Happy birthday sister

Situations in each family are very different, but in spite of everything, the sister is the best friend with whom you can gossip and discuss all the secrets. On the next birthday of a sister, it is important to find a suitable greeting in which you need to take into account not only her temperament, for example, or tastes, but also her character, energy, preferences and purposefulness in life.

Happy birthday sister

If this is a little sister, then it is worth wishing health and success in school, attaching an interesting and long-awaited gift to the words. But if we are talking about an adult girl, then we can congratulate her with the help of funny wishes in poetic form or prose. Like every woman, she will be pleased to hear warm and sincere words from the closest person – brother or sister at the holiday table.


Happy birthday, sister! It’s time to praise you: Who is prettier than flowers? Well, of course, it’s you! Who, like a diva from a dream? Well, of course, it’s you! The sun is shining from a height –Year of the sun in the sky, you! Who governs the country? Let not you, but. Anything can happen!

I wish you happiness sea, Good luck and warmth. Let any grief Burn quickly to the ground.

There will be no grief, And there will be joy, laughter. Little sister, happy birthday. Be you the happiest of all!

Beloved sister, my beauty, I congratulate you very much. I want to tonight!

Love to you, my dear, And many long years, Excellent healthAnd many victories!

Dreams to come trueBad a laugh full of house, So that the money did not end And everything was blooming all around!

Flowers to you armful And from the sky the sea of ​​stars, I love you, little sister Let there be life without tears!

My sister, my dear, my dear, I have no closer man. I congratulate you on your Happy Birthday. And I wish you well!

Although I do not see you often, But thoughts are always about you. I wish you so much happiness, So that it does not fit in destiny!

Always be healthy, beautiful, So that everyone will stop to follow. And most importantly, be loved, And in life there are many victories!

Birthday to you, My lovely sister. I want to tell you, I want to wish so

You joy and laughter, And luck, and success, Tenderness and kindness, Charm, brilliance, beauty.

Be with all you are sweet, Be smart in all things. Always be happy, And, of course, loved.

My beloved, wonderful sister, Let every day be filled with light, May you be happier than yesterday, May you always be warm with warmth!

Let the soul be like a nightingale, sing, I wish you love, kindness, good luck, Let only the joy of life bears you, And your eyes never cry!

My dear sister, As always you are good, You look great again, And your soul is blooming! I congratulate you Happy Birthday to you, I wish you happiness, joy, Only smiles and kindness!

Sister dear, Today is a birthday. Meet a good smile, In a good mood.

I wish that in life you did not know Sadness, Destiny, so that was kind and in my arms rocked.

So that you were loved, From happiness flourished, So that life is even more beautiful And more joyful.

I congratulate, sis, happy birthday to you! Let your voice be loud, you will always hear laughter! Stay the same, Kind, sweet, lively! And always, like this holiday, You be happy!

Happy Birthday, sister, I congratulate, loving, Every page of Life, Let only pleases you,

Let nothing upset You never worry, You do not know the sadness, Be beautiful, young!

Happy Birthday, sis! You are my little bloke! The closest man, I love you very much, I wish you happiness, A sea of ​​joy, kindness! So that there is no bad weather, So that you always shine!

Happy birthday sister

My dear little sister, I adore you! And happy birthday to you. I congratulate you!

With the fact that there is no steeper sister No one in the world! With the fact that we are inseparable, Though no longer children!

With what we share for twoRadost and bad weather! With what we are always near: This is our happiness!

The bird knocks for you in the morning, To give a fresh rose, Happy birthday, dear sister! I wish to be as bright,

Let love be blown away by fireworks, Illuminating the glorious way of life, Let Fate forget about checking, And forget about grief.

The breeze of the word whispers softly, Wishes happiness and the moon, Happy birthday, dear little sister! Be beautiful, always joyful.

You are the closest person, And there is no you dearer in the world, With you we grew up, sister, In the same family, in the same apartment, Happy birthday to you Congratulations, dear sister, Let life go, run of the year, You stay bright, clear, Happy be young, Let the tears be, but with happiness, I will always help you, I will take part in your fate!

I wish an ocean of desires, A pleasant sea of ​​news, And a river of stormy confessions, And a waterfall of crazy passions, And a trickle of ringing laughter, Welcoming lake of smiles, And a bowl full of success, And only a few drops of mistakes.

Sister, I am proud of you, With you, I laugh heartily, Always you give me warmth, With you there is nothing scary!

You be always so beautiful, Be cheerful, happy, Happy birthday to you, Be yourself you always!

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