medication. If before pregnancy you have already experienced the problem of heartburn, in no case do not take previously used medications without consulting a doctor – many of them are not only useless, but also harmful for both the baby and the expectant mother herself.

However, in some cases, sparing, but effective antacid preparations are still prescribed. They gently neutralize excess gastric acid, without disturbing the acid-base balance. These drugs not only relieve heartburn symptoms, but also envelop, gently restoring the esophagus. The most commonly prescribed drugs are:

  • Maalox. A coating agent that absorbs excess acid and excess gas, while relieving pain in the upper areas of the digestive tract. Its effect lasts for several hours. The only thing that should be noted is that you should not take this drug excessively. High dosages contribute to the penetration of the drug into the blood, because of which the baby at birth can be sluggish and quiet.
  • Almagel. A means of regulating the acidity of hydrochloric acid, has a lasting effect. However, due to its prolonged action, the possibility of using this drug is reduced to one or two times during the entire pregnancy.

For a more accurate determination of indications and contraindications for use for heartburn during pregnancy of certain drugs, as well as alternative medications, you should consult a specialist. Despite the fact that heartburn is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, it should be remembered that it is completely normal for this period.

So, do not be afraid of the appearance of its signs – consult a doctor, install a new, more correct and useful diet and follow it perfectly. And most importantly – try to avoid stressful situations. They do not benefit either you or your future baby.

Tips for future mothers faced with heartburn – in the video:

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