Green snot in a child treatment


Due to the immaturity of the immune system, thick infectious snot appear in children, often with the onset of cold weather in the winter and autumn period. The fact is that all changes in the environment and weather conditions are very active in influencing the baby’s fragile organism. And if the kid attends a preschool institution, where he is completely exposed to the constant attack of the virus, the situation is heating up.

Photo: Attend preschool

For the timely prevention of the appearance of green snot, it is important to trace the child. Often, when an infection appears in the body, mucus from the baby’s nose begins to flow, which is the first sign of a cold.

It is during this period that the process is characterized by the development of pathologically dangerous microparticles.

After the selection of clear mucus in large quantities begins to stand out stretching green consistency in the form of snot. At the same time in the nasopharynx progresses a large number of pathogens that are in the same habitat with the microflora of the respiratory tract. After the process begins swelling of the respiratory tract, which is manifested in congestion nasopharynx. Green snot in children whose treatment is untimely can threaten with both inflammation of the middle ear and sinusitis, or damage to the maxillary sinus.

Any of these diseases is a terrible consequence for the child’s body!

Photo: nasal congestion


As a rule, the likelihood of infection increases when a child visits a kindergarten. Each organism has its own microflora of the mucous membrane, and thus begins the period of adaptation to the environment and the response to changes in the production of mucus from the nasopharynx.

In addition, yellow snot in a child, the treatment of which is necessary under the supervision of a specialist, occurs as a result of the transfer of acute respiratory infections. When immunity is weakened by bacteria, bacteria can multiply several times faster than in a healthy person.

Photo: bacteria multiplication

Undoubtedly, the most common and noted by doctors causes of green snot in a child are viral diseases of the nasal mucosa:

The disease can also be accompanied by pain in the nose, prolonged purulent discharge, fever. In severe cases, severe headaches (especially if the child is placed on the back), painful sensations on the face – between the jaw, nose and lower edge of the eye orbit. In the case of the development of the strongest pathologies, pain also spreads to the frontal area, which is accompanied by a run-off of a purulent nasal tract from the nose to the pharynx area.

Photo: Snot in a child: treatment

Snot child: treatment

When detecting a green thick consistency arising from the child’s nasopharynx, it is imperative seek professional advice from a specialist. During the initial examination and diagnosis of the disease, the doctor will prescribe treatment methods and necessary medications. Often, it drops, rinsing or folk methods.

Photo: Drops for washing

In severe cases, in order to avoid the spread of bacterial infections, a course of antibiotics and additional vitamins may be prescribed to fully restore the child’s body.

For any manifestation of a cold in a child, it is necessary to pay tribute to the process of washing the nasal mucosa. How to do it right? In a pharmacy, you must purchase saline solution for the treatment of snot. After it is necessary to acquire a syringe, dial a small amount of washing solution into it (just a half-tube in one nostril is enough), lay the child on its side and pour the contents of the syringe into the upper opening. Next, the child must be shifted to the other side and repeat the procedure.

Photo: Washing the nasal mucosa

You can also use a pipette to rinse the spout, however, the procedure should be carried out very carefully and you should be prepared for the fact that this process will be extremely unpleasant for the baby and he will begin to be capricious.

Immediately after washing it is necessary to make instillation with vasoconstrictor drops, which were prescribed by the doctor. The instillation procedure is similar to washing. However, you need to make sure that the medication has penetrated the mucous membrane and acted properly.

Do not forget that green snot in a child – a sign of a serious bacterial infection. For a complete complex treatment is to use antibacterial agents.

Due attention should be paid to physiotherapy procedures: ultraviolet radiation and local heating of the nasal sinuses.

Green snot in a child treatment

Photo: Nasal Warming

Green snot in a child: treatment Komarovsky

Modern pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky offers his own method for treating green snot in children. To preserve the microflora of the child’s body, the doctor recommends combating the head cold with modern methods, excluding medicines. According to him, it is important to regularly ventilate the room in which the sick child resides, as well as to moisturize the nasal mucosa.

Photo: Nose Moisture

Treatment of snot in children Komarovsky recommends the implementation of more radical methods (in particularly difficult cases). There are so-called vasoconstrictor drugs that can eliminate the problem of a cold in the shortest possible time. But still it is necessary to resort to them in some cases, since these drugs cause addiction and addiction. Many pediatricians are opponents of vasoconstrictor drugs, but Dr. Komarovsky argues that in case of complete nasal congestion of the child and a high probability of developing otitis media, these drugs are simply necessary, because without them the treatment will have no meaning. And in general, if the child regularly breathes through his mouth, the mucus in the nasopharynx dries out, and in order to avoid complications, timely use of necessary drugs is required.

