Happy birthday sis

New birthday greetings little sister

Thank you, dear Sister, That you simply exist in the world, That you are a good friend, I can no longer blossom without you.

Sister, sweet sister, How cool is that you have me. With you I can touch on all the topics … Only you will understand me …

To congratulate my little sister on her birthday

Happy Birthday, sis, congratulations! I wish the sky great happiness, Like the sun – hot and eternal love, Let it be in the days of bad weather, rain and bad weather Eternally nightingales sing in your soul. Let the days of your life flow undisturbed, Let happiness shine like a ray of sunshine, And let it be so clean, so gentle, As the sun in the spring, shifted by clouds.

The best birthday greetings to my sister

Happy Birthday Sister! Happiness, joy, victories, Smile, laugh loudly, Be healthy for a hundred years.

And love you, like in a fairy tale, Beauty and kind words, A lot of tenderness and affection, And, of course, flowers!

Happy birthday to my sister

My beloved sister, You are the embodiment of good. I appreciate from the first childhood years of Your soul a high light. Letting in the fate of a beautiful, bright, Dreams come true yours. I wish you a happy birthday Health, happiness and love!

Heartily congratulations on the birthday of my little sister

Happy Birthday Sister And wish warm warm days! In the postcard I will leave the best words, To make my heart brighter!

Let there be a lot of laughter in life, In all you will achieve great success! Love beats the fountain in the heart, Destiny will present a surprise!

Be you happy and desirable, And long-awaited at work! Let everyone surround you with warmth, Meet with respect, kindness!

Happy birthday sis

Touching birthday greetings little sister

Just remember you – zasoskuyu, Overcome me nepokoy … Where can I find another such? But nowhere to find me like that!

I will clothe the oceans and the land, I will visit heaven and hell, But such a high soul I will never find anywhere else!

Happy birthday to your beloved sister

Sister dear, congratulations – I want to wish you from the heart: Let this today’s your Birthday. Good luck to bring you hurry.

Successes in career, in affairs of forthcoming, Love is a lot of money and a bag of money. Friends, even if not many, but all of these. In the shower and in the eyes so as not to quench the light.

Smiles and happiness to you every day. Sis favorite, you – the best! Kindness and warmth to you on your birthday. Let your joyful laugh flow today.

Original birthday greetings little sister

My dear sister, I adore you! And happy birthday to you … I congratulate you!

With the fact that there is no steeper sister No one in the world! With the fact that we are inseparable, Though no longer children!

With the fact that we share for two Joy and bad weather! With the fact that we are always near: This is our happiness!

A big happy birthday to my sister

You are gold, no, you are even more expensive! What am I carrying? You do not have the price! And this day is wonderful too. Like me, I was going to bring gifts!

You are sorry that I am not always around, Which I rarely welcome, but still I love Always, amusing, I look off into the distance, And make sure that my feet are lighthearted.

And in the future, I know it for sure, You will stay all young too, And birthdays like this juicy Take again for a moment with you!

An interesting birthday greeting to my little sister

I want to congratulate you, sister, and wish you a good health more on your birthday, less often to remember evils.

So that pleased life more often. Friends, smiles – full house. And so that the holiday, the sun, happiness You always met in it.

Happy birthday to my little sister

May the day be a holiday today, – Your birth, my sister! The mood will be just fabulous, To the soul sang joyfully yours. I wish you great luck, True companion in fate. Hope, firm Faith, patience, Successful, joyful, happy days. The smiles of gentle, words, well-being, Excellent, glorious, lovely friends. The fate of the gift of a happy occasion And only direct in the life of ways.

Happy birthday to little sister to tears

Your birthday today, laid the table – waiting for the guests, they will all gather soon And they will serve a fabulous cake!

Among the fun and laughter Congratulate you on the holiday, My dear sister We love all of you very much!

Cool birthday greetings to little sister

You and I are not only sisters, We cannot be separated from you! I wish you just All you want to get.

On your birthday – a personal holiday – I want you to wish A lot of happiness and cash! Do not forget about me!

Wise birthday greetings little sister

I hug you tightly, as in childhood. My sister, happy birthday, my love. You are so good, wonderful man. I wish you to be God preserved. So that your life was bright and beautiful. So that all that I wanted, that hour would come true. Let your smile on your face not fade away. I want you to stay that way forever.

Sincere congratulations on your birthday little sister

The eyes play differently From the light of the Sun and the rays. Or maybe something else – The secret of shining eyes?

Smile stretched cute, You look around blithely and easily. You laugh all the way as before – so happy, But you breathe nervously, deeply.

You care about the future, feelings, What to experience, have not had a chance. But on the birthday of madness They come to make a wish come true.

You guess, sister, everything you want, You will see – everything will fall to your feet. I’ll be glad to hear how you laugh You loudly years ahead!

An interesting birthday greeting to my little sister

Happy birthday, sis sweet, May your fate be happy. Let dreams come true more often, In the house guests always gather.

Let the sun splash in the eyes of yours, Let love settle down in a heart. Waiting for success in all endeavors, And all wishes come true.

Cute birthday greetings to my sister

I want you to be beautiful Soul and appearance always, So that we are not threatened with separation, Do not divide us trouble. From bitter jealousy is stored, I want you to be good, With unrighteousness irreconcilable, As cold with the fire of a fire.

Wonderful birthday greetings to little sister

Happy day already – comes, My sister – inspires! Be beautiful on your birthday! Happy holiday – the day of jam!

The family has already gathered together, Laid a wonderful table – for a long time! We congratulate you, little sister, we give you warm soul!

The best birthday greetings to my sister

Sister dear, Today is a birthday Meet a good smile, In a great mood.

I wish that in the life of Sorrow you did not know, Destiny, so that you would be kind And swing on your arms.

So that you were loved, From happiness flourished, So that life is even more beautiful And it became more joyful.

Congratulations on mobile new.

Happy birthday to my dear sister

Sister my dear, beloved !! I want to wish you now All that is so necessary in life For happiness and peace of mind:

Smiles, kindness and understanding, Great luck, pleasant trifles, Good health, prosperity And a number of close, loving people.

I was lucky with a sister like you – Good, understanding, sincere !! May your dreams come true And life be beautiful and magical !!

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