Happy birthday sms greeting

You wish a friendly team of Raduzhny at the service of prospects, So that success loyally loved you And the family rear was reliable!

Today we celebrate the birth of a native chef, what to say. Successes personal, patience, Successful transactions five thousand.

Go ahead and develop, Goal seeking goals, Support loved ones do not hesitate, Listen to advice and love.

If a person is a leader, then this is a long time. And in your case, most likely, for life. We wish you, chef, and our common cause many years of prosperity. We, as before, are ready to follow you to any element!

Let the bright thoughts always lead the way forward, Crowned with success let your work. Let the subordinates always respect, Luck never fails.

The following question was on the agenda: To celebrate the holiday with a friendly team. On your birthday, precious boss, we will wish you to be happy.

Strict, fair, affable and smart … Is there any other boss to be desired? We honestly admit that from all sides you are perfect. Bravo! Keep it up!

Happy birthday sms greeting

We sincerely congratulate you, dear chef, on your birthday! Patience you and wisdom, the implementation of initiatives and ideas that will be doomed to success! Health and well-being to you!

With such a boss, we even go to the fire, even to the mountains, You only talk about you with respect. Let your business, like work, flourish, And let the income for development suffice!

Happy birthday sms greeting

Our collective forecast: Everything will be fine in life! Happy birthday, you boss, Let him pass first-class!

Let everything go to work, Grace at home! From Monday to Saturday, Days, let them fly!

Take our birthday greetings! You have achieved a lot, but there is no limit to perfection, so we want even more achievements and the conquest of new business tops. Energy to you and priceless gifts of fate!

Chief, the boss and the commander, Let’s call in your honor, we have a feast! We wish you promotions And all sorts of extensions – To have enough work for us From Monday to Saturday!

Dear our chief, I want to wish you happy birthday! I wish good luck, good health, a lot of strength and, of course, patience!

And financial cash plans, and stability – how can it be without it? So that everything was in perfect order: Mood, family and housing!

Congratulations to the amazing boss happy birthday! And let every subordinate be a great gift of fate: smart, effective, friendly and wonderful, so that work for all was a real pleasure!

Happy birthday, our favorite boss! Our whole team congratulates you! You are a good, honorable man, Let the tide of luck come to you!

Let me congratulate you on your birthday, In which, wishes sparkle like a fire. Let your life take you to adventure! Success and prosperity will soar above the mountains!

Love is great passionate, playing with a brush with paints, Let the mind-blowing write you a landscape! Catching with happiness clear greetings hourly We wish you respectfully, our dear boss!

Happy birthday sms greeting

In our flight crew, you are the best pilot, we wish you to lead us across the sky of business, deftly bypassing thunderclouds and clouds of failures, and ending each flight at the airport.

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