Snot treatment in infants

A serious danger for every mother is the appearance of green snot in an infant. The baby is not able to blow its own nose, so the mucus from the nasopharynx flows not only out, but also gets inside. The place of substantiation of snot can be both the larynx (which is a more favorable environment for the development and reproduction of bacteria), and the bronchi.

Photo: Snot in an infant

Treatment of infants is somewhat different and should be a gentle, but at the same time effective methods. First you need to make sure that the surrounding air in the room air is moistened and cleaned, which will contribute to the moistening of the nasopharynx and eliminate overdrying.

At the pharmacy, you must purchase an aspirator. – means for cleaning of a nose of the kid from slime. To moisten the nasopharynx with a pipette, you must use saline, which can also be purchased at any pharmacy.

It is strictly forbidden to use drugs for the treatment of rhinitis in infants, without consulting a doctor, especially antibiotics. It is also forbidden to keep the baby in a hot heated room with low air humidity.

Photo: Room with low humidity

Treatment of green snot in a child folk remedies

From time immemorial, there are a lot of popular effective methods of treating green snot in a child.

The simplest and most effective tool grows on our windowsill, and this is Kalanchoe. For treatment, it is enough to lubricate the nasal mucosa with the juice of this plant. The effect starts with a sneeze, but the result will follow soon. You can use aloe juice – 2-3 drops in the nose and 2-3 drops in clean water for gargling are enough.

Photo: Treatment of green snot in a child folk remedies

A simple and effective folk treatment method of snot involves the use of honey.. It is necessary to dip into it, and then insert usual cotton swabs into the nostrils for 10-15 minutes (you can do it yourself).

By and large, green snot can be treated for almost everything in the house. For example, two hard-boiled warm eggs that need to be kept on the bridge of the nose until they cool completely will fit perfectly. In addition, you can wash the nasal cavity with a regular brown soap.

Photo: Keep boiled eggs on the bridge of the nose

If the baby has nasal mucus green, it is important to start treatment in a timely manner. Otherwise, the snot will not only drag on, but will entail more serious circumstances!

Green snot in a child treatment


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To be honest, I myself did not guess to the boiled eggs on the bridge of the nose. My son underwent surgery to remove polyps at the age of 6, and I never treated him for a runny nose with medicines. Usually we undergo treatment with the UHF apparatus, and at home I warm him once a day with the nose of calcined rock salt in a frying pan. Naturally I wrap it in handkerchiefs and control the temperature.

My three years and face the snot often. In the course goes and washing and pears and sprays. But first you need to catch the child and persuade all these procedures. Even drops drip in the nose for us a problem.

The child had green snot. The doctor prescribed drops to us, seemingly called Protorgol, and washing.

Boiled eggs on the bridge of the nose 0_o I would never have thought of such a thing) In general, my son often appears very snot, because he runs barefoot and categorically refuses to wear socks. That has to deal with snot. Well, I’ll try boiled eggs.

As soon as the child has green snot. I drip in a nose on drop of beet juice, very well helps. I know that it is very effective to rinse the nose with saline. Only my categorically not given.

Indeed, beet juice helps very well, I mixed it with honey and bury my baby for the night. Another frequent help was flushing the spout with saline plus aspirator cleaning.

Only complex treatment can win such snot. Faced with them as soon as they got into the garden.

Good advice, take note. We bury the nose of the child, Kalanchoe juice in half diluted with water. He squeezes everything and runny nose faster.

I read something like that Kalanchoe juice can cause otitis. Therefore, I think it is better not to risk once again. I used to take aerosol sprays, but it turned out to be dangerous to wash them too. Now we are washing the spout with a dozen spray morenazal. Very effective and safe means, and the child like it.

My son is 5 years old; she has been treating green snot with this mixture: one teaspoon of camphor oil and propolis tincture, and two teaspoons of Oleina oil or the like, drop by drop 2 times a day. Well helped, and quickly, and this treatment is worth a penny.

Definitely the tips described in this are helpful in treating the common cold.

and we had such a problem (I did not self-medicate and ran to a specialist. The doctor prescribed medications and thank God everything went

Interested in advice about the juice Kalanchoe, take note. And it stands to no avail on the windowsill.

