George Clooney children

You should never lie on your resume – and for celebrities this means that you can’t lie to producers to get a role or fame. However, sometimes to get what you want, you need to invent a little to look better.

George Clooney children

Chloe Grace Moretz pretended to be British

When the young American actress auditioned in Martin Scorsese’s The Time Keeper, for some reason she thought that he needed only British actors. She faked a British accent on audition until Scorsese asked if she could make an American accent. Chloe answered “Maybe” and got the part.

Anne Hathaway lied about horse riding

A multi-talented actress wanted so much to be in Angu Lee’s Brokeback that she told the director that she was a great rider. However, during the filming, it was difficult for her to make her horse listen to her, and the actress even fell from her. However, she still played great.

Sandra Bullock lied about her age – surprisingly

Most women who lie about their age say that they are younger than they really are because of the pressure of society to keep women young and beautiful. However, Sandra Bullock said she was 29 years old when she auditioned for Love Potion # 9, although she was only 26. It worked, and she got the role.

Niki Minaj lied about being born in 1984

The rapper always said that she was born in 1984, but it turned out that in fact the year of her birth was 1982. Her lies were exposed thanks to the police report for 2011.

Robert Pattinson lied about where he trained

The Twilight star told people that he went to Oxford University or to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, saying: “If you have an English accent, you can get away with it.” After he got his lead role, he stopped lying about his training.

George Clooney lied to the casting director, who immediately exposed him

At the beginning of his career, George Clooney told the director that he starred in the movie “Cat People.” The problem was that the director actually made the film himself, so he immediately understood that Clooney was deceiving him.

Rebel Wilson lied that she was seven years younger

Funny Australian actress shone on the screens in a variety of comedies. She said that she was 29 years old during a press release for the movie “The Perfect Voice”, but a former classmate exposed her, saying that Rebel is over thirty.

George Clooney children

Morgan Freeman lied about his health

If you have seen the science fiction film Oblivion, you know that Morgan Freeman has played a fairly significant role in the film. Freeman told Kosinski that he had problems with his throat. Instead of loading the actor with work, Kosinski replaced him. Note: this probably won’t work for anyone but Morgan Freeman.

George Clooney children

Angelina Jolie lied about her legacy

This is actually not the fault of the megastar that she thought she had a heritage of Indians – her mother, Marshelina Bertrand, made up a lie to unleash her daughter’s career. Angelina simply agreed to this, until her father, John Voight, discovered the truth.

Chris Brown lied about not being an Abuser

In 2009, R&B-singer was arrested for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna. He said that he did not commit violent acts, but it was a lie. CNN has disclosed police reports of at least two other incidents, which means that there were probably many more beatings that were not reported.

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