Got pregnant from her son

The first and second pregnancy

One child is happiness, and two is doubly happy. So different were the pregnancies and attitudes towards them that she was sure the second would be a boy. That tummies, however, were equally small. Neighbors did not even notice. In the hospital how the girls line up for inspection with their bellies.

Got pregnant from her son

And here I am – tummy on matches. Everyone looks, what is it with such a small belly in a maternity hospital? And I have 40 weeks. This is the constitution of my organism.

Can mom get pregnant from her son for free real stories

How now to continue to live with all of this, I can not imagine.

Well done girl that she didn’t do an abortion, it’s bad of course that she’s sleeping with her son, but what she wants to keep her daughter is good. She will live without your son, and will raise her daughter.

It is happiness to have a granddaughter, which is none, but my own, my own, from my son.

She is not guilty that dad is sleeping with anyone, now she has her whole life ahead, and if you conduct yourself correctly, then you will find joy with her, even if the son does not live with the girl.

Case of a mother

And to my surprise, she agreed. From now on I have had sex with my mother who would have thought. Personally, I could not even think about it here, but I wanted sex.

Although I had girls, but this, as it turned out later, was not as compared with the mother. I know that this is bad and everyone will condemn me, but what I had to do then, I honestly did not know.

So we live when my father does not have sex with my mother for a whole month every day and several times.

Adult woman pregnant with son

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Elena Malysheva: Medicine has made a phenomenal discovery in the field of infertility treatment! Found an effective tool that will help a woman get pregnant!

Surely you ask, how can ordinary herbal decoction save a woman from such a serious problem as infertility?

The fact is that our body is designed in such a way that it can overcome the disease, but only with proper treatment. Joint reception of these components gives a stunning effect: the metabolic process improves, the production of the required amount of hormones is improved, the normal process of ovulation is restored, and the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs.

Suppose hypothetically: if a mother becomes pregnant from her own son, is it possible to have a healthy baby?

In human relations, it is not the biological aspect of the problem that prevails, but a purely moral, prohibition, a taboo on this kind of relationship.

But if approached from a purely biological point of view, then this should be perceived as a purely academic study, without oxy and aah.

In short, anyway hell out

Of course, I am not a geneticist, but in my opinion, the probability of having children with disabilities in my brother and sister is much higher than in mother and son.

Brother (sister) or son (daughter)?

But it can lead and nothing will manifest. Just when relatives, the chance that some family recessive diseases come out is greatly increased.

Unhealthy family relationships

A few months we thought so.

And one day, she, holding her head high, told us to get divorced. The husband went to another woman. It turned out that for 4 years he had twisted an affair with his colleague, and practically lived in two families.

H claimed that she did not know about her husband’s romance, and his recognition was a shock to her. I do not believe in this. And this is not just my opinion. After giving birth, she became very fat and did not follow her.

Galina Abramova: my story about how I could not get pregnant for more than a year, and now has become a happy mother

To begin with, from the very beginning I had problems with menstruation. From the very moment they came for the first time. They were irregular, often accompanied by severe pain.

The gynecologist gave me ovarian dysfunction, I was treated.

The really big problems started after I got married for the first time. I was 20 years old, my husband was 35. He really wanted a child, and we immediately began to plan the baby.

Let them talk

She came to see if she was right in her decision. A woman is ready to hear all the pros and cons from guests and experts, as well as the opinion of a woman who was the first in Russia to decide on the birth of her grandson from her dead son.

Prison sentence for the game “in astronauts”? Let them talk.

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