For washing the nose, you can use a small enema. It is warm and soft to the touch. After that, you can bury the nose of the child. During the illness, you can apply warm salt to the nose.

Somehow about Komarovsky is not fully written here. The basis of his treatment is that the child needs to create certain conditions. Optimum humidity and optimum temperature, about 18 degrees. And when sick, it is very important to drink a lot. And also, if the condition of the child allows, to walk in the fresh air. Under these conditions, thickening of the mucus can be avoided, which means that the child’s condition is easier, the mucus is removed more easily. He does not refuse drugs, but he is not a supporter of them on any occasion. I live in Japan and the doctors here treat the treatment of the common cold exactly as Komarovsky says.

My son had such a problem. The first thing I went to the doctor. He prescribed treatment. After all, children’s diseases are a serious matter.

Several times faced with this problem, the most important thing is not to delay, and at the first signs contact a pediatrician.

To catch a child and wash or nasal his nose is a whole saga. It has long been noticed by myself that with soggy and cool air in the room, the snot is more easily transferred.

Green snot were once synyli. Successfully cured by a doctor – a homeopath with medicine and nasal drops.

My baby in 5 months was snot. My mother is a doctor, and she advised first of all to thoroughly warm the child, and even every 2 hours drip into the nostrils of the physical solution. I did not treat any drops, inhalations. After 2 days and no trace of snot left.

My nasal lavage helps with a decoction of sage, and if it does not, then Dioxidine drips.

That is precisely to catch the child and instil the problem. We switched to sprays, plus otites say from aerosols

Also, the ENT advised with the green nozzles morenazal with chamomile, only sea salt and chamomile oil is superfluous, besides, the spray, as they say above, is convenient, does not spill out and the child doesn’t sprinkle, it lasts long.

