Game for children

We have seen a lot of options for using colored balls. Lines, Zooma, even ball-like "Tetris" – they all differed fascination. This free online flash game is one of them. Bubble Shooter inherits, takes all the best from such well-known and popular computer games: Tetris (Tetris), lines (Lines), billiards (Pool) while adding their new functional features. Bubble Shooter – bubble shooter – is a good arcade game combining simple rules and user-friendly interface with an abundance of combinations and various game strategies.

Game for children

The rules of the game are simple. Your goal is to remove all the multi-colored balls (or bubbles, bubble, bubbles) from the playing field, gaining as many points as possible. You will shoot balls based on the color accessories on the pile of balls on top, and when three or more balls of the same color turn out together, they will burst like soap bubbles and disappear, and you earn points. For example, in order for 2 adjacent red balls to disappear from the playing field, you need to hit a red ball in one of these two red balls (bubbles). Point the mouse to the right place on the game board where the next ball should fly, the arrow below will show the direction and make a throw. The more bubbles burst and disappear from the board in one roll, the more points you get. Play this flash game!

Absolutist is one of the largest producers of free online casual flash games for children and adults with an office in Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk. The company creates cool and cool games for PCs, Macs, PDAs and other platforms. The company’s task is to make the gaming entertainment industry even more colorful and diverse. In 2002, one of the successful game ideas was implemented and Bubble Shooter was created. This event gave rise to the release of bubble games.

Game for children

Popular games of the company:

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Other free ball games:

Frozen Bubble is a free computer game for GNU / Linux. Genre: logical, arcade. Goal of the game: shoot down all the cool white and red balls above the penguin from a cannon.

Egg rolling is a game and a Slavic Easter tradition consisting in rolling Easter eggs along special paths or slate sheets. Skating eggs can be considered as a variant of the game in large balls.

The advantages of free online game balls

1) The game does not need to be downloaded from the Network and installed on a computer, checked by an anti-virus program, it is not necessary to spend for downloading the distribution (installation file) of the game Internet traffic and its time, just add this web page with the game to the browser bookmarks, Add to Favorites, and then in your free time, for example, at lunch or during work breaks to start the game choose Game balls online in browser bookmarks (in IE Favorites menu). And you can play online balls for free and without registration right now.

2) This mini-game of colored balls (bubbles) for flash is free, has an excellent relaxing effect and will allow you to relax a bit and have a good half hour of lunchtime.

3) Great popularity: every day 3000 people visit this particular web page and play this wonderful online ball game, Bubbles Shooter, although there are many other mini flash games in the game collection of the site. Many players come here 10 times a day, which confirms the enormous social importance of this product to the gaming industry; this is a truly truly cool game created by talented Ukrainian programmers. Join now!

Free balls – toys:

    Lines, Lines is a logical computer game. Purpose: alignment of balls of the same color for three or more in a row (which disappear at the same time) and removal of the maximum number of balls from the playing field.

The Lines game is a popular Lines game (lines, lines) for all ages, implemented on the Java Applet. Genre: logical computer games, puzzles.

Bowling balls – if you want to roll free balls, you can play a sports bowling simulator. You will play with the computer.

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