In the treatment of viral and other diseases, we really like safe natural products, without chemotherapy and contraindications. Collected them in a single list: Agri – used for the treatment and prevention of SARS, is for children and adults. Homeopathic, and therefore, without chemistry. Aqua Maris – on the basis of a sterile solution with sea salt, used for rhinitis, even in children up to the 1st month. It is good to use as a prophylactic for ARVI – it washes away viruses from the mucous membrane. Aqualor – also based on a solution of sea water. Of the indisputable advantages – a large variability of the drug, for solving various problems. Arnigel – homeopathic gel from bruises and bruises, based on the plant Arnica mountain. Arnica – plant number 1 from bruises. What is useful – can children after 1 year. From myself I will add that the bruises are already on the second or third day, they have been checked more than once. Bronhikum – based on thyme extract, quickly stops coughing, relieves spasm in the bronchi. Children – from 6 months, but you need to give carefully – there is alcohol in the composition. Bronchipret is an expectorant on herbs, allowed for children from 3 months. Valerian – well, everything is clear, a popular and inexpensive sedative … Venitan is a gel based on plant extract, it fights legs quickly and effectively. Venza – complex homeopathic drops, recommended for varicose veins, disorders of the venous circulation. Galstena is also a homeopathic drug used as a maintenance therapy for chronic diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Gadelix is ​​an ivy extract based expectorant. The manufacturer reports that the drug is especially indispensable for smokers. Be that as it may, it can be applied to children up to a year. Helarium Hypericum – sedative on the basis of Hypericum, can children from 12 years. Herbion – plantain syrup with a natural composition, most effective for dry cough. Girel is a multi-component homeopathic remedy for cold symptoms. In severe cases, the disease is combined with Engystol and Traumel Gentos – homeopathic pills, most effective in the complex treatment of the prostate and bladder. Homeostres – pills to reduce nervousness, normalize sleep. Natural components, the impact not only on the emotional, but also on the physical level – removes not only irritability, but also dizziness, stomach cramps and muscle pain associated with stress. It is important that they do not cause drowsiness and addiction Dantinorm Baby – special drops for oral administration, relieving the different teething symptoms in children – with pain and inflammation of the gums, also affects the temperature, increased tearfulness, normalizes the style. Almost the only “natural” medicinal solution to the problem of teething. Deprim – sedative medicine on the extract of Hypericum, the maximum effect is achieved Pori course reception Dr. Mom – cough syrup and ointment with natural ingredients, often used to treat children, but can also adults. Especially ointment, it has a good warming effect. Due to the presence of essential oils, it is not recommended for people with allergic reactions Immunal – based on echinacea juice, an immunostimulating drug to restore the body. Good to take during the epidemic season courses. Not recommended for people with autoimmune diseases. Influcid – homeopathic tablets for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, can be given to children from 3 years. It is good to use when an adult remains with the child – they must be given every hour, but not more than 12 per day. Iricar – ointment, effectively treats dermatitis, helps against eczema and after insect bites. Can children from 1 year with diathesis. Traumel – a homeopathic ointment for bruises and sprains can also be used by pregnant women after consulting a doctor. Wide enough action. Kanefron is an effective herbal remedy for cystitis, often used to treat pyelonephritis in pregnant women. Klimadinon – a drug to reduce vegetative-vascular disorders during menopause. As a rule, the effect occurs after 2 weeks from the start of treatment. Climaxan is a homeopathic remedy, copes well with unpleasant manifestations of menopause, according to female reviews – even without side effects. No addictive. Negrustin – herbal medicine based on the extract of Hypericum, for adherents of “non-synthetic” antidepressants. It is better to take it for a long time, without interruption. Nervohel is a homeopathic sedative drug, a separate indication for use is neurosis-like reactions in menopause. Nott is also a homeopathic remedy, relieves anxiety. From myself I can say that it is fighting very well with insomnia. The main thing is to take a course – from 1 to 4 months. Oscillococcinum is the most popular anti-cold remedy in Europe. It is believed that if you take it at the very beginning of the disease, it will allow you not to get sick at all. In the worst case, just perebolete more mild. Persen is a phytopreparation with a sedative effect, another natural sedative. What is useful does not cause drowsiness. Planttex – phytopreparation to improve digestion, with fennel extract. Especially important for infants, eliminates gas and colic. It will not help if the cause of your baby’s gums and colic is lactase deficiency or dysbiosis. Prospan – vegetable cough syrup, pleases the absence of sugar and alcohol in the composition. Allowed to children from 1 year old, as well as pregnant by the doctor. Remens is a homeopathic drug, prescribed for both women of mature age to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, and young girls for regulating the menstrual cycle. You need to take a long time and do not forget about consulting a doctor. Senade – a laxative drug based on senna, taken with caution in liver diseases. Sinupret – phytopreparation in the form of pills and drops, used in acute respiratory diseases, can children from 6 years. Effective in combination with antibacterial drugs. Sinuforte – able to cure sinusitis. When applied, it may not cause the most pleasant sensations, but this is part of the treatment process. Stodal – complex cough syrup. Part of its components affects dry cough, the other – on the wet. Pediatricians are especially recommended for the treatment of prolonged cough, t the use of chemical drugs for cough is limited in time of use. Tantum Verde, spray – an antiseptic agent which consists of both vegetable and chemical components. It is effective for diseases of the oral cavity and ENT organs. Children under 3 years old are not recommended. Tonsilgon – plant-based drops using alcohol, has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Caution with use in allergy sufferers and in children under one year. Tonzipret – homeopathic, on extracts of three plants, used in adults with sore throats. Sleep formula (for children) – natural, with herbal extracts and vitamins. Quite popular sedative in syrup for children with problematic sleep. Tsikaderma – healing ointment with herbal ingredients. According to the manufacturer, it is produced only from fresh plants. It acts very quickly, especially in the case of minor household burns and insect bites, abrasions; removes inflammation. Cinnabsin is a homeopathic medicine used in sinusitis. Allowed to children from 3 years old, works best as part of complex therapy. Edas – an effective alternative to vasoconstrictor drugs for a cold, besides, eliminates the effect of addiction to other drops. Be healthy!

We have very well proved the breath Breathe, essential oils are very good nasal congestion and relieve breathing easier. The action is long with him, enough for 8 hours, so it’s good to use for the night too. And already in the summer, when there are often supercooling, so generally as a magic wand so as not to get sick.

We also now have snot &# 128577; This heat is worth it. It was the day before yesterday that we had bought up – called Dorval

Of course, the summer temperature contrast – from the sun to cold water, this children’s body reacts to sudden cold. Just do not nourish the pills immediately or vasoconstrictor, but do not wave at it, so that did not go further. It is necessary to check the child regularly so that the bacteria do not multiply in the mucus, and stick the same plaster inhaler on the clothes. The child inhales, the nose breathes, and no chemistry.

Thanks for the advice. never seemed to reach greens, but it is better to be safe)

And I never drove to green snot. As the snot in a child begins, immediately the plaster breathes the child to the clothes I stick. It really helps a lot. I really like this kind of inhalation, as it is safe and helps well.

I really like to use morenazal spray from a cold. He and the price inexpensive and convenient dispenser

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